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Artist Name: Hiddenman
Song name: The Hiddenman Song
CD: The Hiddenman LP

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Released: 31 March on Hiddenman Music

London born positive rapper Hiddenman launches his debut single, The Hiddenman Song which can be downloaded for free from the 31st of March.  The upcoming artist is on a mission to take his lyrics from his notepad to iPods and reach young people with relevant and influential messages. The track which is being released through his own label, is an introduction to who Hiddenman is and what he values.

Inspired by a deep love for rap music from his youth, he has spent years developing his talent. Now armed with life experiences Hiddenman is successfully making waves with young people without the use of explicit lyrics often associated with the genre.

He says, “I see myself as a positive role model with an unorthodox style and I want to provide an alternative to gangster rap.” He aims to challenge the status quo, by making beats and lyrics that will echo in the listener’s mind.

His inspirations include Wariyah (UK), T-Bone and Cross Movement (US). Fans have likened his rapping style to Eminem to Busta Rhymes, yet he has crafted something entirely his own.

He is hoping to use his music as tool to support the work he does through his youth organisation, Da Vision. His long-term plan is to sign other like-minded singers, artists and musicians through its work.

Hiddenman has been rapping on and off for over ten years and has built up a loyal fan base and is now expanding that to a wider youth platform.

“I just want to impact youth culture with truth,” he adds.

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Michael Okuromade: 07956159433, music

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