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A month after releasing his first solo mixtape Right Out Loud, Ruslan (of theBREAX) is staying on the grind by releasing EXhibit R (over Just Blaze Exhibit C instrumental) the remix will be appearing on Gallery Drive – Super Group of Tomorrow mixtape (mixed by Shortop) dropping this Sunday (Valentines Day) via

Audio Leak


It’s so inspiring at the same time tiring/
Ain’t even start my first day and thinking retiring/
Around all these brain dead, dudes that keep invading/
my personal space beating around the bush like Reagan/
You can say I’m jaded but I’m trying to JFK it/
Without the assassination or the need to get famous/
by the people been elected, and one of God’s elect/
wither or not they accepted either I’m reflected it/
Braille hit me up said he finished weapon aid/
let me get a bar of that, now we role to chick fila/
and we drink some lemonade, gotta watch some MMA/
laughing at conspiracy rappers who keep referencing Jay/
And Mikel is like why he ain’t think of that first/
Mad cause it’s too late to go and think of that verse/
I was figured at first, as being dehydrated/
but I’ve made it only cause God quenched all my thirst/
Gave me a sip of that living water, cause that/
I’ve grown close to my living father, trust that/
I’ve seen further to seen fathers/
rekindle relationships even when they don’t wanna be bothered/
this is what we authored, no lying/
NomiS got the mouthpiece of the lion like Mufasa/
we run the jungle like kings, your crew softer/
it seems like your rhymes are writing by the Sues doctor/
pussycat in the hat/homie the captains back/
smashing on all your irrational cats/
Take you back to mother russia, where the rations are at/
I’m not a communist but I do feel that fascist are wack/
rhymes lead you to the cross that’s where the passion is at/
and this ain’t even me boasting/
cause dudes you look up to I consider peers and close friends/
and I ain’t gotta name drop/just to stay hot/
you dudes are lame like bumping lil waynes rock/
album, how come yo the games got/
the public riding all these wack little lames jock/
looking for some soul but its too late for that train to stop/
I guess we can make an exception/
point them in the right direction let them make the right selection/
Bottom line we the solution, deeper than a revolution/
whether it’ll be televised its verified by theMovement/
and I ain’t got no time to deal with these wack crews/
afraid to bring things to light because of they are taboo/
rather scavenge in the dark like their some raccoons/
Rek hit me up and said he got some new beats for me/
to shop to other artist but I keep a few secretly/
get with Sam Wells we shoot videos frequently/
and theBREAX crew that’s a whole nother frequency/
Yall ain’t ready to regg henny beasting beats/
deacon blair speaking clear to unleash the beast/
mikel anthony tangible we some Jesus freaks/
remind you of the resurrections like this is easter week/

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