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Interview: Mr. Del

Published on September 21, 2012

BL:  For those who have been sleeping under a rock, please introduce yourself. Who is Mr. Del as an artist and as a person? What were the circumstances surrounding you becoming a believer?

Mr. Del:  Mr. Del as an artist is passionate about music as an art and the search for creative way to convey the message of Christ. Music has always been a big part of my life. When I was a small kid I dreamed of being an artist. I played the drums at the age of 4. I slept, breathed and ate music.  As a person, I am a man who loves God, my family, life and my assignment. When I have time to relax, I enjoy spending time with my family and thinking of new innovative ideas. I am a person that wears many hats but it’s all good.

BL:  You recently dropped a video entitled, My God, on Independence Day. The chorus rings out, “My God is bigger than your god!” What’s the stand in this track?

Mr. Del:  The stand is a message to Satan kingdom that now more than ever is sending an idle message to a young generation that excludes God as being the supreme institution of love and life. Satan’s message seems to be of death, destruction and decadence and the picture it is painting is a false God. Hence you have my God is bigger than your God. I believe as believers we must take a stand and be bold about our God.

BL:  Your upcoming CD, Reloaded, is going to be released later this summer. The album artwork depicts you in a bullet-resistant vest, with a sonar-like compass centered behind you. Why did you take a more militaristic approach to this album?

Mr. Del:  We are in a spiritual warfare and as I mentioned previously the enemy’s messages and images through multi-media is an all-out attack on the Kingdom of God. We are the spiritual task-force called to combat and conquer that attempt. We are soldiers and I wanted to portray that on the cover.

BL:  You’re launching the 2ND phase of the Hope Dealer Campaign with speaking engagements. What’s the focus and intent of the speaking? What’s been the response so far?

Mr. Del:  The focus of the speaking is to spread a message of faith, hope and love to a generation that has been misinformed. It’s very important to me that I spread the Word and continue the legacy Jesus began many years ago. I am a Pastor so the transition is not a difficult one but it was God’s plan from the start of my musical career. The response has been overwhelming with testimonies and young people giving their lives to God. It does my heart well to see young people living for God out loud. It’s truly a blessing.

BL:  You were asked to preach at the funeral of a young man who was killed after leaving a rap concert by a pastor who attended your speaking event. You flew out to Indianapolis where you offered a message of Hope to this man’s friends and family. What was it like for you personally to have the opportunity to speak at a funeral knowing what Jesus has done for you?

Mr. Del:  It was an incredible experience because I felt like I was saluting a fallen soldier. And I was honored to do so. At the same time it was very unfortunate for his family and friends. When one soldier falls the entire army experiences a loss and I was honored and sympathetic to the call of duty on that day.

BL:  One of the old Three Six Mafia tracks is going to be in an upcoming movie with several popular former Saturday Night Live cast members. If you were given the opportunity to decide if the track would or would not be in the movie, which would you go with at the end of the day and why?

Mr. Del:  I would go with some of my most recent work opposed to something of my past. I would rather have that message on that platform rather than that of my former years and lifestyle.

BL:  What message do you have for artists as a whole regarding the messages in their music?

Mr. Del:  We have a responsibility that comes with the microphone. And remember the message we put out is the message that comes back.

BL:  Where can people find out more about you, the music, the Hope Dealer Campaign tour or contact you if they’re interested in booking?

Mr. Del:  Facebook Mr. Del or twitter @mrdel.

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