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Published on December 3, 2009

KINGDOM_CHOICE_AWARDS=200What’s really good y’all? I mean we all know God is GREAT, but I asked what’s really GOOD! No answer? No bueno! But hey, I’m about to give you MY answer. I have some breaking news for those who missed out on a major moment in KINGDOM HISTORY! That’s right! I’m talking about NYC’s very first annual KINGDOM CHOICE AWARDS! For those who were there, you already know how it went down! And for those who missed it, you missed out! But don’t worry, I’m about to give you some of the inside scoop. This is ya girl KLC comin’ atcha with a brand new spin on my writing. Those who know my work are accustomed to poetry and what I’d like to refer to as a modern version of “Daily Bread,” although it’s rarely on the daily. But thanks to a mighty man of God ,Marcus Hall,otherwise known as Minister Marcus, I’m bringing you something different. I’m bringing you a recap of a night that will never be forgotten.

On Saturday, October 24th 2009, brothers and sisters in Christ from all over gathered at Long Island University’s Kumble Theater to celebrate and honor some outstanding people in the urban gospel fraternity! It all started with a red carpet pre-show, where all who attended were able to socialize while having photographs taken courtesy of Arnold Soshkin Photography, who made the atmosphere feel very official. Once this portion of the evening was complete, the main event began with gospel rap emcee Richard Daughin holdin’ it down as our host. And with him on the mic keeping everyone laughing with his comedic personality and high octane energy, it was undeniable that we were in for an incredible night! The night was filled excitement and entertainment and most importantly, it was a night of fellowship as we acknowledged and celebrated the God-given talent of our urban gospel artists and officials!

Award categories and recipients at this extravagant event were as follows:

Outreach Ministry – Youth Explosion
Promoter – Mello (Salvation Cafe Records)
Producer – Jah Rockn Productions
DJ – DJ Tony Tone
Rap Single – Who You Represent by Richie Righteous
Rap Album- R.I.C.H. by Richie Righteous
Reggae Gospel – Yankee B
Spoken Word – Gods Child
Female Urban Worship Singer – Brooke Lugo
Male Urban Worship Singer – TJ Da Praying Man
Video Of The Year – Can’t Break Us – Frontlynaz ft DJ Morph
Rap Group – Peoplez Choice
Female Rap Minister – Mahogany Jones
Peoples Minister – Richie Righteous

Honoree Awards:

Longevity Award – Q The Prophet
Appreciation Award – Bert Bocachica (Rap Fest)
Achievement Award – Richie Righteous
Rap Pioneer Award – Corey Red

Along with awards being presented and honorees being honored, the night was made complete with jaw-dropping performances by ministers such as songstress Brooke Lugo, emcees Gauge, Slave, J Sky Walker, and the dynamic duo known as Mahogany Jones and Light Da Flow Minista to name a few. Now the last two mentioned RIPPED the stage as the crowd went wild witnessing their God-given gangsta! I mean these ladies truly embodied the definition of “Girls GoneWild” for God as they individually and collectively broke down the meaning of a lady who loves the Lord with their phenomenal lyrics and flow.

And how can we forget the one and only Richie Righteous, whose daughter stole the show as she put her daddy in check! I mean who else could get away with interrupting a man to say “blab bla bla” in front of an audience? You just had to be there! And his response was truly that of a loving father who is also a man of God. Humble from beginning to end, he and the other artists gave their all to God that night as we gave them only a fraction of what they deserve. And how did we end this monumental moment in KINGDOM HISTORY? That’s right, you guessed it! We concluded with a brief but convicting Word for the urban gospel movement and a departing prayer from Minister Marcus, followed by more fellowship and photography. The night was an absolute SMASH to say the least! So how could we end without giving the ultimate thanks to whom it is ultimately due? And on that note, I’d like to thank God for giving me the ability to recapture that great night for all of you readers, although this recap barely scratches the surface of this awesome event. So with that being said, may God bless y’all and I hope to see you all at next year’s Kingdom Choice Awards 2010! If you miss it, you’ll definitely be missing a blessing. This is your sis in Christ, KLC, signing off with a one word benediction. Peace!

Copyright ©2009 Keisha L. Clarke
Note: Other work/ independent writing by “KLC” can be found @

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