Building effective kingdom relationships with Brvndon P and Mission

The Dynamic Duo

Relationships are very important, even in kingdom business. Despite being from different backgrounds, the duo makes a great team.  Years ago, when Brvndon and Mission did their first collab, on an RPSMG record they realized they had something special.  “It just sounded so crazy together, we were like maybe we should do this again.”

Even though they have a supernatural chemistry, outside of music, the two couldn’t be more different.  “I’m more of the let’s just do it type of a person.  I’m more of the spontaneous type,” says Brvndon.  Whereas Mission prefers to stick to a schedule. 

Maybe that’s what makes this creative relationship so unique.  Their first album together, Barely Finished I, did so well, the duo decided to drop another one.  “BF2 went crazy.  I think that’s what makes it work.  Because we are so opposite, their stuff that I learn from him.” Mission explains.  “It comes from us knowing when to trust each other.”

Respect the producer

As a producer and emcee, Brvndon P puts in work.  “When I watched the Kanye documentary, that really hit me.  He said to stop calling me a producer.  I’m an artist.  This is what I do.  I like doing it all.  I enjoy taking one thing and making it into another situation.  Just creating this work of art.” 

 The State of Christian Hip Hop

Mission says he thinks CHH is in a good space right now.  His only critique is that we need to stay away from the one size fits all way of thinking.  “It’s not one way to do it [Christian Hip Hop].  It goes back to the super Christianese.  If you’re not doing it like that then you’re wrong.  We try to put our way of doing things on other people.” 

“Don’t let your preferences be somebody else’s pain,” Brvndon P says lovingly.  “We’re all just human.  We’re still trying to work this out.  It is what it is.”

We are all on a journey.  Everybody has preferences and that’s okay.  But just like fingerprints and snowflakes, you are gonna be hard-pressed to find 2 life journeys that are exactly the same in every way. To keep it a buck, we’re all guilty of putting expectations on each other based on our own experiences.  But, thank God for grace. 

Real Talk Conversation Kingdom Relationships

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Kingdom relationships with Brvndon P and Mission
Brvndon P
Kingdom relationships with Brvndon P and Mission