Celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop & 45 Years of Loving God & Loving People

A Sermon Series on the Intersection of Faith & Culture

On the west side of Chicago, a distinctive sermon series has been unfolding at the Lawndale Christian Community Church. Our beloved Church on the Block, co-host Pastah J has been at the helm of this inspiring journey, titled “Celebrating 50 Years of Hip Hop and 45 Years of Loving God and Loving People.” This series examines the relationship and commonalities between hip hop and the essence of Christian worship, offering a fresh perspective on faith.

Embracing Worship: The Significance of Breaking

The first sermon, “In the Beginning Was the DJ: What Happens When the Creator is Forgotten?” set the stage for a deeper exploration into hip hop. This week, the spotlight was on break dancing, a cornerstone of hip hop culture. Pastah J drew inspiration from the biblical narrative in 2 Samuel, highlighting the parallels between the energetic expression of hip hop and the spiritual act of worship.

The Transformative Journey from Street Corners to Sacred Spaces

Pastah J shared his love of breakdancing, emphasizing its narrative of peace, unity, and storytelling. He reminisced about the memorable breakdancing scene from “Beat Street,” which showcased the evolution of breakdancing into a medium for community celebration and artistic expression.

Echoes of King David’s Dance in Hip Hop Worship

The sermon examined King David’s uninhibited dance before the ark, likening it to the b-boy’s stance of readiness and respect in hip hop. Pastor Jay illustrated the connection between David’s spontaneous worship and the DJ’s role in inspiring a b-boy’s movement, demonstrating how worship can be a free and passionate expression of faith.

Encouraging Uninhibited Spiritual Expression

The congregation was encouraged to embrace decisive praise, allowing the spirit to guide their movements without concern for judgment. Just as a DJ dictates the beat for a dancer, God sets the rhythm for our lives, inviting us to dance before Him.

A Personal Invitation to Worship Authentically

Pastah J concluded by highlighting the significance of praising God in our own distinctive ways. Whether through dance, song, or any heartfelt form of worship, we are called to offer our devotion freely, much like King David did.

A Call to Dance in the Divine Rhythm

The message of praise and its ability to transform is a passion for Pastah J. As the exploration of the fullness of Hip Hop with faith continues, he invites all to partake in this cultural and spiritual festivity. Let us be moved by God, inspired in our worship, and guided in the dance of life.

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BEAT STREET, (center, dancing), Robert Taylor, Guy Davis, Leon Grant, Jon Chardiet, Franc Reyes 1984
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Prelude to the Sermon (00:00:12) Introduction to the sermon series and the topic of the sermon.

The B-Boy Stance (00:02:13) Exploration of the element of breaking in hip hop culture and its significance in praising God.

In the Presence of the Lord (00:03:34) Discussion about the importance of being in the presence of God and praising Him.

Celebrating Hip Hop Culture (00:04:54) Explanation of how the church celebrates hip hop culture and its contributions to the kingdom of God.

The Purpose of Praise (00:06:59) Emphasis on the purpose of praise and the significance of acknowledging the creator.

The History of Breakdancing (00:08:04) Exploration of the origins of breakdancing and its role in promoting peace and unity in hip hop culture.

David’s Praise (00:12:37) Analysis of King David’s decisive praise and its relevance to contemporary worship.

The B-Boy Stance and Spirit-Moved Praise (00:16:23) Connection between the b-boy stance in hip hop culture and being moved by the spirit to praise God.

Encouragement to Praise (00:19:30) Encouragement for individuals to freely express their praise and gratitude to God.

Conclusion and Reflection (00:22:21) Reflection on the sermon and the importance of being authentic in worship.

The break for the Lord (00:22:45) Encouragement to praise God and celebrate His goodness, regardless of what others think.

Excitement for the series (00:23:38) Anticipation for the upcoming parts of the hip hop series and the aim to educate and celebrate Christ through hip hop.

The B-boy stance (00:26:15) Discussion of David’s undignified praise and the importance of being moved by the spirit to give God praise.

Involuntary movement of praise (00:34:27) Encouragement to allow the spirit to move and give God praise in an involuntary manner, reflecting on His goodness.

Dropping bars for God (00:36:37) Expressing God’s attributes and the need to praise Him, ending with a call to give God the praise He deserves.

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