Hollywood and the Music Industry: Real Talk with Koryn Hawthorne

Hey family! Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx! In had an enlightening conversation with the incredibly talented artist and actress Koryn Hawthorne. We did a deep dive into the inspiration behind her new track “Look at God” and explored her unique approach to music and artistry. In our real talk segment, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble talk Hollywood, the importance of business relationships and the need for discernment when collaborating with others.

Koryn Hawthorne’s Artistic Journey

Koryn’s journey is one that resonates with many of us. She shared how her faith has been the cornerstone of her career, guiding her through the ebbs and flows of the music industry. It’s not just about creating music; it’s about weaving her beliefs into the very fabric of her art. Koryn opened up about the moments when she leaned on her church community for encouragement and prayer, highlighting the importance of a supportive spiritual network.

The Gospel Industry: Challenges and Trust

Discussing the gospel industry, we touched on the challenges artists face. Koryn emphasized the need to trust in God’s plan, even when the path seems uncertain. It’s a reminder that the journey is as important as the destination, and that faith can be a guiding light through the trials and tribulations of the music world.

Authenticity and Transparency

One of the most powerful parts of the conversation was on the importance of authenticity. Koryn’s desire to be genuine in her music and visuals is a testament to her character. Her and DJ Focus agreed that the gospel industry needs more real-life application and transparency. People crave genuine, relatable experiences, not a facade of perfection.

The Role of Humility and Gratitude

Humility was a recurring theme in our discussion. Corinne attributes her grounded nature to her family and friends, who remind her of the importance of staying humble and self-aware. She also spoke about the significance of acknowledging God’s role in her life and expressing gratitude for His blessings.

Networking and Relationships in the Music Industry

In their real talk segment, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble explore the business side of the entertainment industry, specifically networking and building relationships. They discuss the importance of discerning the spirit of the people we collaborate with. Our faith influences our decision-making process, and it’s crucial to have wisdom and discernment when forming partnerships in the entertainment industry.

Wisdom and Discernment in Partnerships, Especially in Hollywood

Hollywood is filled with both challenges and opportunities. Focus and Dice reflected on the need for wisdom and discernment in navigating this space. It’s not just about who you know, but also about understanding the intentions and values of those who you choose to work with.

Conclusion: Faith, Authenticity, and Spiritual Work

To wrap up, the conversation with Koryn Hawthorne was a profound reminder of the impact faith has on our lives and work. Whether it’s through music, art, or any other form of expression, staying true to oneself and one’s beliefs is paramount. As we continue to support and inspire each other in the gospel industry, let’s remember the power of authenticity, the necessity of humility, and the strength that comes from a community rooted in faith. Thank you for tuning in and see you next episode.

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Da Fixx Radio Show (00:00:00) Introduction to the show, setting the tone for faith-infused hip hop, R&B, and poetry.

Encouragement and Scripture (00:01:29) Encouraging listeners to meditate, hear from God, and seek healing, with reference to Psalms 147:3.

Real Talk: Networking and Connections (00:04:24) Discussion on the importance of networking, building connections, and managing career relationships in the music industry.

Koryn Hawthorne’s New Track “Look at God” (00:06:00) Introduction of Koryn Hawthorne and discussion about her new track “Look at God,” her engagement, and her unique artistic expression.

Faith and Success (00:07:49) Koryn Hawthorne’s perspective on acknowledging success, trusting God’s plan, and seeking encouragement during hard times.

Spiritual Detox and Healing (00:08:58) Discussion on seeking healing through prayer, counseling, and overcoming spiritual warfare.

Transparency and Authenticity (00:16:09) Addressing the importance of being transparent and real in the gospel industry, and the impact of personal experiences on ministry.

The impact of God’s understanding on life (00:17:47) Koryn Hawthorne discusses the clear understanding of God’s impact on her music and urban culture.

Staying humble and accountable (00:18:04) Koryn talks about self-awareness, humility, and accountability in her career and personal life.

The message behind “Look at God” (00:20:43) Koryn shares the message she wants listeners to take away from her new track, emphasizing gratitude and faith.

Stellar Holiday situation and upcoming album (00:21:43) Koryn discusses her involvement in the Stellar Taste of the Holidays and hints at an upcoming album release.

The importance of networking in the music industry (00:24:12) The hosts discuss the significance of networking and maintaining good relationships in the music industry.

Building relationships and making wise choices (00:28:15) The conversation delves into the impact of relationships and partnerships in the entertainment industry and the need for wisdom in making choices.

Spiritual discernment in business relationships (00:31:59) The importance of discerning the spirit of those with whom one engages in business or entertainment relationships.

The success of Da Fixx and the role of faith (00:34:51) The hosts emphasize the role of faith and spiritual guidance in the success of the radio show Da Fixx.

Music Industry Collaboration (00:35:30) Discussion on the impact of collaborations in the music industry and the potential risks involved.

Risk in Collaborations (00:35:56) The importance of being cautious and prayerful before entering into musical partnerships, especially in the gospel industry.

Importance of Relationships (00:37:29) Emphasizing the significance of long-standing relationships and trust in the music industry, particularly in the gospel genre.

Partnership Decisions (00:38:32) Personal experiences with declining potentially problematic partnerships and the importance of mutual respect and work ethic in collaborations.

Cautious Approach (00:40:58) Advising to be mindful of the people one associates with, referencing the Bible’s guidance on being discerning in partnerships.

Professional References (00:40:58) Highlighting the importance of references and vetting potential partners before entering into collaborations.

Consequences of Associations (00:41:50) Discussing how the behavior of associated individuals can impact one’s reputation and career.

Trusting God in Partnerships (00:43:20) Encouragement to trust in God’s guidance when forming musical partnerships and seeking recommendations from trusted individuals.

Sports News and Team Support (00:44:56) Discussion about the injury of a sports player and the impact on the team, expressing support for the affected player and team loyalty.

Closing Remarks and Future Show Preview (00:47:35) Encouragement to focus on positivity, a preview of future show content, and a call to engage with the radio show on social media platforms.