Exploring the Impact of Faith in the Music Industry with Wingy Danejah

Hey family, welcome to another inspiring episode of Da Fixx. We’ve got Wingy Danejah, who joined us for our spiritual detox segment, to discuss using faith to navigate the trials and triumphs of creating music with a message. In our real talk segment, we explore suffering and sacrifice from a biblical standpoint and how they impact our mental health.

The Significance of Cyber Monday and National Brand Day:

Our hosts kicked off the discussion with a look at Cyber Monday and National Brand Day, two significant events that impact both consumers and creators alike. They talked about the importance of branding in the music industry and how artists can leverage these moments to connect with their audience and promote their work. It’s interesting to see how the digital age has changed the way we interact with music, the challenges it creates and the opportunities it presents for artists to reach new heights.

The Importance of Physical Health:

They also touched on the crucial topic of physical health. As artists and creators, it’s easy to get caught up in our work and neglect our well-being. However, maintaining physical health is essential for sustaining the energy and creativity needed to produce quality music. It’s a reminder for all of us to take care of our bodies as much as we nurture our art.

An Inspiring Conversation with Wingy Danejah:

The highlight of the episode was our conversation with Wingy Danejah, who shared the inspiration behind his song “Temptation” and his motivation in the music industry. He opened up about his writing process, the collaborations that brought the track to life, and the personal drive that fuels his creativity. He emphasized the role of prayer in his creative process and how his music is a reflection of his personal struggles and experiences.

Wingy’s candid discussion about the impact of negative feedback on his motivation really moved our hosts. He spoke about using criticism as a driving force to prove his haters wrong and the journey of overcoming doubts to witness the fulfillment of prophecies that were spoken over his life.

The Power of Faith and Perseverance:

Focus and Dice expressed their admiration for Wingy’s dedication to his craft and his ability to navigate the challenges that come with it. They went on to discuss the significance of faith and perseverance in the music industry, drawing parallels between Wingy’s story and the experiences of so many artists. His story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, highlighting the awesome power of faith, determination, and how personal experiences are married to artistic expression.

The Struggles and Triumphs of a Faith-Infused Musician:

Another profound moment in the episode was when Wingy shared his struggles within the faith-infused music scene. He talked about the judgment he faced from the church for his unique sound and the challenge of reintroducing his music to a faith-based audience. His commitment to his faith and the desire to not be swayed by worldly success, such as streaming numbers, was a testament to his character and dedication to his art.

This story was a powerful reminder of the impact that music can have. Wingy also shared how his songs have touched lives, even preventing someone from taking their own life. It’s moments like these that underscore the importance of music with a message and the responsibility that comes with creating it.

Looking Ahead:

As our hosts wrapped up, they discussed upcoming projects and collaborations, including one with a secular artist who recently found faith. The synergy between differenLooking Ahead: t musical backgrounds and the spiritual inspiration behind the music promises that the future of faith-based music is bright!


This conversation is a reminder that not only are these artists making music, but they are also making a difference. Wingy Danejah story also highlights the challenges and victories of creating music that glorifies a higher purpose. Staying true to their faith and creating music that inspires and uplifts is a powerful reminder of the role of artists as influencers and messengers. Thank you for tuning in and we’ll see you next episode!

Da Fixx Ep 212 Wingy Danejah alt pic 1 Faith with Kidd Lee Da'Ville
Da’Ville, Kidd Lee and Wingy Danejah
Da Fixx Ep. 212 Wingy Danejah Faith alt pic 2 with Christopher Kid Martin
Wingy Danejah with Kid from The Legendary Hip Hop Group Kid n Play
Da Fixx Ep 212 Wingy Danejah Faith, alt pic 3 with Dee-1
Wingy with Dee-1


Introduction to the show (00:00:00) Hosts introduce the show and its focus on faith-infused hip hop, R&B, and poetry.

Discussion of physical health (00:01:29) The hosts talk about the importance of physical health and encourage listeners to go to the gym.

Cyber Monday and National Brand Day (00:04:50) The hosts discuss Cyber Monday, its history, and the significance of National Brand Day for entrepreneurs.

Suffering versus sacrifice (00:05:55) The hosts delve into the topic of suffering versus sacrifice from a biblical perspective and its relevance to mental health.

Interview with Wingy Danejah (00:07:27) The hosts interview musician Wingy Danejah about his song “Temptation,” his motivation, and his approach to collaboration.

Motivation and perseverance (00:12:56) Wingy Danejah shares his motivation and how he overcame negative perceptions to achieve success in the music industry.

The importance of unity in the music industry (00:15:56) Discussing the need for artists to work in unity and humility, avoiding self-centeredness and competition.

Reintroducing reggae sound to the church (00:20:40) Describing the challenges faced in reintroducing reggae sound to the church and the need for acceptance and understanding.

Motivation and inspiration in music creation (00:23:47) Exploring the spiritual inspiration of music creation and the impact of the artist’s personal struggles on the music.

Upcoming music projects and collaborations (00:26:58) Revealing exclusive details about upcoming music releases, collaborations, and the artist’s approach to music creation.

Book recommendation: “The Three Colors of Ministry” (00:29:59) Highlighting a book on spiritual gifts and talents, emphasizing the importance of understanding and developing one’s spiritual gifts.

Mental Health Check-ins (00:48:34) The importance of seeking help for mental health issues and the value of talking to trustworthy individuals, especially for men.

Suffering Versus Sacrifice (00:37:43) A discussion on the difference between suffering and sacrifice, with personal experiences and insights on the impact of each.

Sports Report (00:32:08) A recap of recent sports events, including football and basketball games, with scores and highlights from various matches.

Faith and Sports Report (00:37:04) A segment discussing the importance of athletes giving their all and incorporating faith into sports, with references to relevant Bible verses.

Radio Show Introduction (00:37:12) The hosts, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble, introduce the show and prepare for a real talk conversation.

Top 25 College Basketball Scores (00:35:48) A rundown of the latest scores and results in college basketball, highlighting games involving ranked teams.

Radio Show Conclusion (00:47:41) The hosts, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble, conclude the segment and encourage listeners to stay tuned for more content.

Suffering and Mental Health (00:50:08) Discussion on dealing with grief, seeking help for mental health, and finding comfort in scripture.

The Ultimate Sacrifice (00:53:23) Exploration of the significance of Christ’s sacrifice and its impact on faith and life.

Sacrifice and Suffering (00:55:11) Reflection on the concept of sacrifice, embracing discomfort, and finding strength in suffering.

Encouragement for Mental Health Support (00:57:30) Encouragement for seeking therapy and counseling for mental health, especially for men, and the importance of open dialogue.

Ambassadors for Christ (01:03:08) Encouragement to represent Jesus Christ in daily life, walking away from heated situations, and promoting kingdom advancement.