Come Correct: Embracing God’s Mercy and Grace in Your Life

On this episode we’re going to delve into a sermon I preached at Soul City Church in Chicago, titled “Come Correct”. This sermon is all about understanding the mercy and grace of God.

Understanding God’s Mercy: “Come Correct”

The sermon “Come Correct” is designed to help you understand the mercy of God. In God’s kingdom, our relationship with Him is not based on merit, but on mercy. This is a stark contrast to our relationships with each other, which are often based on merit. I’m deeply concerned about the young people in our churches who are driven by culture to believe that they must earn God’s favor. However, it’s crucial to remember that there are consequences to abusing God’s mercy.

Quick update

We recently had the pleasure of hosting Kurtis Blow and KRS One at the Firehouse Creative Arts Center on the westside of Chicago, and we’re celebrated 50 years of hip hop at our Fire Fest event. On a personal note, I’ve been dealing with a knee injury and an upcoming MRI. While I joke about it being a torn meniscus, I also acknowledge the importance of taking care of one’s health.

The Parable of the Wedding Banquet

I discussed a parable from the Bible about a king who invites people to a wedding banquet. The king sends out his servants to invite those who had already received an invitation, but they refuse to come. The servants are believed to be the patriarchs of old, like Abraham, Moses, Daniel, and David, who called the children of Israel to come to God. However, the people ignored their invitation.

God’s Mercy Extended

Despite the rejection and disobedience, God’s mercy is still extended. The king sends out his servants again, this time to invite anyone they find on the streets. This parable from Matthew 22:1-14 emphasizes the grace and mercy of God, highlighting that we are invited to the banquet even though we don’t deserve it.


Coming to the banquet means coming to God as we are, without trying to fix ourselves first. It’s about surrendering to God’s calling and walking in His ways. Our works will be tried by fire, and only those done with the right motives and gratitude for God’s grace will withstand the test.

A Call to Respond to God’s Invitation

I urge you all to accept God’s mercy and come to Him, regardless of your past mistakes or shame. God’s invitation is for everyone, both the good and the bad, and it’s never too late to respond to His call.

Reflections and Commentary

The episode also includes commentary from Pastor Jay, Rock Boy Craig, and Jimmy Steve, who share their thoughts and personal experiences. We emphasize the importance of accepting God’s invitation and experiencing His grace and mercy. We encourage listeners to come closer to God and put on the clothes of righteousness.

The Church’s Role in Extending God’s Mercy

We reflect on the sermon and highlight the significance of extending invitations to others without judgment or prerequisites. We want churches to be welcoming and inclusive, just as God extends His grace and mercy to everyone.

Redemption and Growth

Our relationship with Christ is intertwined with rules and growth. We emphasize the importance of gratitude for God’s mercy and the desire to live a righteous life.

Making God’s Grace Tangible and Accessible

We, the hosts of the radio show, discuss the sermon’s impact and our desire for the church to be authentic, relevant, and respectful in sharing the gospel. We acknowledge the challenges and barriers that exist in the community and express our commitment to making God’s grace tangible and accessible.

Addressing Community Issues

We also address the issues of crime, police presence, and hypocrisy in the church. We believe that these issues need to be addressed with love, understanding, and the transformative power of God’s mercy.

In conclusion, I hope this episode and blog post have given you a deeper understanding of God’s mercy and how it applies to our lives. Remember, it’s never too late to accept God’s invitation and experience His grace and mercy.

Pastor Phil

The Firehouse Community Arts Center, Chicago (Embracing God's Mercy and Grace)
KRS-1 Embracing God's Mercy and Grace
KRS-1 at Fire Fest


The mercy of God (00:00:57) Pastor Phil discusses the concept of living in the mercy of God and understanding that our relationship with Him is based on mercy, not merit.

Consequences of abusing mercy (00:02:53) Pastor Phil talks about the consequences that come with abusing the mercy of God and not living in accordance with His boundaries.

God’s constant call to come to Him (00:06:38) Pastor Phil emphasizes that God always calls us to come to Him, extending His mercy and inviting us to experience His love and grace.

The Call to Come Correct (00:09:21) Pastor Phil emphasizes the importance of coming to God with authenticity and vulnerability, without phoniness or half-heartedness.

Hip Hop Celebration (00:10:15) Pastor Phil mentions the upcoming Fire Fest event, celebrating 50 years of hip hop, featuring artists like Kurtis Blow and KRS One.

Having Sight vs. Having Vision (00:12:05) Using the story of Virgil, Pastor Phil explores the difference between having physical sight and having true spiritual insight and wisdom.

The first invitation (00:18:07) The king sends his servants to invite those who had been previously invited but declined. The servants urge them to come to the wedding banquet.

The second invitation (00:18:53) The king sends more servants to inform those who had been invited that the dinner is prepared and everything is ready. He emphasizes the delicious food and attempts to persuade them to come.

The third invitation (00:20:33) The king, showing his mercy, asks the invited guests again to come to the banquet. He mentions the fattened calf and expresses his desire for them to attend. However, they pay no attention and go about their own business.

The Mercy of God (00:27:08) Pastor Phil talks about the grace and mercy of God, and how it extends to those who don’t deserve it.

Choosing to Come Correct (00:28:05) The sermon discusses the importance of choosing to come to God and walk in His ways, even when it’s challenging.

Accepting the Pardon (00:34:57) A story is shared about a man who was offered a pardon but chose to go back to prison, highlighting the importance of accepting God’s forgiveness and mercy.

The mercy and grace waiting for you (00:36:46) Accepting God’s invitation and receiving His mercy and grace.

Churches as a level of invitation (00:37:48) Discussion about the desire for churches to have consistent and welcoming invitations without judgment or prerequisites.

Relationship plus rules equals redemption (00:39:47) Emphasizing the importance of a relationship with God and the journey of growth and learning in the context of redemption.

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