Preachas in Disguise: Changing Lives, One Eye-Opening Rhyme at a Time

Welcome back to Church on the Block! Today, I have the pleasure of introducing you to my extraordinary guests, Fred Lynch, Jay Johnson, and Ace One; members of the Christian hip hop group “Preachas in Disguise“. Our conversation will delve into their journey, their music, and their unique perspectives on preaching and faith.

The Origins of “Preachas in Disguise”

Fred Lynch, the founder of “Preachas in Disguise,” takes us back to the group’s humble beginnings as a youth outreach project in Oak Cliff, Texas. The group would hit the streets, using rap and preaching to gather people’s attention. Their unique approach to spreading the gospel eventually led to them being signed and releasing their first album in 1988.

King Solomon Jay: From Youth Pastor to Roughneck Preacher

Jay Johnson, also known as King Solomon Jay, shares his story of how he crossed paths with the group. As a youth pastor in Oak Cliff, Jay was on a mission to provide an alternative to rap music for the young kids in the area. This mission led him to “Preachas in Disguise,” and he soon became a part of the group, adding his own flavor to their performances. Jay also opens up about his background in rap, including his early days of battling other rappers in his hometown.

Reminiscing the Early Days and Impact

As we delve deeper into our conversation, we reminisce about the early experiences of the group and the profound impact their music and preaching had on people. It’s a heartwarming journey down memory lane, filled with stories of faith, music, and the power of preaching.

Ace One: A New Yorker’s Love for Hip Hop

Ace, the youngest member of the group, shares his background growing up in New York and his love for hip hop. He talks about his spiritual awakening at 16 and his subsequent joining of a group of emcees called Rock Ministries United. His journey eventually led him to “Preachers in Disguise,” requiring him to move to Texas. Jay reflects on the learning experience of being part of the group and witnessing the power of preaching.

The Power of Letting Your Inner Light Shine

All three gentlemen emphasize the importance of letting what’s already inside you shine through when you give God a chance. Their stories are a testament to the transformative power of faith and the impact it can have on one’s life.

Stay tuned for part 2! – Pastor Phil

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