Navigating Cultural Contexts: Hip Hop, Faith, and Effective Communication

Welcome to another fire episode of Da Fixx, where hosts, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble dive deep into the soul-stirring world of hip hop and the personal odysseys that shape our lives. Focus recently had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening conversation with guest, Cory Ard. Together, they explored the rich tapestry of hip hop’s history, the power of music in personal transformation, and the art of communication across diverse cultural landscapes.

A Nostalgic Beat: Cory’s Musical Influences

Cory, a figure deeply rooted in the R&B and hip hop scene, shared the tracks that ignited his passion for music. Soul for Real’s “Candy Rain” was more than just a melody to him—it was the spark that set his love for music ablaze. He fondly recalled his first hip hop CD and a cassette tape of The Lox that etched a permanent mark on his musical soul.

Hip Hop’s Evolution: Reflecting on the Genre’s Journey

Focus and Cory’s conversation took a reflective turn as they discussed hip hop’s evolution over the past 50 years. Cory expressed his concerns about the genre’s current trajectory, informed by the voices of others and his own observations. Despite the changes, the essence of hip hop continues to resonate with those who find solace and expression in its beats.

From Struggle to Salvation: Cory’s Personal Odyssey

Cory opened up about his upbringing in a single-parent household and his brush with gang life. His candid revelations about battling depression and finding faith added a profound layer to our discussion. It’s a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of music.

Intentional Listening: The Discipline of Music Consumption

Focus and Cory also delved into the discipline of selective listening and the impact of our musical choices on our lives. Cory, now primarily tuned into Christian music, spoke about the importance of aligning his playlist with his values. It’s a conscious effort to nourish the mind and heart with positivity, a practice that DJ Focus, also resonated with.

The Art of Code-Switching: Adapting to Connect

Dice Gamble took the lead in a compelling segment on code-switching and its significance in business and professional settings. The ability to match someone’s energy and effectively convey your vision is crucial in establishing meaningful connections. Whether it’s in negotiations or interactions with law enforcement, adapting your communication style can be the key to success.

Conversations for Change: Discussing Law Enforcement with Children

The dialogue shifted to the critical need for conversations with our children about law enforcement, especially in the current climate of social injustice. Our hosts shared my personal experience of discussing these sensitive topics with their children, emphasizing the importance of context in communication.

Cultural Adaptability: The Language of Success

Focus and Dice’s discussion highlighted the importance of cultural adaptability in various social contexts. From mission trips to the entertainment industry, understanding and speaking the language of the people you’re interacting with is essential for breaking down barriers and fostering connections.

Empathy and Humility: The Universal Language

Dice brought valuable insights into the conversation, sharing personal experiences of cultural adaptation and the power of words. Embracing humility and empathy allows us to understand and connect with people from all walks of life, enriching our personal and professional growth.

In Conclusion: Embracing Adaptability

Focus and Dice’s rich discussion underscored the value of understanding and connecting with diverse backgrounds. As we navigate different social and cultural contexts, humility, empathy, and adaptability become our guiding stars.

We hope this has provided you with a glimpse into the profound conversations DJ Focus and Dice Gamble have on Da Fixx. Music, resilience, and the art of communication are not just themes we discuss—they are the very essence of our journeys. Join them as they continue to explore the heartbeat of hip hop and the stories that connect us all.

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Cory Ard pictured with his wife
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The fix is in (00:00:00) Introduction to the podcast episode and the hosts’ discussion about the culture and positive music.

Code switching (00:02:30) Exploration of the concept of code switching within black culture, its significance, and examples.

Spiritual detox and Cory’s hiatus (00:03:36) Discussion about a talented artist, Cory, his hiatus, and upcoming music.

Cory’s struggles and recovery (00:05:59) Cory’s personal struggles, including depression, and his journey to recovery and new music.

Community support and grace (00:10:39) The importance of grace and community support, including Cory’s experience seeking help and sharing struggles.

Hip hop influence (00:15:05) Cory’s journey into hip hop, influenced by R&B and specific tracks that shaped his love for the genre.

State of hip hop (00:18:12) Reflection on the current state of hip hop and its evolution over the years.

The mindset of music consumption (00:19:10) Cory discusses his transition from secular to Christian music consumption and the reasons behind his choices.

Discipline in music consumption (00:20:36) Cory explains the discipline required to avoid mainstream music and the impact of his choices on his lifestyle.

Upcoming music projects (00:23:29) Cory shares details about his upcoming music projects, including collaborations and the themes behind the songs.

Forming a supergroup (00:26:08) Cory discusses the concept of a supergroup in music and shares his choices for two artists to form a supergroup.

Connecting through language and vision (00:29:51) Dice Gamble discusses the importance of matching energy and language to connect with others, emphasizing the need for conveying a clear vision.

Conversations about interacting with police (00:35:13) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble share personal experiences and advice for talking to their children about interacting with police officers.

Code Switching and Cultural Adaptation (00:37:13) Discussion on the need to adapt to different cultural norms and expectations when in different environments.

Building Connections through Language (00:39:12) Importance of speaking the language and understanding the culture of different groups to establish meaningful connections.

Understanding and Empathizing with Others (00:45:16) Encouragement to practice empathy, humility, and understanding to connect with others and receive blessings.

Adapting to Different Environments (00:50:08) The significance of understanding and speaking the language of different environments to connect with people and spread positivity.

Faith and Sports Report (00:52:36) Updates on recent sports events and a quote emphasizing the dependence on God’s power.

Mali Music Interview Feedback (00:54:35) Discussion on feedback from the interview and reactions to Mali’s diverse music approach.

Creating Sonically Good Music (00:55:35) Exploring the importance of making good music across genres, including R&B and gospel, without compromising values.

The Role of Believers in Music Spaces (00:56:45) Emphasizing the need for believers to create good music in various genres, such as R&B, jazz, and hip-hop.

Promotion of Cory’s New Music (00:58:39) Promoting Cory’s upcoming music release and discussing the need for code-switching and matching energy in conversations.

Upcoming Spiritual Detox and Real Talk (00:59:32) Teasing the next day’s content, including a spiritual detox and a real talk conversation, while emphasizing the importance of positivity and kingdom advancement.