Mainstream Impact on Faith-Based Music with Corey Paul

Hey family! In this recent episode of Da Fixx, DJ Focus, alongside co-host Dice Gamble, had the honor of welcoming Corey Paul to the show. Corey is not just an artist but a producer, writer, and mentor whose insights into the music industry are as profound as his lyrics. This episode is all about faith in the music industry and the nuances of broadcast media.

Paying Homage Through Music: Corey Paul’s “I Did It”

Their discussion kicked off with Corey Paul’s collaboration with Dre Murray on the track “I Did It,” a powerful homage to their shared Houston roots. Corey delved into the inspiration behind the song, which is a reflection of he and Dre’s experiences growing up in the same neighborhood. The track isn’t just music; it’s a narrative woven with the threads of Houston culture and the local music scene that shaped them.

The Evolution of Christian Hip Hop

As they ventured deeper into the conversation, Corey shared his thoughts on the evolution of Christian hip hop. He reminisced about the early days when artists were synonymous with ministry and how the genre has since expanded to embrace a wider array of expressions. This shift has allowed artists to explore their faith through music in diverse and innovative ways.

Mainstream Impact on Faith-Based Music

A significant part of the dialogue revolved around mainstream artists like Lil Flip, who have infused their music with faith-based themes. Corey emphasized the importance of intentionality and authenticity in creating music that carries a Christian message. He highlighted the crucial role of discipleship and mentorship in the genre, underscoring the need for guidance as artists navigate their spiritual journey through their art.

Lil Nas X: A New Version of Faith and Spirituality

When it came to discussing Lil Nas X, Corey offered a nuanced perspective on the artist’s creative process and the authenticity of his expression. He acknowledged the complexity of Lil Nas X’s artistry and its impact on listeners. Corey pointed out that there are churches with gay pastors who interpret Christianity in their own way, much like Lil Nas X is creating his own version of faith and spirituality.

Reflecting on Personal Beliefs in the Industry

The authenticity of faith was a central theme in this conversation. Corey reflected on his latest track, “I Think About It,” a reflective piece that underscores his faith and belief in a higher purpose. As hosts, Focus and Dice expressed their support for Corey’s genuine faith and the importance of authenticity in the music industry.

The Radio vs. Podcasting Debate

Our hosts also touched on the differences between podcasting and radio. As a podcaster, DJ Focus often felt the frustration of being mislabeled as a radio show. The level of accountability and responsibility on the radio is immense, with time constraints and strict guidelines to adhere to. In contrast, podcasting offers freedom and flexibility, allowing hosts to speak their minds and connect with our community on their own terms.

Recognition and Respect: The Heart of “The Fix”

One of the most heartfelt moments of the episode was when Focus and Dice discussed the desire for recognition and respect for the hard work they put into Da Fixx They’re not just podcasters; we’re journalists with a dedication to the craft and their listeners. It’s disheartening when our experience and expertise are overlooked, especially when compared to new podcasts at award shows.

A Message to Our Listeners

To their dedicated listeners, Focus and Dice extend their deepest gratitude. Your support fuels their passion and drives them to continue delivering content that resonates with you. We hope to see Da Fixx grow and reach new heights, always staying true to their mission of exploring the intersection of faith, music, and culture.

As our hosts wrapped up the episode, they left us with a sense of understanding and empathy for the diverse expressions within the music industry and a reminder of the power of authenticity in every aspect of our lives.

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Da Fixx Ep 240 alt pic 1 Corey Paul with his brother (faith)
Corey Paul pictured with his brother at his brothers baptism.
Da Fixx Ep 240 alt pic 2 Corey Paul with books (faith)
Da Fixx Ep 240 Corey Paul alt pic 3 (faith)


Da Fixx Radio Show (00:00:02) Introduction to the radio show discussing music and reaching the audience.

Early Morning Banter (00:01:25) Hosts discuss waking up early, shout out to listeners, and normalizing early mornings.

Houston Music (00:03:53) Discussion about the music scene in Houston, its influence, and impact.

Podcasting vs. Radio (00:07:11) Debate on the differences and challenges of podcasting and radio broadcasting.

Neuralink and Accessible Travel (00:08:19) News segment covering Neuralink’s brain-computer interface and accessible travel services.

National Croissant Day (00:11:27) Conversation about the history and enjoyment of croissants.

Spiritual Encouragement (00:10:48) Hosts discuss prayer, commitment, and being doers of the word.

Faith and Sports Report (00:16:10) Justin Adams shares a motivational message from Tom Landry and Hebrews 10:23-25.

Spiritual Detox with Corey Paul (00:17:54) Interview with Corey Paul about his music, collaboration with Dre Murray, and his career.

The H-Town Sound (00:19:35) Corey Paul and DJ Focus discuss the Houston music culture, reminiscing about their upbringing and the influence of DJ Screw.

Embodying Houston (00:20:26) Corey Paul and Dice Gamble talk about the track “I Did It,” its representation of Houston culture, and the intention behind the lyrics.

Review and Feedback (00:21:23) DJ Focus and Corey Paul discuss the positive reception of the track and the potential for a collaborative project.

Evolution of Christian Hip Hop (00:23:07) Corey Paul reflects on the evolution of Christian hip hop, discussing the expectations and intentions of artists in the genre.

Impact of Intentionality (00:25:54) Corey Paul shares his opinion on the impact of intentionality in Christian music and its effect on the genre.

Mainstream Artists and Faith (00:31:27) Corey Paul discusses mainstream artists creating faith-based music and the need for discipleship in the process.

Lil Nas X and Faith (00:36:43) Corey Paul shares his perspective on Lil Nas X’s music, discussing the artist’s personal expression of faith and its impact on the audience.

The prayer for Corey (00:40:11) Discussion about praying for someone going through a spiritual journey, questioning the authenticity of the experience.

Corey’s latest track (00:41:20) Description of Corey’s new reflective track and its message of hope and faith.

Connecting with Corey Paul (00:42:16) Corey Paul’s social media platforms and introduction to his latest single.

Discussion about a controversial face tattoo (00:43:42) Discussion about a woman getting a face tattoo of a rapper, expressing concerns about mental health and relationship issues.

Comparison of podcasting and radio (00:52:26) Comparison of the differences between podcasting and radio, including accountability, reach, and content creation.

Discussion about podcasters and content creation (00:58:26) A critique of podcasters as content creators focused on shock value and drama for viral attention.

The power of radio (01:00:14) Discussion about the reach and impact of radio during emergencies and the broader access it offers compared to podcasting.

Money difference between podcasting and radio (01:01:47) Comparison of the financial aspects of podcasting and radio, including sponsorship and advertisement opportunities.

Different levels of accountability (01:04:24) Exploration of the accountability and trust associated with radio journalism compared to podcasting.

Awards and recognition (01:05:31) Discussion about the criteria for award shows and the differences in content production between podcasts and radio shows.

Celebrating birthdays (01:10:08) Wishing happy birthday to various personalities and discussing the significance of their achievements.

Podcasting vs. radio show conversation (01:16:21) Reflection on the differences in responsibilities and pressures between podcasting and radio broadcasting.

Shoutout to Corey Paul and his new music (01:19:37) Acknowledgment of Corey Paul’s upcoming music project and his intellectual pursuits, including reading habits.

Super Heavy Rhymes (01:20:16) Discussion about upcoming segment featuring heavy-hitting rhymers from New York and New Jersey.

Tomorrow’s Show (01:20:59) Teasing the next day’s show with special guests and a promise of a church-like experience.

Encouragement and Sign-off (01:21:11) Encouragement to stay positive and focused, ending with a spiritual message.