Faith, Love, and Hip Hop with D/R Period

In this episode of Da Fixx, hosts Dice Gamble and DJ Focus welcome D/R Period, a legendary multi-platinum producer turned faith-based artist who shares his journey from mainstream to faith-infused hip hop, the positive impact of his music on listeners, and his aspirations for his new label. In their real talk segment, our hosts are talking all things Valentines Day, offering creative gift ideas and emphasizing the value of personalized gestures in fostering strong relationships. Let’s get into it.

Love in the Air: Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about the chocolates and roses; it’s a time to reflect on the deeper aspects of love and commitment. Focus and Dice discussed the challenges couples face in today’s society and the importance of maintaining healthy relationships. The conversation wasn’t just limited to love; they also touched on current events, job opportunities, and even NASA’s public program, showcasing the diverse interests and concerns of our community.

D/R Period’s Inspirational Journey

The highlight of the episode was the spiritual detox segment with the legendary D/R Period, a multi-platinum producer and artist who has transitioned from mainstream hip hop to creating inspirational, faith-based music. D/R Period shared his personal journey, the challenges he faced, and the profound impact his music has had on inspiring spiritual growth in others.

The Impact of Faith-Based Music

D/R Period’s story is one of courage and dedication. His music label, Inspirational Rock Boy, is a testament to his mission of glorifying God through music. He spoke about his new releases, upcoming projects, and his desire to collaborate with other artists who share his vision. The calls he receives from fans, moved by his music to seek spiritual growth, underscore the powerful influence of his work.

Celebrating Love with Thoughtful Gestures

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Focus and Dice shared gift ideas and activities for couples. From smartwatches and fitness trackers to portable treadmills and virtual reality headsets, they emphasized the importance of gifts that encourage health and well-being. Focus and Dice suggested getting creative with things like cooking classes, romantic getaways to destinations like Bali and Italy, and even simple outdoor adventures as ways to celebrate the day.

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D/R Period with his artist Ms. Shica


Valentine’s Day and Relationships (00:01:25) Discussion about Valentine’s Day, relationships, and marriage, with encouragement for couples and advice for singles.

Challenges of Maintaining Healthy Relationships (00:02:08) Addressing the challenges of maintaining healthy relationships, avoiding temptation, and the importance of doing things right.

Importance of Celebrating Marriage (00:04:17) Advocating for the celebration of marriage and questioning the societal focus on single parenthood.

Marriage and Pregnancy (00:05:11) Debating the decision to marry when pregnant and discussing the challenges and responsibilities of parenthood.

Importance of Love and Commitment (00:07:00) Emphasizing the importance of love and commitment, with a biblical reference to loving one’s neighbor.

Challenges of Intimacy and Marriage (00:10:13) Personal experiences shared about struggles with intimacy, pornography, and the impact on marriage.

Valentine’s Day and Love (00:11:51) Discussion about expressing love on Valentine’s Day, including the significance of spending time and showing affection.

Dating and Wooing (00:13:13) Emphasizing the importance of continuing to date and woo one’s partner, regardless of the length of the relationship.

Celebrating Love and Engagement (00:15:25) Encouraging celebration of love and engagement, with a focus on looking good and expressing affection.

News and Information (00:16:50) Providing news updates about job opportunities and NASA’s public program for virtual guests.

Celebrating Hip Hop (00:18:27) Transitioning to a segment about celebrating hip hop’s legacy and influence.

The Musical Journey (00:19:53) D/R Period discusses his musical upbringing, learning multiple instruments, and his early exposure to the hip hop culture.

Troubles and Transformation (00:29:30) D/R Period shares a personal story about facing legal trouble, praying for a second chance, and finding a new path through faith and music.

Transition to Inspirational Music (00:33:37) D/R Period talks about the transition from mainstream hip hop to making inspirational music, his initial doubts, and the support he received from God.

Reaction from Peers (00:37:43) D/R Period addresses the kickback and criticism he received from peers for transitioning to inspirational music, including being labeled as “guard cuffing.”

D/R Period’s Music Journey (00:38:44) D/R Period discusses his transition to faith-infused music and the challenges faced in the music industry.

Sharing the Positive Impact (00:48:10) D/R Period shares the positive feedback he receives from fans and friends about the impact of his music on their lives.

Mainstream Artists and Inspirational Music (00:53:25) Dr. Period reflects on mainstream artists who have ventured into inspirational music and expresses his thoughts on collaboration.

Connecting with Dr. Period (00:56:28) Information on how to connect with D/R Period on social media and his website for updates and content.

Fitness and Health (00:57:19) Discussion about fitness trackers, smartwatches, and the importance of taking care of one’s health.

Toxic Relationships (00:58:39) Humorous exchange about the potential tracking of fitness watches in toxic relationships.

Portable Treadmills (00:59:43) Information about trending mini treadmills and their convenience for fitness enthusiasts.

Virtual Reality Headsets (01:00:20) Conversation about advanced virtual headsets and their features, including their potential impact on daily activities.

Cooking Classes and Experiences (01:04:29) Discussion about the idea of gifting a cooking experience or classes for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Getaways (01:05:51) List of romantic travel destinations, including Bali, Quebec, Tanzania, and Italy.

Customized Valentine’s Letters (01:09:22) Highlighting the trend of personalized and customized Valentine’s letters and cards.

Outdoor Adventures (01:10:09) Suggestion for outdoor activities such as horseback riding and ATV or dirt bike riding.

Picnics and People Watching (01:11:07) Recommendation for a romantic picnic and people-watching as a low-cost outdoor activity.

Surprising with Sports Events (01:12:47) Suggestion to surprise a partner with tickets to a sports event as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Importance of Communication in Relationships (01:14:28) Exploration of Lee Vasi’s song “Teach Me” and its themes related to mental health and communication in relationships.

Valentine’s Day Plans (01:17:22) Discussion about plans for Valentine’s Day, including going out for a steak dinner and buying gifts.

Gift Ideas (01:18:14) Conversation about buying a bag and shoes as Valentine’s Day gifts, with hints and preferences for specific items.

Supporting Dr. Period (01:19:30) Acknowledgment of D/R Period’s music and upcoming projects, along with prayers for his success in producing faith-inspired music.

Upcoming Guest (01:21:35) Announcement of the upcoming guest, Chris Broussard, a sports analyst, and a promotion for the show’s social media platforms and giveaways.