The Spiritual Evolution of Hip Hop with MoSixty, Goody Shepherd and Chas Grant

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Da Fixx, family. Recently, DJ Focus got a chance to sit down with the incredible MoSixty, and his friends Goody Shepherd and Chas Grant, for a spiritual detox conversation that explores the intersections of faith, music, and culture.

A Journey of Faith and Music

MoSixty’s story is as compelling as his music. His faith journey is a testament to the transformative power of spirituality in the face of adversity. The Gospel artist found Christ through a tragic incident that reshaped his life and his artistry. He expressed a deep sense of gratitude for the positive impact this turning point has had on him, and it’s a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there can be a glimmer of hope that leads us to a brighter path.

MoSixty’s shares a mind-blowing encounter that could have linked him to the legendary Tupac. However, fate had other plans, and Tupac’s untimely passing meant that collaboration would never come to fruition. Despite this, MoSixty’s passion for music never waned, and it’s this passion that has fueled his career.

The Evolution of Hip Hop Culture

The discussion naturally flowed into the state of hip hop culture. MoSixty reflected on its evolution, acknowledging both its influence and impact. He shared his commitment to creating music that is positive, uplifting, and spiritual. This is his way of expressing gratitude to God for every day of life. He and Focus also examined the shift in hip hop’s message over time, noting the celebration of negative influences that have led to a glorification of aggression and societal issues like gang violence. It is a crucial reminder of the power of music and the responsibility artists have in shaping culture.

Musical Journeys and Influences

Goody Shepherd and Chas Grant brought their unique perspectives to the table, discussing their musical journeys and influences. Goody Shepherd’s transition to Christian hip hop and his focus on delivering a positive message through his music was particularly inspiring. Chas Grant’s sound, influenced by the likes of Mary Mary, Jill Scott, and the genres of neo-soul and gospel, showcased the diversity within the genre and the importance of finding one’s voice.

The Creative Process and Integrity

The creative process is deeply personal and spiritual for our guests. Goody Shepherd shared his approach to music production, emphasizing the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the alignment with biblical principles. He also highlighted the invaluable feedback he receives from his wife, ensuring the integrity of his work.

MoSixty opened up about founding his own label, Run My Race Entertainment, which allows him to maintain creative control and ensure his music reflects his spiritual convictions. He spoke about the delicate balance between ministry and business in the music industry and making decisions that align with his artistic vision.

Anticipating the “No More Games” EP

As they wrapped up their conversation, the excitement for the upcoming “No More Games” EP was evident. MoSixty teased surprises and collaborations, expressing his commitment to releasing the project before the year’s end. The message he hopes to convey through the EP is clear: a call to authenticity and spiritual depth in music.

Courtesy Music Organization

The importance of following the vision that the spirit of the Lord has laid before us was a recurring theme throughout their discussion. They also discussed the Courtesy Music Organization, a nonprofit aimed at educating people on the spiritual implications of Christian hip hop and the music industry.

Celebrating Young Talent and Advocating for Music Education

The achievements of a young jazz musician, Samara Joy, who recently won a Grammy at the age of 23, were a focal point of Focus and Dice’s real talk segment. Her impact as a young black female artist in the jazz genre is groundbreaking and highlights importance of music education and the need for investment in music programs in schools, especially in underserved areas.

Our hosts also tackled the challenges faced by black musicians in the industry, from the lack of recognition to financial compensation issues. Despite these hurdles, Focus and Dice celebrated the talent and contributions of black musicians and addressed the stereotypes and misconceptions they often face.

The Global Impact of Jazz and the Importance of Legacy

The conversation went as our hosts discussed the worldwide influence of jazz music. They highlighted the community engagement and humility of artists like Samara Joy, who actively participates in community events and honors her roots.

Final Thoughts

This episode a reminder that music is not just entertainment; it’s a form of expression, a ministry, and a reflection of our values. As we continue to create and consume music, let’s remember the power it holds and the messages we choose to amplify.

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Chas Grant, MoSixty and Goody Shepherd
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The hustle (00:00:02) The discussion about music and the impact of the artist’s work on the community.

Motivation Monday (00:01:36) A lighthearted conversation about motivation, work, and the celebration of Presidents Day.

National Chocolate Mint Day (00:08:10) A discussion about the national day and the significance of chocolate mint as a food.

Fitness and Health (00:12:21) A conversation about fitness goals, balancing indulgence, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Sports Report (00:14:40) Updates on NBA All-Star game, college basketball, and NHL, along with a scripture verse.

Spiritual Detox (00:17:43) A conversation with the artist MoSixty about his faith journey and music collaborations.

Tupac Opportunity (00:19:56) MoSixty shares his missed opportunity to work with Tupac and his decision to return to music after finding faith.

Hip Hop Culture (00:21:33) Discussion on the evolution and impact of hip hop culture over the past 50 years.

Positive Hip Hop (00:22:31) Mo 60’s determination to create positive, uplifting, and spiritual hip hop music.

Influences on Unique Sound (00:24:57) Chaz Grant explains the influences on his unique singing sound.

Importance of Singing (00:26:16) Chas Grant discusses the importance of singing and its impact on her faith journey.

Goody Shepherd’s Journey (00:28:41) Goody Shepherd shares his journey from instrumentalist to artist and producer in the music industry.

Spiritual Conversations (00:31:28) Discussion on the spiritual implications and spiritual warfare in the music industry and the church’s awareness of it.

Creative Process (00:33:10) Goody Shepherd explains his creative process for making a track, guided by the Holy Spirit.

Starting a Label (00:35:08) MoSixty’s decision to start his own label for creative control and freedom in music production.

No More Games EP (00:37:03) MoSixty discusses his upcoming EP and the message he wants people to take away from it.

Connect with the Artists (00:38:14) Chas Grant and Goody Shepherd share their social media handles for connecting with their music.

Confidence Pack (00:39:29) Discussion about a viral song release and the impact of a confidence pack.

The rise of a viral artist (00:40:02) Discussion about a female artist’s viral success on TikTok and her hard work ethic.

Recognizing hard work in the music industry (00:41:00) Acknowledgment of the artist’s dedication and work ethic in her music career.

The artist’s multifaceted work and personal life (00:41:14) Recognition of the artist’s commitment to her music, work in the community, and personal life.

Acknowledging the impact of the artist’s work (00:42:12) Praising the artist’s dedication and the impact of her work in the music industry.

Highlighting a Grammy-winning jazz musician (00:45:29) Discussion about the achievements and impact of a young jazz musician’s Grammy win.

Impressive achievements of a young jazz musician (00:46:57) Recognition of the artist’s Grammy win at a young age and her musical background.

Advocacy for music education (00:55:34) Discussion about the importance of prioritizing music education and upgrading music programs in universities.

Challenges and recognition in the music industry (00:58:23) Acknowledgment of the challenges and underappreciation of musicians, particularly black artists, in the industry.

Influence and impact of a young musician (00:59:50) Recognition of the influence and impact of the young black female artist in the music industry.

Globally Impactful Jazz Artist (00:59:53) Recognition of jazz artist’s impact on a global scale and community engagement.

Legacy Building and Family Support (01:00:47) Discussion of the artist’s legacy, influence, and the importance of parental support.

Appreciation for Jazz Music (01:01:48) Encouragement to appreciate jazz music and its meditative qualities.

Nostalgia for Music Collaborations (01:03:39) Reflection on past music collaborations and the impact of a music group.

Recognition of Presidents Day (01:05:35) Acknowledgment of Presidents Day and essential role of radio hosts.

Promotion of Show and Social Media (01:07:01) Promotion of upcoming guest and show, as well as engagement with social media platforms.