The Impact of Technology on Youth Faith: Is Social Media to Blame?

On this episode of Church on the Block, my co-host DJ Ruckus and I engaged in a thought-provoking conversation about the Chicago incident and its implications for the faith and behavior of young people. And is technology and social media to blame? This blog post serves as a reflection on our discussion, exploring the disconnect between youth and faith, the role of the church and parents, the impact of technology on parenting, and the church’s response to the youth crisis.

The Chicago Incident: A Wake-Up Call

  • Discussing the viral incident in Chicago where young people caused chaos downtown.
  • Highlighting the trend of youth engaging in fights and car meetups.
  • Expressing frustration with the lack of police intervention and delayed response.

The Disconnect Between Youth and Faith

  • Examining the prevalent patterns of chaotic behavior among some young people.
  • Acknowledging the importance of understanding young people’s perspectives and awakening them to faith.
  • Emphasizing the role of parents and the need for awareness and conviction among adults and church leaders.

The Role of the Church and Parents

  • Discussing the significance of dedicated youth ministry and the church’s responsibility in ministering to young people.
  • Addressing the mistrust and abuse within the church that has led to a generation disaffiliating from it.
  • Exploring the impact of young people’s behavior on employers and the role of parents in raising their children.

The Impact of Technology on Parenting

  • Reflecting on the negative effects of technology on parenting, such as disconnection and hindered creativity.
  • Highlighting the social awkwardness and lack of close friendships outside of social media.
  • Encouraging parents to be mindful of technology’s influence and its impact on their children’s development.

The Church’s Response to the Youth Crisis

  • Advocating for listening to this generation and understanding their thoughts and beliefs about faith.
  • Recommending research and providing answers to their questions.
  • Promoting engaging youth services and creating opportunities for fun and new experiences.
  • Emphasizing the importance of a church presence in the community and engaging with young people in various spaces.


The challenges faced by our youth require more than just surface-level solutions. We must address the root causes of their behavior and work towards nurturing their faith and empowering them for a better future. By actively listening, providing answers, creating safe spaces, and engaging with young people, we can bridge the gap between youth and faith, ultimately fostering a stronger and more resilient generation.

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The Impact of Technology on Youth Faith: Is Social Media to Blame?
The Firehouse Community Arts Center in Chicago Illinois


The Chicago Incident [00:02:18] Discussion on the chaotic incident involving young people in downtown Chicago, including twerking, fighting, and the intervention of a black mama.

Youth Gatherings at Malls [00:05:09] The trend of young people gathering at malls, leading to fights and panic among parents.

Car Meetups and Street Chaos [00:07:39] The issue of car meetups, where young people engage in donuts, racing, and other dangerous activities in the middle of the street.

The stampede of young people [00:10:03] Discussion on the chaotic behavior of young people in Chicago, referred to as a stampede.

The disconnect with young people [00:13:30] Exploration of the major disconnect between adults and young people, particularly in terms of faith and behavior.

The gap in youth ministry [00:18:42] Reflection on the lack of dedicated full-time youth ministry in local churches, and the need for a bridge between young people and the church.

The Disconnect between Faith and Behavior [00:19:40] Discussion on the impact of young people’s behavior on employers and the possible reasons for the disconnect between faith and behavior.

The Role of Churches in Low-Income Communities [00:20:47] Exploration of the perception that churches are not helping low-income communities and the resulting mistrust in the church.

The Influence of Technology on Young People [00:26:37] Reflection on the negative effects of giving young children unrestricted access to technology and the lack of substance in their beliefs and language.

The impact of technology on young people [00:30:21] Discussion on the negative effects of technology on creativity and social interaction.

Social awkwardness in the younger generation [00:32:16] Exploration of how young people’s reliance on social media affects their ability to form real-life friendships.

The gap between young people and the church [00:37:28] Reflection on the disconnect between young people’s attitudes towards the church and the efforts made by the church to reach out to them.

The ideal way to turn young people back to faith [00:41:21] Discussion on the need to understand young people’s thoughts on faith and how to create engaging youth services.

Challenging churches to be more present for young people [00:43:15] Exploring the importance of being present in schools and providing mentorship and support for young people.

Taking church to the streets and meeting young people where they are [00:44:23] Proposing the idea of having church services in the neighborhood, engaging with young people in their spaces, and providing opportunities for human connection.

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