Is Christian Rap Really Effective in Spreading the Gospel?

Welcome to another inspiring episode of Da Fixx. On this episode we catch up with Christian Hip Hop Veteran Brinson, CEO of GodChaserz who will be receiving the Kingdom General Award for his contributions to the kingdom and the genre. We’re discussing the impact of Christian Rap and its effectiveness is evangelism. In our real talk segment, we discuss the importance of planning and strategizing when creating and reaching our goals. Thank you for tuning in and get ready to be inspired.

The Kingdom Choice Awards and the Art of Freestyling

We started off by discussing the upcoming Kingdom Choice Awards in Brooklyn. As judges in a music competition, we’re thrilled to see talented artists showcase their skills. We’re particularly excited about the bonus round where contestants can freestyle off the dome. We also announced that legendary artist Brinson will be joining us for a spiritual detox segment.

Our mission is to promote positive and relevant music that centers around Jesus Christ. We’re grateful for the support of our podcast family and look forward to welcoming you back to the show.

Brinson: A Journey of Faith and Music

Our guest, Brinson, shared his experiences in the music industry and his journey in pursuing his passion for music. He’s been rapping since the 90s and initially wanted to be a preacher. However, after rededicating his life to the Lord, he found his way back to music and launched his own label, GodChaserz.

Brinson’s independent grind and the doors that God has opened for him and his label are truly inspiring. He has distribution deals with Best Buy and Save the City Records, and he’s toured extensively. His goal is to love and disciple people through his music, and we’re all in awe of his accomplishments.

The Power of Christian Rap

We also discussed the criticism and objections towards Christian rap as a genre. We believe that just like other evangelistic tactics, Christian rap serves a purpose and can be a tool for spreading the message of God. We stressed the importance of unity within the church and the need to support Christian hip hop as a valid form of expression and evangelism.

The Importance of Planning

We shifted our conversation to the topic of planning, emphasizing its importance from a Christian perspective. We referenced Jeremiah 29:11 as evidence that God expects His people to plan. We also highlighted the benefits of planning, citing Proverbs 21:5 and Proverbs 16:3.

Planning allows for better results and adjustments in business and life. It’s crucial to manage one’s household like a business and take care of it as a first ministry. We encouraged listeners to trust in God’s plan and to mimic His planning in our lives.

The Shirley Strawberry Scandal

We touched on the recent scandal involving Shirley Strawberry, a relationship expert on the Steve Harvey show. We expressed our shock and sadness over the situation and extended our sympathy to all the people affected by this scandal. We reminded listeners to stay focused on turning negatives into positives and emphasized the importance of faith and kingdom advancement.

Upcoming Event in Cleveland

Finally, we promoted an upcoming event in Cleveland featuring a book signing and Q&A session with a guest named Dee-1. We encouraged listeners to attend the event and mentioned the possibility of Dee-1 performing a few songs if the crowd is enthusiastic.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We hope you found this episode informative and engaging. We look forward to welcoming you back to our next episode.

Christian Rap Brinson alt pic 1, with DJ Wade-O
Brinson at the Kingdom Choice Awards with DJ Wade-O
Christian Rap Brinson alt pic 2 accepting Kingdom Choice Award
Brinson accepts his Kingdom Choice Award


Planning for the Future (00:03:03) Discussion on the importance of planning in life and how it aligns with God’s plans for us.

Kingdom Choice Awards (00:04:09) Promotion of the upcoming Kingdom Choice Awards event in Brooklyn and the excitement surrounding it.

So You Think You Got Bars? (00:04:52) Introduction of a music competition and the panel of judges who will critique the participants’ bars and skills in Christian hip hop.

The launch of GodChaserz (00:08:42) Brinson talks about launching the GodChaserz label and his journey in music production and ministry.

The independent grind and touring (00:12:19) Brinson discusses his independent grind in the music industry, touring in various places, and the impact of his music.

The first time hearing a freestyle (00:15:49) Brinson shares the story of the first time he heard a freestyle, particularly Eminem’s performance, which had a significant impact on him.

The first freestyle experience (00:21:55) Discussion about the first experiences with freestyling and how it influenced their love for hip hop.

The importance of freestyle in the past (00:24:24) Conversation about how in the past, being able to freestyle was a requirement to perform and how it has changed over time.

The Christian hip hop battle culture (00:25:12) Discussion about the Christian hip hop battle culture and praise certain artists for their freestyle skills in the genre.

The importance of planning (00:32:21) Discussion on the significance of planning and why it is necessary, especially from a Christian perspective.

Struggles with planning (00:33:59) Exploration of the reasons why people may struggle with planning, including a lack of understanding of its importance.

Delegating tasks in planning (00:34:04) The role of delegation in executing a plan and how it can help ensure the successful implementation of a vision.

Planning for Success (00:34:54) Importance of planning for artists to reach a wider audience, work events, and book themselves for different opportunities.

The Benefits of Planning (00:35:56) Discussion on the benefits of planning in life, how planning leads to abundance, and the negative consequences of not planning.

Committing Work to God (00:38:34) Exploration of the importance of planning and being intentional in ministry work, and the need to schedule and prioritize commitments to serve God effectively.

Preparing for God’s Plan (00:42:51) Discussion on the importance of actively preparing for the plan that God has for our lives.

Creating Time for God (00:43:46) Encouraging listeners to create pockets of time for God, emphasizing the need for solitude and seeking Him early in the morning.

Planning for God’s Blessings (00:44:33) The importance of planning and preparing for the blessings we are believing God for, using the analogy of preparing a place for a baby or a future spouse.

The tape scandal (00:51:08) Discussion about a tape that surfaced where someone talks negatively about Steve Harvey and his wife, and the estranged husband’s criminal charges.

Shirley Strawberry’s career impact (00:52:10) Exploration of how the scandal affects Shirley Strawberry’s career as a relationship expert and the potential consequences for her.

Public apology and addressing the scandal (00:54:15) Mention of Shirley Strawberry publicly apologizing to Steve Harvey on the air, and the decision to address the scandal as a family on Steve Harvey’s YouTube channel.