Is Hip Hop Still Pushing the Culture Forward?

On this episode of Da Fixx, we welcome CHH veteran, Mission for a special spiritual detox segment. We talk about Mission’s music and his upcoming album “Second Wind”. We also discuss the challenges of being an entrepreneur in the music industry, the acceptance of Christian hip hop in the church, and the importance of giving female artists a platform. In our real talk segment, we discuss cybercrime and how to protect oneself from online scams and harassment. Thank you for tuning in and enjoy the discussion!

The State of Hip Hop and the Power of Authenticity

Our conversation kicked off with a passionate discussion about the current state of hip hop. We all agreed that the genre has evolved significantly over the years, emphasizing the importance of pushing the culture forward. We reminisced about the dark days and the sunshine in them, and how we fought to keep the beats on the block.

Mission, a prominent figure in the hip hop scene, reflected on the genre’s impact on his life. He acknowledged that hip hop has played a major role in shaping his journey, both positively and negatively. He also expressed his appreciation for the growth and recognition of female artists in the industry, noting that there are now more female artists making waves than male artists. Among the female artists he admires are Childlike CiCi, Toyalove, Porsha Love, Angie Rose, Tylnn, Jekasole and Reese Lache.

The Acceptance of Christian Hip Hop in the Church

Then the conversation shifted to the acceptance of Christian hip hop in the church. Mission believes that the church is slowly embracing Christian hip hop due to its impact and the need to provide an alternative for the younger generation. However, he acknowledges that there are still some old-school churches that don’t fully understand or accept it.

The Challenges and Triumphs of Entrepreneurship

Mission also shared his experience as an entrepreneur, discussing the challenges of starting his own label. He reminisced about past collaborations and the talent within his former group, Voltron. However, due to different paths in their lives and irreconcilable differences, a reunion is unlikely to happen.

The Excitement of New Projects and Collaborations

Mission then shifted the conversation to his upcoming project, titled “Second Wind,” released on October 27th. He explained that the album is about his journey in the music industry, navigating through various changes and feeling exhausted at times. However, he found inspiration in the concept of a second wind, where one finds renewed energy and determination to finish the race.

The Importance of Cybersecurity and Online Privacy

Our real talk conversation took a serious turn as we discussed the prevalence of cybercrime and online harassment. Dice Gamble shared some important information about online crimes and how to protect oneself. She advised listeners to set up alerts on their bank accounts and credit cards to detect any suspicious activity. She also warned against giving out credit card information over the phone unless it is a trusted system.

The Dangers of Online Harassment and the Need for Action

We also discussed the potential risks of flaunting expensive possessions, like cars, in front of one’s house, as it can reveal their address to potential criminals. We emphasized the need to protect oneself by not giving out personal information, such as social security numbers or addresses, over the phone or through email.

The Wrap Up

We hope you enjoy the discussion and remember to subscribe to Da Fixx YouTube channel. See you next episode!

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The state of hip hop (00:00:13) Discussion on the impact of real hip hop and its influence on the culture.

Chicago Bears potentially moving their stadium (00:03:10) Expressing our concern about the Chicago Bears potentially moving their stadium and discuss the implications for the city.

Online identity theft and protection (00:05:28) Conversation about the importance of protecting oneself from online identity theft and discuss various measures to safeguard personal information.

The state of hip hop and its impact (00:08:30) Discussion on the influence and impact of hip hop over the past 50 years, both positive and negative.

Recognition of female artists in hip hop (00:09:51) Highlighting the rise of female artists in the industry and their contributions, with specific mentions of Angie Rose, Childlike CiCi, Toyalove, and Reese Lache.

Acceptance of Christian hip hop in the church (00:12:11) Exploring the church’s evolving acceptance of Christian hip hop and the need for alternative methods to reach the youth, despite some resistance and misconceptions.

The state of hip hop and longevity (00:17:43) Discussion about being entrepreneurial-minded, relying on God for decisions, and maneuvering through waves of change in the music industry.

The possibility of a Voltron reunion (00:18:51) Conversation about the potential reunion of the rap group Voltron, the challenges and differences that prevented it from happening, and the impact of their past projects.

Mission’s new project, “Second Wind” (00:22:54) Mission talks about his upcoming album, “Second Wind,” its theme of perseverance and longevity in the music industry, and the timing of its release amidst the current state of the world and the church.

The state of hip hop (00:26:59) Discussion about the current state of hip hop, including the Chiefs, Ravens, and Rihanna picking up a certain artist.

Introduction to Mission’s music (00:27:26) Mission talks about the frustration of his album being pushed back and the message behind it. Mentions collaborations and the song “Testimony.”

Online identity theft and cybercrime (00:31:01) Discussion about cybercrime, internet bullying, and the consequences of collecting and using people’s information online. Mention of reporting and getting people locked up for harassment.

Protecting Your Credit Card Information (00:35:41) Tips for setting up alerts on your bank account to prevent credit card fraud and identity theft.

Intellectual Property Theft (00:37:20) The importance of branding and tagging your creative work to prevent others from illegally using and profiting from your ideas.

Online Safety for Children (00:39:04) The dangers of posting personal information and photos of children online, and the risks of child exploitation and solicitation.

The state of online security (00:43:52) Discussion on the importance of being cautious online, protecting personal information, and avoiding online scams and cybercrimes.

The dangers of flexing online (00:44:43) Highlighting the risks of sharing personal information online, particularly when showing off expensive possessions like cars, which can reveal one’s address and make them vulnerable to theft.

Protecting yourself from online harassment and identity theft (00:49:08) Tips on safeguarding personal information online, including cleaning cookies, not responding to suspicious emails, and documenting online harassment for legal action. Encouragement to live a godly life and seek help if struggling with online crimes.

Online Identity Theft and Scams (00:53:09) Discussion about the importance of updating software, having strong passwords, and being aware of scams from both strangers and real companies.

Avoiding Negative Influences (00:54:07) Advice on being cautious about the people we associate with and not allowing negative influences into our lives.

Pyramid Schemes and Fraud (00:55:34) Warning about the dangers of pyramid schemes, the pressure to recruit others, and the negative impact it can have on relationships and faith.