Lee Vasi’s Faith Journey: From American Idol to Embracing God’s Calling

Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx Morning Radio Show family. In this episode we had the honor of talking with the talented singer-songwriter, Lee Vasi, a former American Idol contestant. We delved into a variety of topics, from the importance of haters to the power of asking, and Lee’s faith journey and music career.

The Fuel of Haters and Ancestor Appreciation

Our conversation kicked off with a discussion on the significance of haters and how they can serve as a catalyst for motivation. We also touched on the concept of ancestor appreciation day, a time to reflect on the struggles our ancestors endured and the strength they demonstrated.

Lee Vasi’s Faith Journey and Music Career

Lee Vasi, a gifted singer-songwriter, shared her personal journey of faith and how she developed her relationship with Christ. Raised in a Christian household, Lee felt a calling to create music that glorifies God while staying true to her unique sound. She spoke about her early days in musical theater and the challenges she faced in finding her voice within the Christian music space.

Lee initially felt there was no room for her unique sound in gospel or the industry, leading her to pursue a career in the secular space. However, she soon realized that her music needed to be about God. She spoke about how God positioned her spiritually and, in her life, to embrace the Christian R&B space.

The Evolution of Christian R&B

DJ Focus acknowledged that artists like Mary Mary, Fred Hammond, and Dawkins & Dawkins have been doing R&B Christian music for years. However, there seems to be a growing acceptance for this genre now. Lee shared her journey, starting from performing at a young age to auditioning for the Lion King on Broadway when she was just eight years old.

Lee Vasi’s American Idol Experience

Lee also opened up about her experience on American Idol. Despite being in a vulnerable state mentally and emotionally, her parents encouraged her to audition. She made it to the top 48 of the competition and had the opportunity to meet Lionel Richie.

The Creative Process and Transparency in Music

When asked about her creative process, Lee explained that her new music is written in her bedroom, where she talks to God and asks for guidance. This approach is a departure from her previous method when she was working as a songwriter in the secular space, where she followed a formula to create hits. Now, she focuses on being honest and transparent about her conversations with God and the things happening in her life.

Upcoming Projects and Collaborations

Lee mentioned that she is currently working on an EP and a project, with more singles and videos coming out in the next few months. When asked about collaborations with other Christian R&B or gospel artists, Lee hinted at some exciting partnerships but kept the details under wraps.

The Power of Asking

Our conversation then transitioned to a discussion about the power of asking and the importance of having the right motives when making requests. We emphasized the need to align one’s heart with God’s purpose and to always add the phrase “your will be done” when making requests. We also touched on the importance of trusting God’s plan and being grateful for His blessings.

The Importance of Seeking Help

We also discussed the importance of seeking help and guidance from like-minded individuals in our pursuit of the next level. We emphasized the need for self-protection when asking God for things and referenced Jesus’ example of surrendering to God’s will. We shared personal stories about the challenges of asking for help and the lessons learned from these experiences.

Trusting God’s Provision

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble highlighted the importance of asking for what you need and seeking God’s guidance. They shared personal experiences of starting from humble beginnings to improve their lives and gain skills. They emphasized the value of hard work and the need to trust God in the process.


As we wrapped up our conversation, DJ Focus gave a shoutout to Lee Vasi, praising her exclusive spiritual detox interview and mentioning her latest single “My Bad.” He also expressed his excitement about the rise of Christian R&B music and acknowledged the veterans and pioneers in the genre. I concluded by encouraging listeners to be great, show love, and stay focused on turning negatives into positives, reminding them that Jesus Christ is always the answer and kingdom advancement should be the goal.


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Ancestor Appreciation Day (00:02:30) Discussion about the significance of ancestor appreciation day and the desire to make ancestors proud, despite facing haters.

The Power of Asking (00:04:16) Exploration of the importance of asking for what you need and the biblical principle of “you have not because you asked not”.

Lee Vasi’s Faith Journey (00:06:55) Interview with Lee Vasi about her personal relationship with Christ and her development as a singer in various genres before transitioning to Christian music.

The journey of faith and music career (00:08:34) Lee Vasi talks about discovering her voice as a singer-songwriter, her journey in the music industry, and embracing Christian R&B.

Being part of American Idol (00:09:59) Lee Vasi shares her experience auditioning for American Idol, making it to Hollywood Week, and meeting Lionel Richie.

Challenges in the entertainment industry (00:13:15) Lee Vasi discusses the challenges she faced in the entertainment industry, including being in rooms that didn’t align with her spiritual upbringing and the struggle to find her purpose.

The creative process (00:17:38) Lee Vasi talks about her new music and how she wrote it in her bedroom, having a conversation with God and being honest and transparent.

Why people avoid vulnerability in music (00:18:27) Lee Vasi discusses why many people are not transparent in their music, citing fear of being vulnerable and the pressure to cater to what others want to hear.

The inspiration behind Lee Vasey’s music (00:19:46) Lee Vasi shares her multicultural background and the various musical influences that shaped her sound, including Lionel Richie, Earth Wind & Fire, Usher, and gospel artists like Kirk Franklin and Fred Hammond.

Collaborations and Future Projects (00:26:48) Upcoming projects, including more singles, a project, and videos. They mention the possibility of collaborations with Christian R&B, gospel, or Christian hip hop artists.

Asking with the Right Motives (00:28:12) The conversation shifts to the topic of asking and the importance of examining one’s motives. They discuss the dangers of selfish ambitions and coveting what others have, emphasizing the need to align one’s heart with God’s purpose.

Trusting God’s Will (00:34:13) The importance of trusting God’s will in their desires and asking. They share personal examples of asking for a spouse and emphasize the need to add “Your will be done” to their requests, trusting that God knows what is best for them.

The importance of asking for help (00:37:31) The need to ask for help and not be afraid to reach out to others for support.

Challenges men face in asking for help (00:41:33) The conversation shifts to the difficulties men may face in asking for help, particularly in financial situations, due to pride and societal expectations.

Overcoming pride and seeking help (00:41:52) Personal experiences and reflections on overcoming pride and seeking help, emphasizing the importance of getting the necessary support to address personal struggles.

The importance of starting from the bottom (00:44:38) Personal story of washing dishes as a busboy and the value of gaining skills and working their way up.

The power of asking with a pure heart (00:45:16) The importance of asking God for what you really need and coming to God with a pure heart.

Putting effort into what you ask for (00:46:22) The need to put effort into what you ask for and to have faith in God’s ability to provide.

The importance of Christian R&B music (00:52:52) Discussion about the rise of Christian R&B music and recognition of veteran artists in the genre.

Pioneers who paved the way (00:53:33) Recognition and appreciation for the pioneers of Christian R&B music, including Christopher Lewis and others.

Being in a good place (00:53:58) Excitement about the current state of Christian R&B music and the abundance of talented artists in the genre.