Prioritizing God Above All: Victory Boyd’s Message of Eternal Purpose

Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx. In this episode. We had the pleasure of discussing the power of prayer, the role of women in prayer, and the importance of faith. We were also thrilled to introduce our special guest, Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and musician, Victory Boyd.

The Power of Prayer and Women’s Role

In our conversation, we emphasized the need for clarity in hearing God’s voice and the importance of being connected to Him through prayer. We acknowledged the strong prayer warriors, particularly women, who pray for their families, children, and communities. We expressed our admiration for these praying women and highlighted the significance of being evenly yoked in prayer within relationships.

Introducing Victory Boyd

We then introduced our special guest, Victory Boyd, expressing our excitement about her unique sound and her ability to break the traditional boundaries of gospel music. We mentioned her performance at the Stellar Awards and her new album, “Glory Hour.” We welcomed Victory and expressed our gratitude for her presence on the show, commending her for her talent and the way she presents gospel music in a raw and live performance style.

Victory Boyd’s Faith Journey

Victory shared her journey of faith and how she got into music. Born into a Christian family, her name ‘Victory’ had a significant impact on her upbringing. However, she had to have her own personal encounters with Christ to develop her own faith and conviction. She spoke about a traumatic accident at the age of 18, which led her to realize her need for a Savior and encounter Christ in a tangible way. From that point on, she made it her mission to become the best artist she could be, using her music to glorify The Most High and share the message of Christ.

Victory’s Musical Upbringing and Influence

Victory also discussed her musical upbringing, coming from a family of musicians. Her father, a jazz musician, would lead their family in singing and harmonizing at the dinner table. Growing up in Detroit, she was surrounded by a rich musical culture, including gospel and Motown legends. Moving to New York, she and her family took their music to the streets, performing in various places.

The Impact of Jay-Z and Kanye West on Victory’s Music

Victory shared how Jay-Z encouraged her to embrace her talent as a poet, leading her to incorporate spoken word poetry into her songs. She also discussed her latest project, “Glory,” a faith-based album aiming to help people connect with the Holy Spirit. The conversation then shifted to Victory’s connection with Kanye West, whom she met at Sunday Service and was inspired by the genuine worship and love for The Lord that she witnessed.

Prioritizing God Above All

Victory emphasized the importance of prioritizing God above fame, money, and popularity. She believes that if you’re going to put in the effort and work, it should be for a cause that will count eternally. She encourages listeners to have a relationship with God and make decisions from a place of being seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

Wrapping Up

As we wrapped up the episode, we were reminded of the importance of faith, prayer, and using our talents to glorify The Most High. We hope you found it as inspiring and enlightening as we did. Stay tuned for more insightful conversations on Da Fixx.

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The importance of prayer and faith (00:01:38) The hosts discuss the importance of prayer and hearing from The Most High clearly, emphasizing the need to ask the Lord for clarity and seek guidance through prayer.

The power of prayer and intercession (00:03:41) The hosts acknowledge the power of prayer, particularly the role of women as prayer warriors and intercessors in their families and communities.

Introduction of special guest Victory Boyd (00:06:43) The hosts introduce their special guest, Victory Boyd, a Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and musician, and discuss her unique sound and contribution to breaking the boundaries of gospel music.

The journey of faith (00:08:17) Victory Boyd shares her upbringing in a Christian family and the impact it had on her faith journey.

Encountering Christ (00:09:33) Victory Boyd describes a life-changing wake-up call at the age of 18, where she survived a traumatic accident and encountered Christ as her savior.

Growing up in a musical family (00:11:17) Victory Boyd talks about her upbringing in a musical family, singing together with her siblings, and the influence of her father, who is a jazz musician.

Jay-Z’s Feedback on “Broken Instrument” (00:19:45) Victory Boyd shares how the rapper’s feedback shifted her perspective on her songwriting and led her to incorporate poetry into her work.

The Origins of “Glory” Album (00:22:20) Victory Boyd discusses how the album was written during the pandemic and her goal to create songs that help people connect with the Holy Spirit.

Meeting Kanye West (00:25:07) Victory Boyd shares the story of how she met the College Drop Out rapper at Sunday Service and the unexpected connection she had with billionaire Robert Smith, leading to her involvement in the “Jesus Is King” album.

The importance of prioritizing The Lord (00:30:16) Victory Boyd discusses the importance of prioritizing The Most High above fame, money, and popularity, and the eternal impact of our actions.

The power of The Lord’s presence (00:32:50) Victory Boyd talks about the scarcity of The Most High’s tangible presence in the secular world and how her deep connection with The Lord sets her apart in her music career.

Encouragement for women in prayer (00:37:38) Hosts encourages women to embrace the power of their prayers, highlighting the examples of women in the Bible and emphasizing that their prayers are important and anointed.