Monster Tarver’s War of Art and God vs Our Enemies

Hey family! We’ve got another jam-packed episode of Da Fixx with special guest wrestler, rapper and author, Monster Tarver! He’s sharing the journey behind his debut album The War of Art. Let’s jump right in!

A Day of Faith: It’s Winning Wednesday

The episode kicked off with a heartfelt discussion about the importance of Wednesdays as a day of faith and spiritual reflection. Our hosts, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble, discuss the importance of nurturing a personal relationship with God. Life’s hustle can sometimes overshadow our spiritual needs, which is why they offered a prayer of salvation for those yearning to reconnect with their faith. They also encourage listeners, whether they’re new believers or have been walking the faith journey for years, to reassess their commitment and find strength in community and support.

Anticipation for Monster Tarver’s Interview

You can feel the excitement of our hosts as they discussed the upcoming interview with Monster Tarver, the professional wrestler and rapper known for his affiliation with the God Over Money and Menace Movement. His story is a testament to the power of faith in the arts, and they couldn’t wait to dive into his experiences.

The War of Art: Monster Tarver’s Journey

The conversation with Monster Tarver was nothing short of inspiring. He takes us through the creation of his new album, “The War of Art,” a project 25 years in the making. The album is not just a collection of tracks but a narrative of his life’s journey, with his son playing a pivotal role in its production. This collaboration symbolizes a generational bridge in music and faith, a theme that resonates deeply with our hosts.

Hip Hop’s Evolution and Unity

Monster Tarver’s love for hip hop shines through as he reminisces about his early influences like Special Ed and Big Daddy Kane. He spoke passionately about the genre’s positive impact on the black community and its evolution to embrace a diverse array of artists and cultures. The discussion on unity among veteran artists and newcomers highlighted the competitive yet opportunistic nature of the industry, especially for Christian rap artists.

A Father-Son Musical Legacy

The inclusion of Monster Tarver’s son in the conversation brought a fresh perspective on creating music that resonates with a broad audience while upholding positive and faith-based messages. It was enlightening to hear about their approach to offering an alternative to secular music, one that uplifts and inspires.

Artistic Integrity and Spiritual Growth

Monster Tarver’s reflections on his artistic style and influences, including Eminem, Big Pun, and Tech N9ne, shed light on the importance of authenticity in music. His commitment to aligning his art with his faith and values is a powerful reminder of the role of spirituality in personal and professional growth.

Making Enemies Your Footstool

In their real talk segment, our host discuss the concept of making your enemies your footstool, as mentioned in Psalm 110. They grappled with the challenge of trusting God to handle our adversaries and the struggle to surrender control. For men who are naturally competitive, this concept is not easy to embrace, and DJ Focus shared his personal journey toward aligning his actions with his faith.

Celebrations and Tributes

This episode was also a time of celebration, acknowledging the birthdays of influential figures like Jim Carrey, Muhammad Ali, and Michelle Obama. Our hosts paid homage to Donnie Simpson, a broadcasting legend, reflecting on his 55-year career and the unforgettable mark he left on the industry.

Mental Health and the Power of Music

Lastly, Focus tackles the critical issue of mental health, analyzing the poignant lyrics of KB’s “Drowning” and the role of music in addressing mental health struggles. He urged listeners to support those facing such challenges and to seek help, reinforcing the message that hope can be found in faith.

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Monster Tarver’s Book Manic on Fire
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Da Fixx Intro (00:00:00) Introduction to the podcast episode and hosts’ banter about hip hop and culture.

Midweek Check-in (00:01:24) Discussion about the significance of Wednesday, hump day, and the stress of the week.

Teenage Listeners (00:03:08) Acknowledgment of teenage listeners and a lighthearted conversation about ironing clothes.

Real Talk Topics (00:06:09) The hosts discuss their upcoming real talk topic, teasing a challenging perspective on spiritual matters.

Faith and Sports Report (00:16:14) Justin Adams gives a report on the retirement of college football coach Nick Saban and relates it to a biblical perspective on work ethic.

Prayer of Salvation (00:12:11) The hosts offer a prayer of salvation and encourage listeners to rededicate their lives to Christ.

Spiritual Detox with Monster Tarver (00:18:06) Introduction to the special guest, Monster Tarver, a professional wrestler and rapper, for an exclusive spiritual detox conversation.

The journey of “The War of Art” (00:18:50) Monster Tarver discusses the 25-year journey of creating his album and the inspiration behind it.

Falling in love with hip hop (00:19:34) Monster Tarver reminisces about his early love for hip hop and the influence of artists like Special Ed and Big Daddy Kane.

Respect in the house of hip hop (00:21:24) Monster Tarver expresses his disagreement with the notion of hip hop being a house with certain guests and emphasizes the importance of respect for all in the hip hop community.

Unique sound and influences (00:27:00) Monster Tarver discusses his unique style, influenced by East Coast hip hop, and his journey in perfecting his voice and sound.

Connecting with the up-and-coming generation (00:31:15) DJ Focus and Monster Tarver explore the potential disconnect and unity between veteran and emerging artists in the hip hop community.

The latest single by Monster Tarver (00:36:30) Monster Tarver talks about his latest single “Semiautomatic” and his album “The War of Art.”

Announcement of Korean Hawthorne’s new project (00:37:22) Koryn Hawthorne’s new project “On God” is announced, and her performance at the NBA Gospel All-Star Celebration is discussed.

National Bootlegger Day (00:39:11) The hosts discuss the history of National Bootlegger Day and the prohibition era, and caution against irresponsible drinking.

Real talk: Making enemies your footstool (00:45:19) The hosts delve into a discussion about making enemies one’s footstool and the need to trust God to fight battles.

Challenging traditional beliefs about enemies (00:48:25) The hosts challenge traditional beliefs about enemies and emphasize the need to trust God to handle adversaries.

Struggles with letting God fight battles (00:49:16) The hosts discuss the difficulty in trusting God to handle battles, especially for men, and the conditioning to handle things on their own.

Understanding the concept of enemies as footstools (00:52:01) The hosts emphasize the concept of enemies becoming footstools and the need to rest in God’s will for this to happen.

Struggle with letting God fight battles (00:55:31) The hosts reflect on their struggles with allowing God to fight their battles and the challenges of trusting in God’s plan.

Defending Ourselves (00:56:40) Discussion on the impulse to defend oneself and the need to rely on God in handling petty conflicts.

Enemies as Footstools (00:57:51) Exploration of the concept of enemies becoming footstools, emphasizing the need for steadfastness and trust in God’s protection.

Loving Enemies (01:01:53) The importance of responding to enemies with kindness and love, with reference to biblical teachings and personal struggles.

Spiritual Warfare (01:03:30) Recognition of spiritual battles and the need to seek guidance, pray for wisdom, and allow God to fight our battles.

Birthday Celebrations (01:09:34) Acknowledgment of various celebrities’ birthdays, humorously reflecting on the timing of their conceptions.

Mental Health and Music (01:12:23) Analyzing KB’s “Drowning” track, highlighting mental health struggles, the importance of reaching out for help, and finding hope in God.

Celebrating Donnie Simpson (01:14:45) Acknowledging Donnie Simpson’s legendary career in broadcasting and his impact on the media industry.

The retirement of a celebrity interviewer (01:16:57) Discussion about a celebrity interviewer’s retirement and the impact on the news and people.

Interpreting scripture (01:18:11) The importance of understanding and interpreting scripture as one grows older.

Letting God handle your enemies (01:19:34) Encouragement to allow God to deal with enemies and not to take matters into one’s own hands.

Review of Monster Tarver’s album (01:21:30) Discussion and review of Monster Tarver’s album “The War of Art.”

Encouragement to seek growth and learning (01:23:33) Encouragement to seek growth and learning in a church and to avoid being lukewarm in faith.