How to Navigate the Music Business as a Christian Woman with Meezo

In a recent episode of Da Fixx, our hosts have a profound conversation with Meezo, a young entrepreneur and musician, about her faith journey, experiences in the music business, and the lessons she has learned along the way. Plus, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble get real about the Christian faith walk; authenticity, accountability, and the impact of one’s actions on others.

Meezo’s Faith Journey: A Testimony of Transformation

Early Life and Initial Struggles

Meezo grew up in a church-based home, attending services regularly with her family. However, she initially struggled to connect with the spiritual experiences around her. It wasn’t until she faced a personal crisis during the COVID-19 pandemic that her faith deepened significantly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personal Experience with God: Meezo’s transformative experience came when she was isolated due to a suspected COVID-19 infection. During this time, she battled depression, anxiety, and demonic dreams, which led her to seek a deeper connection with God.
  • Commitment to Change: In a moment of desperation, Meezo prayed for deliverance, promising to abandon negative influences and behaviors. Her subsequent recovery marked a turning point in her faith journey.

Actionable Advice:

  • Seek Personal Connection: It’s essential to move beyond ritualistic practices and seek a personal relationship with God. This can be achieved through prayer, meditation, and personal reflection.
  • Commit to Positive Change: Identify areas in your life that need transformation and make a conscious commitment to change, supported by faith and prayer.
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Using Her Voice: Meezo’s Mission and Challenges

Embracing Her Calling

Despite being naturally quiet, Meezo felt a divine calling to use her voice to inspire and uplift others. This led to the creation of “Meezo Mondays,” where she shares motivational messages and her faith journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • Obedience to Divine Calling: Hesitant at first, Meezo found that obedience to God’s call became easier with time and practice.
  • Impact of Authenticity: By sharing her authentic self and experiences, Meezo has been able to connect with and inspire her audience.

Actionable Advice:

  • Step Out of Your Comfort Zone: Embrace opportunities to share your story and inspire others, even if it feels uncomfortable at first.
  • Consistency is Key: Regularly engage with your audience through consistent content, such as weekly updates or motivational posts.

Navigating the Music Business as a Female Artist

Challenges and Experiences

As a female artist in the music industry, Meezo has faced unique challenges, including navigating interactions with male producers and industry professionals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Professional Boundaries: Meezo emphasizes the importance of setting clear boundaries and maintaining professionalism in industry interactions.
  • Focus on the Mission: Despite challenges, staying focused on her mission to create positive, impactful music has been crucial.

Actionable Advice:

  • Set Clear Boundaries: Establish and communicate professional boundaries to ensure respectful and productive interactions.
  • Stay Mission-Driven: Keep your core mission and values at the forefront of your work, allowing them to guide your decisions and actions.
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The Responsibility of Public Figures

Influence and Accountability

The conversation also touched on the responsibility that comes with being a public figure, especially in representing one’s faith and values.

Key Takeaways:

  • Leading by Example: Public figures must be mindful of their actions and behaviors, as they can significantly impact their audience.
  • Authenticity and Accountability: Staying true to one’s beliefs and being accountable for one’s actions is essential in maintaining credibility and influence.

Actionable Advice:

  • Be Mindful of Your Influence: Recognize the impact your actions can have on others and strive to lead by example.
  • Stay True to Your Values: Consistently align your actions with your core values and beliefs, even in the face of challenges.


Meezo’s journey as a musician, entrepreneur, and person of faith offers valuable insights into navigating personal and professional challenges while staying true to one’s beliefs. By seeking a personal connection with God, embracing one’s calling, setting professional boundaries, and leading by example, individuals can create a positive impact in their own lives and the lives of others.

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The faith journey (00:00:25) Meezo shares her journey with God, from growing up in a church to having a personal experience with God during COVID.

Using her voice (00:05:06) Meezo talks about starting her Monday conversations to share more about herself and Jesus, despite initial struggles with being obedient.

Challenges as a female in the music industry (00:06:26) Meezo discusses the challenges she faces as a female in the music industry, including encounters with producers and the need for respect.

The state of hip hop (00:08:04) Meezo reflects on the state of hip hop, expressing the need for a different message, especially for the youth, in the genre.

Music projects and movement (00:09:49) Meezo discusses her current focus on dropping consistent singles and her desire for her music to be a movement, especially for the youth.

Self-discovery and growth (00:12:47) Meezo shares how her journey with music has revealed her own pride and the need to slow down and focus on God’s guidance.

Tips for building a relationship with God (00:14:13) Meezo gives advice on how a young lady can grow a better relationship with God, offering tips for success.

Staying in the Word (00:14:31) Meezo shares the importance of staying in the Word and focusing on the relationship with God.

Working with Mainstream Artists (00:15:06) Meezo discusses her willingness to work with mainstream artists and her experience with a mainstream artist reaching out to her.

Sharing Ministry and Music (00:16:54) Meezo shares her latest song and emphasizes that her music is a movement for God.

Living as a Christian Role Model (00:17:32) The hosts discuss the impact of living as a Christian role model and the importance of aligning actions with beliefs.

Representing Christ (00:18:22) The hosts emphasize the need for Christians to represent Christ through their actions and behaviors.

Perception and Reality (00:19:29) The discussion touches on how people’s perception of a person’s actions can influence their understanding of faith and belief.

Accountability and Role Modeling (00:21:21) The importance of holding oneself accountable as a role model and the impact of one’s example on others is highlighted.

Struggles and Transformation (00:24:16) The hosts discuss the struggles in the Christian journey and the need for transformation through living the Word.

Impact of Actions (00:25:51) The conversation emphasizes the power of example and the impact of one’s actions on others, especially within a Christian community.

Ministry Accountability (00:28:01) Discussion on the impact of personal behavior on ministry and the importance of setting a positive example for new believers.

Struggles and Faith (00:28:53) Exploration of the struggles and faith journey, the concept of being set free in Christ, and the impact of personal struggles on new believers.

Financial Stewardship (00:32:09) Conversation about financial stewardship, overcoming debt, and the importance of addressing financial crisis.

Influence and Representation (00:34:22) Reflection on the impact of personal actions on others’ perception of faith and the importance of living a life that aligns with one’s beliefs.

Accountability and Influence (00:36:23) Acknowledgment of personal responsibility for representing one’s faith and seeking forgiveness for misrepresenting God through actions.