How Can Obedience Transform Your Life? & Irma Cadiz the Coquito Queen

Hey family! We’ve got another fun and insightful episode of Da Fixx for you. Special guest, Power Book 3: Raising Kanan actress and entrepreneur Irma Cadiz joins da squad for the spiritual detox discussion on faith, her journey in the entertainment industry and the importance of embracing her Afro Latina culture and heritage. And in the real talk segment, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss how obedience to God will transform your life.

A New Year, A Fresh Start

Kicking of 2024, our hosts DJ Focus and Dice Gamble expressed their excitement for their return to Da Fixx after their holiday hiatus. They were incredibly grateful for the unwavering support and understanding from our listeners during the break. Your encouragement fuels our hosts passion for bringing you engaging content.

The Power of Obedience

One of the core discussions in this episode revolved around the importance of obedience. Focus and Dice explored the transformative benefits that come with following guidance, whether it’s divine or from trusted sources. Obedience isn’t just about discipline; it’s about the growth and opportunities that arise when we align our actions with our values.

Clean Desk, Clear Mind

Did you know there’s a National Clean Your Desk Off Day? We delved into the significance of maintaining a clean and organized workspace. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about the mental clarity and efficiency that come with an orderly environment. A tidy desk can lead to a tidy mind, and who doesn’t want that?

Faith and Sports Collide

Da Fixx’s very own Justin Adams brought us the latest updates in the world of sports with the Faith and Sports Report. He discussed NFL games, coaching changes, and the anticipation of playoff matchups. And, of course, he couldn’t miss talking about the national championship where the Michigan Wolverines faced the Washington Huskies. Sports isn’t just about the scores though; it’s about the stories, the spirit, and the community it builds.

Katt Williams’ Candid Charm

Focus and Dice also touched on the recent Shannon Sharpe interview with comedian Katt Williams. His candid and sometimes controversial statements never fail to amuse and provoke thought. It’s these candid conversations that add a unique flavor to the show.

Spiritual Detox with Irma Cadiz

Special guest, the multi-talented Irma Cadiz, joined Da Fixx for a spiritual detox segment. Irma, an actress and entrepreneur, shared her journey of cultural exploration and the importance of embracing one’s heritage. She spoke about her upbringing, her faith journey, and how it has shaped her into the person she is today.

Embracing Culture and Pursuing Dreams

Irma Cadiz’s experiences in the entertainment industry, including her roles in “Law and Order” and her participation in the “Great American Recipe” competition, were a highlight of our discussion. Her passion for her brand, Coquito Lady, and the cultural significance of coquito were truly inspiring.

The Essence of Obedience in Our Lives

Our hosts didn’t shy away from getting personal, as DJ Focus shared his own challenges with obedience and how it has impacted his spiritual growth. Our hosts emphasized the importance of heeding God’s promptings and trusting in His plans. It’s a message we hope resonates with our listeners, encouraging them to prioritize obedience and spiritual growth in their own lives.

The Consequences of Delayed Obedience

The conversation took a deeper turn as our hosts discussed the consequences of disobedience and the importance of repentance. They shared personal anecdotes about the impact of not following God’s guidance, especially in the context of health and fitness. The message was clear: immediate obedience is crucial, and procrastination can lead to missed opportunities for positive change.

Transform Your Life

Our hosts wrapped up the episode by addressing the concept of patience and grace in the journey of obedience. It’s essential to take responsibility for our actions and make the necessary changes to align with God’s will. We discussed the potential consequences of delaying obedience and the importance of making positive lifestyle changes to avoid future health complications.

Looking Ahead

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Until next time, stay focused and stay blessed.

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Irma on set
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Irma and her “partner in crime”


Introduction (00:00:00) Introduction to the radio show Da Fixx on Sirius XM channel 140, HolyCulture Radio.

Da Fixx is back (00:01:20) Acknowledgment of returning from a break and gratitude for the support, preparation for the upcoming segments.

Appreciation for the listeners (00:03:04) Excitement for the new year, appreciation for the listeners, and anticipation for the show’s future content.

Teasing upcoming segments (00:04:03) Mention of the real talk topic on obedience and the upcoming spiritual detox segment featuring actress and entrepreneur Irma Cadiz.

Clean you desk day (00:07:09) Announcement of the national clean your desk off day and its significance for productivity and organization.

00:08:35 (Dice Gamble) News in 90 segment, including the creation of an app to track religious persecution, Katt Williams’ interview on Shannon Sharpe’s show, and the introduction of a socially assisted robot named Cutie.

Faith and Sports Report (00:14:48) Faith and Sports Report, covering the NFL season, playoffs, and upcoming matchups.

Da Fixx: Faith in Sports Report (00:18:03) Discussion about the national championship game between Michigan and Washington.

Spiritual Detox with Irma Cadiz (00:18:27) Introducing actress and entrepreneur Irma Cadiz, discussing her talents and upcoming appearances.

Embracing Cultural Heritage (00:19:14) Irma Cadiz shares her journey of embracing her cultural heritage, including food, dance, and faith.

Faith Journey and Spirituality (00:21:25) Irma Cadiz discusses her evolving faith journey and spirituality, reflecting on her upbringing and beliefs.

Reconnecting with Cultural Roots (00:24:13) Irma Cadiz shares her experience of reconnecting with her cultural roots and finding balance in embracing her heritage.

Culinary Exploration and Ancestral Foods (00:26:01) Irma Cadiz talks about her passion for cooking, baking, and preserving ancestral foods, emphasizing the importance of cultural ties.

African Roots in Latin Culture (00:28:05) Discussion on the African origins of Latin culture, including music, food, and historical connections.

Acting Career and Mentorship (00:31:20) Irma Cadiz discusses her acting career, the impact of her mentor, and the transition from hairstyling to acting.

Art Imitating Life in Acting (00:35:27) Irma Cadiz shares insights into her acting roles, including how her personal experiences influence her performances.

Acting Journey (00:36:01) Irma Cadiz discusses their journey in acting, including auditions, roles, and the impact of small roles in major franchises.

Cultural Heritage and Coquito (00:38:10) Discussion on the cultural significance of coquito, a traditional drink, and its ties to the speaker’s heritage.

Great American Recipe (00:40:22) Irma Cadiz shares their experience as a contestant on the Great American Recipe, including the dishes made and the friendships formed.

Faith and Obedience (00:49:39) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss the importance of obedience to spiritual guidance and the challenges of following God’s direction.

The importance of obedience (00:52:49) Discussion on the importance of obedience to God’s direction and the benefits it brings.

Building faith (00:53:34) How walking in obedience is key to being disciplined and how it builds faith.

Challenges in the faith journey (00:56:10) Sharing personal struggles with obedience and faith journey, emphasizing the need for a lifestyle change.

The impact of obedience on health (00:56:43) Discussion on the impact of obedience on health and the need for a fitness journey.

The repercussions of disobedience (01:00:12) Discussion on the repercussions of disobedience and the importance of repentance.

The voice of God and obedience (01:04:09) Speaker 4 emphasizes the importance of recognizing and obeying the voice of God for our good.

The need for immediate obedience (01:06:52) Emphasizing the need for immediate obedience to activate what the Holy Spirit wants to do.

The Katt Williams controversy (01:09:15) Discussion about the controversy surrounding Katt Williams and his comments about other comedians.

Katt Williams Interview (01:11:02) Discussion of Katt Williams’ controversial interview and its impact on the entertainment industry.

Mental Health Awareness (01:14:10) Conversation about mental health issues, including the impact of allegations and the importance of seeking help.

Lyrics for Mental Health (01:16:05) DJ Focus shares lyrics that address depression, anxiety, and the importance of seeking support for mental health.

Fitness and Health Journey (01:17:27) Dice Gamble and DJ Focus discuss their personal fitness and health journeys, emphasizing the importance of making positive changes.

Faith and Obedience (01:24:55) The hosts discuss the importance of obedience, sharing personal experiences and insights related to faith and obedience.

Show Updates and Giveaways (01:27:17) Information about upcoming shows, giveaways, and the content available on their social media platforms.