The 116 Life Ep. 55: Finding Truth in Hip Hop with Steven Malcolm

Welcome to another episode of Reach Records The 116 Life family. This episode Meah Evans is in the driver’s seat and is with the incredibly talented artist Steven Malcolm. Their conversation was nothing short of enlightening. From personal growth to the transformative power of faith, Malcolms journey is inspiring. Listen as he shares what will one day be his Christian Hip Hop legacy.

Steven Malcolm’s Vision for 2024: Consistency and Discipline

The Midwest artist known for his electrifying performances, stopped by Reach studios to share his mindset for the upcoming year. His focus is laser-sharp: consistency and discipline. Malcolms’s goal is to be fully active and share his music with the people, a mission that resonates with so many of us striving to make an impact through our passions.

Fitness and Faith: The Cornerstones of a Disciplined Life

During our chat, Malcolm opened up about his passion for fitness, drawing from his background as an athlete. He spoke about the significant role that a disciplined gym routine plays in his life and ministry. This resonated with Meah, as she explains she feels charged by God to pray, do devotions, and eat right. Both Meah and Malcolm agree on the importance of taking care of our physical health, recognizing our bodies as temples of God.

Artistic Growth and Evolution: Going Deeper with Music

Malcolm’s journey as an artist has been marked by growth and evolution. He credited his team and the creative environment for helping him sharpen his skills. He emphasized the importance of connecting with his audience on a deeper level, moving beyond surface-level content to create music that resonates on a more profound level.

The Joys and Challenges of Fatherhood

Fatherhood is a topic close to Malcolm’s heart, especially given his experience growing up without a father figure. He shared his deep passion for parenting and the joy of providing guidance and support. Malcolm’s pride in his son’s early interest and talent in basketball is evident, and it was inspiring to hear how he’s empowering his son to excel.

Hip Hop and Transformation: The Role of the Hip Hop Church

Malcolm recounted his introduction to hip hop and the pivotal role a hip hop church played in his life. Invited by a friend, he was drawn to the vibrant and passionate environment, which led to a life-changing experience. The community and mentorship he found there were instrumental in his spiritual growth and development as an artist.

Serving with a Heart: The Impact of Giving Back

The conversation took a turn towards the concept of serving, a principle that Steven experienced firsthand at the hip hop church. He described how everyone had a servant’s heart, and how serving in various capacities, from stacking chairs to operating the soundboard, was integral to building up the church community.

From Worship Team to Christian Hip Hop Artist

Malcolm’s involvement with the worship team was a steppingstone to his career as a Christian hip hop artist. He shared how his desire to be part of the worship team led to creating a cypher video with church members, which garnered positive feedback and affirmation for his talent. This experience was a catalyst for his decision to pursue music full-time.

The Confirmation to Pursue Music

Malcolm recalled the moment he received divine confirmation to pursue music as a career. It was a powerful experience that provided him with clarity and a sense of purpose. This clarity propelled him into the early stages of his hip hop career, marked by dedication and a relentless work ethic.

Trailblazing with “Mr. Away” and Tour Plans

Malcolms’s excitement about his music, particularly a song called “Mr. Away,” was infectious. He shared his plans to trailblaze and create a new experience for his listeners through an upcoming tour targeting colleges and HBCUs. His commitment to authenticity and creating an unforgettable experience for his audience was evident.

The Transformative Power of Faith

Reflecting on the impact of his faith, Malcolm shared a powerful message about pressing into the father and the transformative power of faith. He encouraged listeners to walk the talk, emphasizing the importance of discipline and consistency in achieving success.

Looking Forward to Steven Malcolm’s Music and Events

As she wrapped up the episode, Meah couldn’t help but express her gratitude for Steven Malcolm‘s presence and excitement for his upcoming music. It’s clear that those who attend his events are in for an unforgettable experience.

This conversation is a reminder of the incredible journey that life can be when we commit to growth, discipline, and serving others. Malcolm’s story is a testament to the power of faith and the impact it can have on our lives and the lives of those around us. Thank you for joining us on this journey and remember to keep living unashamed. God bless.

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Steven Malcolm and Meah Evans
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Malcolm on set
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The solo episode (00:00:00) Meah Evans explains that she is hosting the episode alone and introduces the guest, Steven Malcolm, who is not physically present.

Introduction of Steven Malcolm (00:00:43) Meah Evans introduces Steven Malcolm as a special guest and praises his live performances and passion for his craft.

Steven’s 2024 mindset (00:01:16) Meah inquires about Steven’s mindset for the new year, and Steven talks about his focus on consistency and discipline for the year 2024.

The return to live events (00:02:07) Steven discusses the excitement of returning to live events, the changes in content creation due to COVID, and the blessing of being back outside performing.

Steven’s active lifestyle (00:02:50) Meah asks Steven about his active lifestyle, and he shares his background as an athlete and the importance of fitness in his life.

Physical health and spiritual growth (00:03:35) Meah and Steven discuss the connection between physical health and spiritual growth, highlighting the importance of maintaining a healthy body.

Evolution as an artist (00:04:49) Meah and Steven talk about his growth and evolution as an artist, focusing on how he maintains and sharpens his craft.

Fatherhood and personal growth (00:07:15) Steven shares his passion for fatherhood, the impact of his upbringing, and the joy of being a father to his son.

Introduction to hip hop and faith (00:09:30) Steven discusses his early interest in hip hop, his experience at a hip hop church, and the impact of the community on his spiritual journey.

Community impact and mentorship (00:18:23) Steven reflects on the pivotal role of mentorship and the impact of the strong community around him during his spiritual journey.

Serving in the Hip Hop Church (00:19:02) Discussion of serving in the church and community, emphasizing the importance of having a servant’s heart.

Transition to Christian Hip Hop Artist (00:22:47) Description of the transition from serving in the church to becoming a Christian hip hop artist, including the moment of realization and affirmation.

Early Stages of Stephen Malcolm’s Hip Hop Career (00:25:46) Description of the early stages of Steven Malcolm’s hip hop career, including the independent grind and the release of his first three projects.

Genesis of Stephen Malcolm’s Dancing (00:27:43) Explanation of the genesis of Steven Malcolm’s dancing, inspired by Michael Jackson and breakdancing.

Boats Album and its Creation (00:30:16) Insight into the creation of the album “Boats,” including the inspiration behind the title and the calculated approach to its creation.

Creating Experiences for Listeners (00:35:18) Discussion about the reasoning behind creating exclusive listening experiences for listeners and building relationships with them.

Revealing a Song About Sex on the Album (00:36:20) Revelation of a song about sex on the album, addressing the beauty of sex within the context of marriage.

Taking Risks and Going Against Norms (00:38:24) Reflection on the willingness to take risks and go against norms in the Christian music genre, despite potential criticism.

Trailblazing and Crowd Pleasing (00:38:44) Steven talks about his willingness to trail blaze and mentions a crowd-pleasing song, “Mr. Away.”

Planning a Tour (00:39:46) Steven discusses plans for a tour, including targeting colleges and HBCUs for performances.

Creating an Experience (00:40:25) Steven expresses his desire to create an exceptional experience for the audience during his tour.

Encouragement and Faith (00:41:52) Steven shares words of encouragement, emphasizes the importance of faith, and urges consistency and discipline.

Future Plans and Excitement (00:43:05) Steven expresses his enthusiasm for the upcoming music releases and plans for a busy schedule.

Conclusion and Farewell (00:43:28) Meah expresses excitement for the upcoming music and encourages listeners to attend Steven’s events.

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