The Power of Faith: How Overcoming Doubt Can Transform Your Life

Welcome to another episode of Da Fixx, family! On this episode, DJ Focus Dice Gamble have an engaging conversation with Melanie Few, a marketing and media titan who has been transforming the industry for over three decades. Melanie sat down with DJ Focus to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration, an event that has stood as a symbol of joy, pain, sunshine, and rain. Melanie’s faithful commitment, supported by her steadfast team, has been the cornerstone of this remarkable odyssey.

The Rebranding of a Legacy Event

In their discussion, Melanie explored the rebranding of the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration. The aim was to forge an inclusive environment that celebrated soulful music and inspiration for all, irrespective of one’s background or flaws. The rebranding effort focused on spreading love, faith, and hope to a broader audience, dismantling barriers, and inviting everyone to witness the power of soulful music.

A Lineup That Celebrates Diversity and Resilience

This year’s event showcased an impressive lineup, boasting a variety of artists such as Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Robin Thicke, T-Pain, and Earth, Wind & Fire. The event also paid tribute to individuals like Damar Hamlin and Marquis Bell, whose inspiring stories of faith and resilience deserve recognition. It is vital to acknowledge and celebrate such narratives, and this year’s event did precisely that.

Las Vegas: A Stage for National Inspiration

The choice to host the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration in Las Vegas was significant. It wasn’t just about the city’s allure but about broadcasting soulful music and inspiration on a national stage like CBS. This platform allows the event to reach a broad and diverse audience, highlighting the event’s transformative essence.

The Importance of Tuning In and Supporting Diverse Voices

Melanie stressed the importance of the audience tuning in to CBS for the event. The broadcast’s success could open doors for future opportunities for diverse voices and talents within the industry. It’s about demonstrating the influence and reach of soulful music and inspiration to a vast audience, and viewer support is pivotal in achieving this.

The NFL Choir and Its Impact on Success

Melanie recounted the history of the NFL players choir and its influence on the New York Giants’ triumph in the Super Bowl. The choir has become a tradition for teams participating in the Super Bowl Gospel event to seek blessings, showcasing the strength of unity and faith in attaining greatness.

Overcoming Doubt and Pursuing Your Dreams

Later in the episode DJ Focus and Dice Gamble get real about doubt. Focus shared his personal battle with doubt and criticism when he began his radio show. It’s crucial not to let doubt impede the pursuit of one’s dreams. Seeking wise counsel, trusting in God’s plan, and being surrounded by a supportive community that believes in one’s potential are essential.

The Seed of Doubt and the Power of Belief

The conversation also touched upon the seed of doubt and its effect on our lives. It’s imperative to concentrate on what God has called you to do and not to let others’ doubts sway you from your path. Whether it’s a career in music, starting a new relationship, or simply chasing your dreams, trusting in God’s plan and not allowing age, past failures, or societal pressures to control your actions is important.

Embracing Female Relationships and Rejecting Toxic Beliefs

Our hosts reflected on the harmful notion that women should not trust other women, a seed of doubt he had to conquer. Acknowledging the significance of female relationships and discarding the negative experiences of others that can obstruct our growth and connections is vital.

Affirming Your Path, Letting Go of Fear and Embracing Faith

Our hosts encourage everyone to affirm the path God has laid out for them. Dedicate time to prayer, to the Word, and to the goals God has instilled in your heart. Do not fear leaving behind friends or family who do not support your vision. Remember, if the fear of loss is present, those individuals may not have been truly supportive from the start.

Final Thoughts

As the conversation concluded, Focus and Dice expressed their hope that you would feel inspired and uplifted by the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration. It’s about disseminating love, faith, and hope, and the event’s impact can resonate with individuals from all backgrounds. So, tune in, support future events, and let’s collectively continue to honor the power of soulful music and inspiration.

Thank you for being part of this journey, and remember, do not let doubt deter you. Chase your dreams with faith and surround yourself with those who elevate and support you.

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Da Fixx Ep 242 Melanie Few (faith)


Da Fixx (00:00:02) Introduction to the radio show “The Fix” and its hosts, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble, discussing faith-infused hip hop, R&B, and poetry.

Winning Wednesday (00:01:23) The hosts encourage gratitude, discuss Black History Month, and emphasize the importance of recognizing the contributions of African Americans.

Real Talk Conversation (00:05:22) Dice Gamble discusses the impact of past experiences on trust and love, prompting listeners to question their doubts and beliefs.

Super Bowl Soulful Celebration (00:08:01) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble discuss the upcoming Super Bowl Soulful Celebration event, featuring a lineup of performers and honorees, and emphasize its significance.

News in 90 (00:12:29) Dice Gamble presents news about a photography project supporting women’s health issues, free tree planting programs, and winter vehicle preparation tips.

National Fettuccine Alfredo Day (00:15:31) The hosts celebrate National Fettuccine Alfredo Day, sharing the dish’s history and encouraging listeners to enjoy it.

Spiritual Detox (00:18:01) DJ Focus and Dice Gamble introduce Melanie Few, a marketing and media mogul, and discuss the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration’s 25th anniversary and the challenges of self-employment.

Rebranding to Super Bowl Soulful Celebration (20:15) The decision to rebrand the event from Super Bowl Gospel Celebration to Super Bowl Soulful Celebration to expand the audience.

Honoring Players and Diversity in the Lineup (22:20) Discussion about honoring players with inspiring stories and the diverse lineup of artists for the event.

Personal Reflection and Overcoming Challenges (25:27) Melanie Few shares a personal reflection on overcoming challenges, including the passing of her father.

Culturally Diverse Show and Audience Engagement (28:19) The inspiration behind making the show culturally diverse and the importance of engaging a wide audience.

Impact of the Event and the Call to Action (29:32) The impact of the event and the importance of audience participation and engagement for the success of the show.

The NFL Players Choir and its Significance (31:34) The origin of the NFL Players Choir and its significance, including its impact on the success of football teams.

Building Relationships and Inspiration (34:46) The importance of building relationships with players’ mothers and providing inspiration.

Challenges of Large-scale Production (35:34) The challenges of organizing a large-scale production and the importance of maintaining open communication.

Event Merchandise and Website Information (36:18) Information about exclusive merchandise and where to find details about the event.

Insensitive Publicity Stunt (39:00) Discussion about an actress’s insensitive publicity stunt to raise awareness about cervical cancer.

Prayer for Healing (00:41:22) Encouragement and prayers for those battling cancer, emphasizing faith in healing.

Invitation to Faith (00:42:00) An invitation to accept Christ and join the family of believers, with guidance for new believers.

Real Talk: Seed of Doubt (00:45:33) Discussion on overcoming doubt and negative influences to pursue God’s plan and purpose.

Overcoming Doubt and Self-Doubt (00:48:28) Personal experiences shared to inspire overcoming doubt and pursuing God’s calling.

Impact of Doubt and Encouragement (00:51:28) Addressing the impact of doubt on missed opportunities and the importance of supportive community.

Rejecting Doubt and Self-Limiting Beliefs (00:53:00) Challenging self-doubt and societal limitations, emphasizing the importance of trusting God’s plan.

Avoiding Negative Influence and Encouraging Support (00:57:53) Admonishing against spreading doubt and negativity, and promoting positive support and encouragement.

Doubting and Identifying the Root Cause (00:59:53) Discussion on doubting oneself, identifying the root cause, and seeking guidance from God for major decisions.

Stepping Out in Faith (01:00:21) Personal story of stepping out in faith, leaving a lucrative job, and seeking divine guidance for a career change.

Pressure and Doubt in Pursuing Goals (01:04:21) Discussion on the pressure and doubt faced when pursuing goals, especially for men as the head of the household.

Leaving Negative Influences (01:08:01) Encouragement to leave negative influences and focus on pursuing goals aligned with God’s vision.

Celebrating Birthdays and Sports (01:10:25) Celebration of birthdays and a brief discussion on short NBA players.

Discussion on Dealing with Disrespect (01:12:55) Discussion on dealing with disrespect and the temptation to react in a situation of disrespect.

Upcoming Segments (01:16:32) Announcement of upcoming segments including “Lyrics for the Mind” and “Faith and Sports Report.”

The Faith and Sports Report (01:19:04) Justin Adams discusses Super Bowl 58 and the journey of quarterback Brock Purdy defying the odds.

DJ Focus and Dice Gamble Recap (01:20:31) The hosts thank the audience, promote their social media, and reflect on the show’s content.

Trusting in God’s Plan (01:22:24) DJ Focus shares his personal journey of doubting God’s plan and the importance of trusting in it.

Overcoming Doubt and Trusting God (01:24:36) Dice Gamble encourages listeners to trust God’s vision and not let failures or doubt hinder their faith.

The Super Bowl Soulful Celebration (01:26:13) Melanie Few discusses the 25th anniversary of the Super Bowl Soulful Celebration, featuring inspirational performances and honoring NFL players.

Upcoming Guests and Encouragement (01:30:29) The hosts announce upcoming guests, including Grammy-winning producer Swoop, and encourage listeners to stay focused on positivity and faith.