Serving the Underserved with Anthony “A-Ram” Ramos

Hey family! I am so excited to share with you another Kingdom Building conversation with you. Trig recently sat down with a remarkable individual whose story is as inspiring as his dedication to serving the underserved in the community. Anthony Ramos, affectionately known as A-Ram, joined our CEO to discuss his multifaceted life journey, his work at Esperanza, and an exciting upcoming event that promises to invigorate the spirit of our beloved city, Philadelphia.

Shared Roots and Wrestling Nostalgia

Anthony and Trig kicked off their conversation by exploring their shared Philadelphia roots. They discussed the unique challenges of connecting with people in a city as densely populated as Philly. It’s a place where every street corner has a story, and every face in the crowd could be a friend you haven’t met yet. Their mutual love for wrestling emerged as a delightful tangent, as they reminisced about the iconic wrestlers who changed the game Anthony’s spot-on imitation of The Undertaker was not only entertaining but also a testament to the lighter side of his personality.

Anthony Ramos in Eagles gear (Underserved)

Esperanza: A Beacon of Hope

The heart of their discussion lay in Anthony’s incredible work at Esperanza. As a project director at Esperanza Faith and Capacity Initiatives, he’s at the forefront of launching new programs that support Christian parenting and church leadership. Anthony’s passion for his work shined through as he detailed the initiatives aimed at empowering the Hispanic community in Philadelphia.

Anthony Ramos (underserved) holding underestimate us sign

Striking a Chord with Music and Leadership

Anthony’s journey is not limited to his advocacy work. He also opened up about his music career, upcoming projects, and how he balances his artistic pursuits with speaking engagements and project management. His story is one of transformation—from dropping out of high school at 16 to being mentored by his uncle and seizing the life-changing opportunity to attend Esperanza College. Anthony’s rise to a project director position is nothing short of remarkable.

Education and Empowerment

Trig and Anthony share a mutual love for learning as well. Anthony emphasized the value of formal education and the transformative impact of Esperanza’s work within the Hispanic community. Anthony eloquently explained Esperanza’s mission, outlining their comprehensive programs that span workforce development, educational opportunities, and capacity building for congregational leadership. His emphasis on providing excellence and quality resources resonated with me, reflecting the organization’s core values of faith, integrity, and excellence.

“God in the City” – A Celebration of Community and Faith

As the conversation drew to a close, Anthony shared exciting details about the “God in the City” event organized by Esperanza. He painted a vivid picture of the conference, with its array of workshops, networking opportunities, and an after-party that promises to be a memorable experience. The diverse lineup of artists and facilitators is a testament to the inclusive spirit of the event.

Join Us in the Celebration

I encourage all of you to attend “God in the City.” It’s more than an event; it’s a gathering of hearts and minds, a celebration of community, and an opportunity to grow in faith and fellowship. For those interested, the registration process is simple, and the experience will undoubtedly be enriching.

Anthony Ramos on stage (Underserved)

Serving the Underserved: Final Reflections

Trig’s conversation with Anthony Ramos is a journey through the life of a man who embodies resilience, dedication, and the power of community. His personal and professional endeavors with Esperanza highlight the organization’s commitment to advocating for the Hispanic community and empowering youth leaders. Anthony’s story is a beacon of hope, reminding us that with faith and determination, we can overcome obstacles and make a lasting impact on the world around us.

Thank you for joining me on this exploration of faith, music, and empowerment. Until next time, keep striving for excellence and lifting each other up.

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00:00:10 (Speaker Introduction)
Introduction of Anthony Ramos, his role at Esperanza, and his background.

00:01:05 (Life in Philadelphia)
Discussion about the challenges of meeting people in the Philadelphia area and the city’s characteristics.

00:02:18 (Personal Anecdote)
Anthony shares a personal anecdote about his ability to imitate the Undertaker from WWE.

00:04:30 (Philadelphia Roots)
Conversation about growing up in Philadelphia and the significance of high school football.

00:05:24 (Musical Projects)
Anthony discusses his current music projects and his focus on facilitation and speaking engagements.

00:06:19 (Involvement with Esperanza)
Anthony shares his journey with Esperanza, from enrolling as a student to becoming a project director.

00:08:02 (Value of Formal Education)
Discussion about the value of formal education and its role in personal and professional development.

00:09:08 (Esperanza’s Mission)
Explanation of Esperanza’s mission and the services it provides to the Hispanic community in Philadelphia.

00:13:18 (Impact of Esperanza)
The impact of Esperanza’s training programs on pastors, youth leaders, and congregational leadership teams.

00:14:02 (Upcoming Event: God in the City)
Introduction and discussion of the upcoming “God in the City” conference organized by Esperanza.

00:16:49 (Conference Details)
Details about the “God in the City” conference, including registration and event information.

00:18:09 (Closing)
Conclusion of the conversation and gratitude for Anthony’s participation.