Tedashii Kicks off 2024 Taking a Victory Lap with a Renewed Sense of Creativity

In this episode of Da Fixx, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble interview Reach Records’ Tedashii about his project “Dead or Alive” and his recovery from a severe concussion. The episode also touches on the importance of health and fitness as New Year’s resolutions, the role of public figures in politics, and strategies for stress reduction and healthy living. They celebrate Mary J. Blige’s birthday and her music career. So, let’s dive right in!

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A Call to Action Against Human Trafficking

One of the most critical subjects our hosts tackled was human trafficking awareness. It’s a topic that demands our attention, and we used our platform to shed light on the harrowing statistics that underscore this global crisis. They encouraged the audience to wear blue as a sign of solidarity with the victims and to support the tireless efforts of organizations fighting against this scourge.

During the show, Focus and Dice shared personal experiences that highlighted the importance of vigilance in social settings. The conversation was not just about raising awareness; it was about empowering our listeners with practical advice to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Tedashii’s Musical Journey and the Power of Faith

The episode took an uplifting turn as our hosts welcomed Reach Records veteran Tedashii, a seasoned artist in the music industry, to discuss his latest project “Dead or Alive.” Tedashii’s story is a testament to the transformative power of faith and creativity. After suffering a severe concussion, he channeled his experience into his music, resulting in a project that resonates with authenticity and passion.

They also explored the concept of nominal Christians and their impact on the church’s witness to the world. This led to a broader discussion on the role of public figures in political matters, referencing Hunter Biden’s oversight committee appearance as a case study in the need for transparency.

Embracing Health and Fitness in the New Year

As we turned the page to a new year, our hosts emphasized the importance of health and fitness as a resolution. Committing to regular exercise and a balanced diet is crucial for physical well-being, and our hosts acknowledged the challenges that come with making such commitments. Their conversation was designed to inspire listeners to prioritize their health and take actionable steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

New Year’s Resolutions: Beyond the Physical

Focus and Dice’s discussion on resolutions extended beyond physical health to include stress reduction, healthy eating habits, financial planning, digital detox, and self-reflection. They highlighted the significance of incorporating mindful practices like meditation, prayer, and deep breathing to manage stress and promote mental health.

Celebrating Mary J. Blige’s Legacy

In a celebratory moment, our hosts acknowledged the birthday of the iconic Mary J. Blige. They discussed her remarkable achievements in the music industry and the timeless nature of her songs. Her influence as an artist is undeniable, and we took a moment to appreciate the messages she conveys through her music.

Da Fixx Is In: A Tribute to Musical Excellence

As they wrapped up the episode, Focus and Dice reflected on the incredible talent they had the pleasure of featuring. Tedashii’s “Victory Lap” and his collaboration with Richdanfamous on the track “It’s Up” were just a few examples of the high-caliber music they discussed. Our hosts also gave a nod to Reach Records and other labels like RMG for consistently delivering quality music that resonates with our listeners.

Conclusion: The Impact of Our Conversations

As our hosts concluded the episode, it was clear that their discussions spanned a wide range of topics, each with its own depth and significance. From raising awareness about serious issues to celebrating artistic achievements, the goal was to create a space where listeners could find both information and inspiration.

Thank you for tuning in to the latest episode. It’s conversations like these that remind us of the power of dialogue and the importance of staying engaged with the world around us. Until next time, stay focused and stay blessed.

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Da Fixx is in (00:00:00) Introduction to the show, including a discussion about hip-hop culture and music.

Health and wellness (00:01:25) Encouragement to be a blessing to others, taking care of health, and discussing breakfast choices.

New Year’s resolutions (00:07:13) Discussion about setting and achieving new year’s resolutions, overcoming struggles, and the importance of having an accountability circle.

Human trafficking awareness (00:10:13) Awareness about human trafficking, the statistics, and the importance of being cautious and safe when going out.

Guest interview and music update (00:17:15) Upcoming interview with Tedashii, a veteran in the music industry, and updates on new music and tours.

New videos, music, articles, and demos (00:17:40) Announcement about staying connected with the latest content and app download.

Tech news and YouVersion Bible app (00:17:50) Discussion of Robert Downey Jr.’s involvement in AI security startup, Agora, and the features of the YouVersion Bible app.

Fun fact about strawberries (00:19:00) Informative tidbit about strawberries being the only fruit with seeds on the outside.

Faith and sports report (00:19:19) Reflection on leadership and effectiveness, using the example of Ezra, emphasizing the importance of studying, living, and teaching God’s word.

Tedashii’s project “Dead or Alive” (00:21:12) Tadashii shares the inspiration behind his music project “Dead or Alive,” detailing a personal experience and the album’s significance.

Discussion on church and transformation (00:28:01) Conversation about the transformation process in the church and its impact on individuals’ witness and lifestyle changes.

Message of empowerment and spiritual encouragement (00:33:39) Empowering message emphasizing supernatural abilities and strength through faith.

Victory Lap track and collaboration with Rich and Famous (00:35:13) Tedashii discusses the inspiration behind his song “Victory Lap” and collaboration with Rich and Famous, highlighting the anthem’s significance.

Faith and Inspiration (00:37:47) Discussion about faith as a response to God’s greatness, not others’ lack of faith.

Overcoming Adversity (00:38:43) The speaker’s determination to overcome challenges and stay motivated after a life-threatening accident.

Time Management and Persistence (00:39:34) Emphasizing the importance of not procrastinating and being persistent in pursuing goals.

Competition and Collaboration (00:40:13) The value of healthy competition and collaboration with other artists in the music industry.

Christmas Music Collaboration (00:43:33) The speaker’s collaboration with a friend to create Christmas music and his journey as a singer.

Encouragement and Inspiration (00:46:44) Encouragement for veterans in the music industry to continue pursuing their passions.

Engagement with Fans and New Projects (00:47:26) Ways for fans to connect with the speaker and an introduction to a new song.

Political Commentary (00:49:03) Brief discussion about political events involving Hunter Biden and public access to information.

New Year’s Resolutions (00:53:36) Discussion about prioritizing health and fitness as a top new year’s resolution.

Public Engagement and Transparency (00:52:12) Advocacy for public access to information and transparency in political processes.

Stress Management and Mental Health (00:55:16) Encouragement to focus on stress reduction, prayer, and meditation for improved mental health.

Healthy Eating Habits (00:56:16) Discussion on making conscious choices for healthier eating, including incorporating more fruits and vegetables and reducing sugary foods and drinks.

Financial Planning and Prioritizing Health (00:58:31) Emphasis on financial planning, prioritizing health, and the importance of preparing for emergencies.

Digital Detox and Screen Time Boundaries (01:00:31) Encouragement to take breaks from social media, establish boundaries for screen time, and practice delayed responses to emails and big purchases.

Travel and Self-Reflection (01:03:13) Encouragement to travel, experience different cultures, and practice self-reflection for personal growth and improvement.

Mary J. Blige’s Birthday and Music Legacy (01:09:12) Celebration of Mary J. Blige’s birthday and recognition of her music legacy, including popular songs and her impact on empowering women through her music.

Mary J Blige’s Iconic Career (01:14:40) Discussion on Mary J Blige’s impact and success in the music industry, highlighting her platinum hits.

Tedashii’s New Music (01:15:14) Praising Tedashii’s new music projects and discussing his relevance in the music industry.

Staying Relevant in the Music Industry (01:16:52) Emphasizing the importance of staying current in the music industry and acknowledging Tadashii’s continued success.

Reach Records’ Influence (01:18:28) Praising Reach Records for setting high standards in creating music and becoming a beacon in the community.

New Year’s Resolutions and Staying in Your Lane (01:19:03) Encouraging listeners to focus on their goals, avoid comparison, and stay true to their path in the new year.

Upcoming Roundtable Conversation (01:21:18) Announcing an upcoming discussion led by Shar Love, focusing on important topics for millennials and Gen Z within the church community.