Witchcraft, Spiritual Warfare and The Power of Worship with Pastor Ce

Hey family! We’re excited to share this special episode of Da Fixx with special guest Pastor Ce who joins DJ Focus and Dice Gamble for and eye-opening discussion on spiritual warfare. If you’ve experienced a spiritual battle, this episode will really resonate with you.

The Impact of Imagery in Mainstream Entertainment

Our hosts kicked off the episode with a topic that’s been stirring up a lot of controversy: the use of religious imagery by mainstream artists like Lil Nas X. Dice articulated her concerns about the disrespectful use of such imagery for mere attention, calling for a more respectful approach to sensitive subjects. We both agreed on the importance of aligning one’s actions with the values of Christianity and the powerful role a supportive community plays in guiding individuals towards responsible decisions.

A Journey of Faith with Pastor Ce

The highlight of this episode was the presence of Pastor Ce, also known as Cornelius Edwards, a gospel singer and minister with a captivating story. Pastor Ce opened up about his experiences with spiritual warfare and witchcraft, sharing how his faith and the act of sacrifice played a crucial role in his spiritual battles. He emphasized the significance of financial offerings and their spiritual implications, recounting a personal encounter with witchcraft that he overcame through prayer and steadfast faith.

Worship and Spiritual Warfare: Pastor Ce’s Anthems of Faith

Pastor Ce’s background as a worshiper and his participation in gospel competitions like American Idol and BET Sunday Best were particularly inspiring. He spoke passionately about his worship anthem, “Have Your Way,” which was born out of his struggles and stands as a testament to the freedom and deliverance one can find in God’s presence.

The Importance of Obedience and Spiritual Growth

In the real talk segment, Focus and Dice continue their discussion on obedience. They emphasized the need for personal transformation and prioritizing one’s spiritual journey. Focus shared his own endeavors to improve physical fitness and diet as a reflection of his spiritual goals, while Dice highlighted the significance of connecting with God through nature and treating our bodies as temples.

Our hosts urge listeners to embrace humility, trust in God’s plan, and seek guidance from a supportive community. The transformative power of faith was a recurring theme, as they encouraged the audience to focus on their spiritual well-being.

Aligning with God’s Will and Engaging in Community

A poignant moment in the conversation was when our hosts referenced John 15:7, discussing the profound impact of aligning with God’s will on our lives. They also touched on the behavior of public figures like Kanye West and the importance of understanding the motives behind their actions.

They praised the positive influence of artists associated with Reach Records and encouraged listeners to be proactive in their New Year’s resolutions, particularly in areas of fitness, finance, and political awareness.

The Power of Local Engagement

The significance of being informed and involved in local politics was a key point of the discussion. Our hosts highlighted the influence individuals have in shaping their communities, from the quality of their streets to the use of public funds. Understanding the roles of key local government figures and advocating for community improvements are emphasized as crucial steps for making a positive impact.

Wrapping Up

This episode is like a tapestry of encouragement, empowerment, and engagement, woven with threads of personal growth, faith, and community impact. As we navigate the complexities of modern life, it’s clear that our spiritual journey is not just a solitary path but one that is enriched by the communities we build and the values we uphold. Thank you for joining us and please leave a comment and share your thoughts. Until next time, stay focused and stay blessed.

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Introduction (00:00:00) Introduction to the show and the hosts’ enthusiasm for the day’s topics and activities.

Encouragement (00:01:26) Encouragement to start the day positively and with determination, emphasizing the importance of being active and motivated.

The Importance of Taking Good Care of Your Health (00:02:11) Discussion about the importance of exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Importance of Getting Your Finances Together (00:03:07) Encouragement to focus on financial stability and preparation for the upcoming election year.

Hosts Tease Real Talk Segment (00:05:40) Emphasizing the significance of obedience and its impact on blessings and peace.

News in 90 (00:09:14) News segment covering the 30th anniversary of VeggieTales, a new steakhouse opening, and trends in the housing market.

The Mainstream Music Industry and The Use of Christian Imagery (00:10:56) Discussion about the current trends and topics in mainstream entertainment, including Lil Nas X’s controversial imagery.

Brief Examination of The History of The Industry and Imagery (00:13:26) Reflection on past instances of controversial imagery in music and the need for artists to respect religious symbols.

Hosts Commentary on The Controversy (00:14:17) Personal experiences and observations regarding the use of religious imagery in music and the impact on the audience and community.

The Importance of Community Support (00:15:35) Discussion about the need for a supportive and responsible community around artists to guide their actions and decisions.

Sowing into the Young Lady (00:18:21) Discussion about the importance of having a pastor and the need for a sabbatical for artists.

Addressing Foolery (00:19:10) The importance of addressing disrespectful behavior and the need for respect for religion.

Spiritual Detox (00:21:58) Words of encouragement about time, transformation, and living up to one’s potential.

Introduction of Pastor Ce (00:24:19) The host introduces Pastor Ce, a talented gospel singer, and discusses his journey and faith.

Power of Sacrifice (00:26:32) Pastor Ce shares his views on the power of sacrifice and his personal experiences with witchcraft.

Encounter with Witchcraft (00:31:45) A detailed account of an encounter with witchcraft and the spiritual battle that ensued.

Sowing a Seed (00:33:47) Pastor Ce shares a personal experience of sowing a seed and its impact on overcoming witchcraft and demonic attacks.

Spiritual Warfare in the Church (00:37:00) The discussion addresses the presence of witches and warlocks in the church and the lack of conversations about spiritual warfare.

The Power of Seed and Sacrifice (00:38:00) The speaker explains the significance of sowing seeds and sacrificial giving, highlighting its impact on breaking demonic attacks and curses.

Impact of Sacrifice in Life (00:40:16) The discussion delves into the concept of sacrifice in life, including sacrifices made for fame, fortune, and the consequences of such actions.

Consequences of Wrongdoings (00:41:49) The speaker discusses the consequences of negative actions and the spiritual repercussions of engaging in occult practices and violence.

Inspiration Behind Worship Anthem (00:44:23) The speaker shares the inspiration behind a worship anthem and its significance in overcoming spiritual battles and seeking freedom.

Addressing Controversial Imagery (00:46:29) The hosts express their disapproval of controversial imagery used by artists like Lil Nas X, emphasizing the need for respect and clarity in religious matters.

Obedience and Spiritual Growth (00:50:32) Discusses the importance of obedience and spiritual growth, using biblical references and personal experiences.

Obedience and Faith (00:52:33) Explores the connection between obedience and faith, emphasizing the need for personal accountability and commitment to spiritual growth.

Healthy Lifestyle and Spiritual Connection (01:04:05) Connects obedience to God with personal health and wellness, discussing the impact of diet and lifestyle choices on spiritual growth.

Partnering with God for Health (01:06:15) Emphasizes the importance of partnering with God for health, highlighting the significance of humility and respect for the body as a temple of the Holy Spirit.

Eating Healthy and Industry Manipulation (01:08:17) Discussion about the food industry, organic food, and industry manipulation.

Aligning with God’s Will (01:09:06) Exploring the concept of aligning with God’s will and the benefits of partnership with God.

Kanye’s Social Media Controversy (01:13:18) Critique of Kanye West’s social media behavior and the lack of spiritual maturity.

Record Label Success and Upcoming Releases (01:20:05) Recognition of Reach Records’ success and anticipation for upcoming music releases.

Politics and Civic Engagement (01:23:35) Encouragement for civic engagement, understanding politics, and the importance of voting.

Community Involvement and Taxpayer Accountability (01:24:38) Discussion about community involvement, taxpayer accountability, and the importance of knowing where taxes go.

Politics and Community Involvement (01:26:00) Discussion on the importance of understanding local politics and community involvement.

Empowerment and Activism (01:27:03) Encouragement to be informed about local officials, attend meetings, and voice opinions for community improvement.

Spiritual Encouragement (01:28:31) Praising a spiritual leader’s impactful message and encouraging listeners to stay focused and positive.