The Church: Why Change Is Needed Now More Than Ever

At Da Fixx, we are always excited to bring you conversations that are not only enlightening but also inspiring, and this episode was no exception. It’s a special spiritual detox featuring the talented filmmaker and producer, Michael Chin and Apostle Veryl Howard. From creativity to false prophets, this episode is filled with unique perspectives and passion. The church and why change is needed now more than ever. Let’s get into it!

From a Pastor’s Grandchild to a Visionary Filmmaker

Michael’s story is one that resonates with many. Growing up as a pastor’s grandchild, he was no stranger to the teachings of the Bible and the Christian way of life. However, it wasn’t just about following a path laid out for him; Michael embarked on a personal journey to uncover the deeper meanings within the sacred texts. This exploration of faith has been a driving force in his career, fueling his passion for storytelling through the lens of Christianity.

Michael Chin (Church)

Crafting Stories that Speak to All

One of the most fascinating aspects of the discussion was Michael’s approach to creating Christian films that strike a chord with both churchgoers and those outside the church walls. His films are crafted with authenticity and raw emotion, aiming to touch the hearts of viewers regardless of their background. It’s this universal appeal that has contributed to the success of his movies, which you can stream on Tubi.

Behind the Scenes of Creativity

During the conversation, Michael peeled back the curtain on his creative process. It’s a blend of divine inspiration and meticulous craftsmanship. He shared how each project is a labor of love and how he navigates the challenges of bringing his vision to life. It’s a testament to his dedication as a filmmaker, author, director, and producer.

What’s on the Horizon?

For fans of Michael’s work, there’s much to look forward to. He gave us a sneak peek into his upcoming projects, which include stage plays and future films. Each new venture is an opportunity to tell a story that matters, and Michael is at the forefront of this storytelling revolution.

Dream Collaborations and a Vision for the Church

When asked about his dream collaborations, Michael’s eyes lit up with the possibilities. His vision for the church extends beyond the pulpit—it’s about embracing creativity and entrepreneurship. He believes that these elements are crucial for the church community to thrive and make a lasting impact.

Apostle Veryl Howard and Michael Chin (Church)

A New Chapter for Apostle Veryl Howard

The episode took an exciting turn when Apostle Veryl Howard joined the conversation. Her journey from the glitz and glamor of beauty pageants and modeling to the grit of managing artists and actors is nothing short of inspiring. She shared her unique experiences in the entertainment industry and how her faith has guided her through various transitions in her career.

Demons and Deliverance

Apostle Veryl didn’t hold back when asked about what needed to change in the church. She was passionate about church leadership focusing on deliverance and authentic worship, not just a lot of hollering and rolling around like you’re possessed by demons. The people need living water and humility from the church.

Apostle Veryl Howard (church)

Final Thoughts

The discussion with Michael Chin is a powerful reminder of the role that faith and creativity play in shaping our world. As our hosts wrapped up the episode, it is clear that the stories we tell and the way we tell them can have a profound effect on our audience. Whether you’re a devout Christian or simply a lover of great films, there’s something truly special about the work that Michael is doing. The conversation with Apostle Veryl drives home the need for genuine connections in the church that enable spiritual growth.

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The spiritual detox (00:00:00) Introduction to the episode and the guest Michael Chin, a filmmaker and author.

Creating authentic films (00:00:50) Michael Chin explains his approach to making real, raw, and authentic films with universal messages of love.

Transparency in filmmaking (00:01:49) Discussion on the fear of being vulnerable and transparent in filmmaking, and the importance of self-reflection and personal growth.

Breaking down the word (00:03:27) Michael Chin’s approach to breaking down the word of God and delving into Hebraic history to understand the Bible.

Faith journey and spiritual growth (00:05:05) Michael Chin shares his faith journey, from being a pastor’s grandkid to seeking a deeper understanding of the word.

Book collaboration and spiritual warfare (00:06:15) Michael Chin talks about meeting his wife at church, collaborating on a book, and the theme of spiritual warfare in their work.

Filmmaking journey (00:07:35) Overview of Michael Chin’s first three Christian movies and their loglines, along with their availability on Tubi.

Future projects and stage play (00:09:38) Discussion on Michael Chin’s upcoming major films and stage play, showcasing his creative endeavors.

Influential directors and impact (00:10:17) Michael Chin’s choice of directors, Jordan Peele and Tyler Perry, and the potential impact of his work.

Church transformation and encouragement (00:11:13) Michael Chin’s thoughts on transforming the church by emphasizing the importance of keeping the commandments and encouraging creativity for Christ.

Empowering millennials and Gen Z (00:12:27) Encouraging millennials and Gen Z to use their creativity for Christ and the significance of staying in the church.

Connecting with Michael Chen (00:13:33) Information on how to connect with Michael Chin on various social media platforms.

Introduction to Apostle Veryl Howard (00:14:53) Transition to the introduction of Apostle Veryl Howard, a multi-talented individual in the entertainment industry.

Apostle Veryl Howard’s journey (00:15:34) Apostle Veryl Howard shares her journey from beauty pageants and modeling to managing artists and working with renowned play directors.

Managing Artists and Modeling (00:17:07) Discussion about managing an artist and modeling as a plus-size model.

Global Ministry and International Partnerships (00:21:40) Apostle Veryl Howard talks about her global ministry, international travels, and partnerships with artists from Africa and the Caribbean.

Challenges in the Church (00:25:45) Apostle Veryl Howard addresses the need for change in the church, criticizing the shift away from the presence of God and the rise of false leaders.

Personal Growth and Challenges (00:29:07) Apostle Veryl Howard shares her personal struggles, emphasizing the need for continual growth and the challenges within the church.

Authentic Ministry and Deliverance (00:31:22) Apostle Veryl Howard discusses her approach to ministry, emphasizing the need for authenticity and deliverance, and criticizes manipulative behaviors in churches.

Real Deliverance and Demons (00:33:32) Apostle Veryl Howard discusses the reality of demons and the need for deliverance in the church.

Lack of Altar Calls and Deliverance (00:34:29) Apostle Veryl Howard highlights the absence of altar calls and deliverance in modern church services due to a lack of holiness.

The Shift in Church Services (00:35:42) Discussion about the change in church services and the need to allow the Holy Spirit to move for effective deliverance.

Upcoming Prayer Visual and Panel Discussion (00:37:15) Apostle Veryl Howard shares details about an upcoming prayer visual and panel discussion related to the entertainment industry.

Opportunities in Entertainment Industry (00:39:17) Apostle Veryl Howard encourages individuals to join an event in the entertainment industry and shares her own journey as an example.

Behind the Scenes in Entertainment (00:40:07) Discussion about opportunities in the entertainment industry, including casting, music, and production.

Future Interviews with Athletes (00:43:02) Plans to interview athletes and highlight their faith journeys in future episodes of the show.