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An apology from Kyren Monteiro – Da Messenger

“Dear ministry partners, co-laborers, supporters, brothers/sisters in Christ, and friends:

Due to some personal issues in my life, I will be taking a sabbatical from music ministry. During this process I will be working closely with my wife, church family, mentors, and other people who help keep me accountable. I have repented first to god, and then my wife. I have been taking the necessary steps to evaluate, heal, and regain myself during the process.

I ask that you will forgive me as I continue walking towards restoration by the grace of god. My hope is that my failures and short comings are seen for what they truly are, my failures. They don’t make the glorious gospel and grace of god false or a joke. Jesus Christ and the Gospel are still the same and hold the same power as before.

Also my actions do not discredit the ministry or any artist that is, associated with Holy Soldier Records and HS booking. Both ministries will continue to release quality music and artists who truly love god and walk out the faith daily.

While I never imagined myself at this point, I humbly ask that you lift me up in prayer, that by the grace of god he will grant wisdom, complete restoration, healing, and a greater love for him. I look forward to the day when I can stand before you again while living a life that truly reflects the gospel of Jesus Christ!”


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