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Clutch-Cold-Sweat-cover Prophetic Poetic presents ‘Cold Sweat: The Remix EP’ by Clutch

There’s few new beatmakers in the indie conscious underground who are proving as Clutch as the man behind the boards bringing us ‘Cold Sweat: The Remix EP’. He’s already had a stint of hookups with cats like US heavyweights Sev Statik, Freddie Bruno, reSEARCH, Cas Metah, Wonder Brown, Ruffian, NomiS, Afaar, and Sintax.The.Terrific. With Cold Sweat, he brings us a remix project giving new funky musical interpretations to some of Canada’s dopest rhymes from Shad, Relic, The Runaway, Die-Rek, and his crew, The Custodians. With some freshly placed vocal samples and a healthy lack of fear of redoing classic vibes in a fresh sound, Clutch serves us up next-school hip-hop on the funk tip, making free music fun to be around again.


  • Cold Sweat: The Intro
  • Flawless (Funky Champ Remix) – Shad
  • Voice Of The People (Big Playback Remix) – The Runaway
  • Remember (Brazilian Groove Remix) – Die-Rek
  • Funky Parents Interlude
  • One Plus One (Driving Groove Remix) – Relic
  • So Long Ago (Steady Rock Remix) – The CDN Custodians

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