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Boston, MA

Are you a righteous hypocrite? Do you preach the gospel but do otherwise when nobody is looking? These are two questions amongst many that Mirko of Antioch Alumni hopes to illustrate for you as he takes on the journey of the righteous hypocrite.

Through personal experiences and the stories that he has heard from others, he has crafted an album that deals with many topics ranging from street life, to sex, and to the reality of sin in the Christian life. The album seeks to challenge the listener to examine themselves to see whether or not they practice what they preach.

The albums promotional singles are “The One” featuring Trini from Fadacy Music and “Champ”. Both singles are going for adds on the radio and are also available on iTunes.

“The One” featuring Trini:


About Mirko:

Mirko Chardin first entered the music scene in 1992 as a teen. Like many inner-city music artists Mirko’s  early style was a gritty repartee of urban decay laced in the sheer desperation of hood life.

As a teenager Mirko was a member of several rap groups which included Illicit (94-95) and Russian Roulette (96-97). Since then Mirko has gone on to expand his musical influences embracing various genres of music ranging from jazz to country, contemporary and religious music. Mirko has performed internationally in countries like Holland, Dutch eland and Johannesburg South Africa. He is currently an active member of the group Antioch Alumni which host The Cram Session, which is now in it’s 7th year.

Mirko has come to create a style of rap as rich as his experiences in life. Conscious music for your life or “Life Music” he as likes to refer to it.  It’s the kind of music that can be played at any time and in any place, no matter what you may be going through. It’s the music that truly is the soundtrack to your life.

Contact information:

Follow him on Twitter @ MirkoMilk

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Myspace page: myspace

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