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[song of the day.] Barz by GS ft. Dre Murray


I love Christian Hip-Hop and now and then I just find a song that’s on repeat for days on end. “Barz” is such a song. Not only is GS so consistent in delivering killer lines, Dre Murray serves as an additional push that takes a sick beat into what should actually get radio time.

As the song promises, here are some “barz”:


…I’m crazy I’m crazy but they didn’t tell you I was born in the 80s?
This luxury living he made me brand new I roll like a Mercedes
They ask why that I wait? I’m back-spazzing like Tracy McGrady
Jesus He love me, He love me the way the way He treat me you would think we’re related…

(Dre Murray)

Sucka put them fans down – who cares you makin it rain?
My God He made rain!

Yeah and it’s for free. Do yourself a favor. Stream and download.

Written by Felix (@RedeemingRap)

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September 12, 2019

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