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[News.] Uncle Reece New Music and New Management!

Published on January 26, 2016

From Jacksonville, FL, Stellar Gospel Music Award 2015 nominee Uncle Reece is in Worship Mode. He’s making new bold moves as he prepares for the 2016 spring release of his sophomore music project, WORSHIP MODE. As he pursues excellence, it’s out with the old and in with the new. Uncle Reece, never one to hold back, has a new label, new management, new mission and purpose statement, and a preview of new music. As he emerges with a new perspective and a new method of operation, Uncle Reece is in Worship Mode.

Uncle Reece is excited to add Charlene Oliver to his management team. She is president of Oliver Inc. Entertainment. Through Oliver, Uncle Reece welcomes performance and speaking opportunities at and/or 424.281.9147.

His new mission statement is: to communicate to the world the passion God has for people. Uncle Reece plans to implement the mission through his new record label, ‘Worship Mode Music.’ The new label name sounds like a good fit based on the success of his hit single ‘Until I Pass Out’ which took worship to some very energetic levels. ‘Until I Pass Out’ earned the number 15 spot on Billboard’s ‘Hot Gospel Songs’ chart. ‘Until I Pass Out’ has become the Hip Hop worship anthem and to date has earned 1,830,978 collective YouTube views.

With an engaging new purpose, Uncle Reece says, “We will use music and the performing arts to introduce the nonbeliever to God and to encourage the believer to pursue a deeper relationship with God.”

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