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POMPANO BEACH — The sound coming from the tiny Fort Lauderdale apartment is raw and angry, but the words are not.

Inside the apartment is Al Harris, a veteran cornerback with the Green Bay Packers nicknamed “The Dirty One.” He is swaying his head and signature dreadlocks to the driving beat of a hardcore rap song.

Childhood buddy and ex-convict Kevin Soto supplies the words from inside a closet-turned-recording booth. Soto raps not about the street gang and drug-dealing life he once lived, but about the Christian life he’s embraced.

“We’re trying to start a movement with this music,” said Harris, who runs his own Christian rap record label called 31Entertainment, after his jersey number. “We’re trying to say that you don’t have to cuss, or have to sell drugs or whatever, to be cool. You can still be cool and fly, and love the Lord.”

Unlike other athletes who come to South Florida in the off-season seeking the South Beach party scene, Harris returned to his hometown of Pompano Beach about two months ago to work with his old friend Soto on an album scheduled for release in August.


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