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R-Swift=Anthem=200=ChristianRapHipHopNewsWhat comes to mind when the word Anthem is used? For many it is a word that communicates an expression of loyalty to something through song, e.g. a country, school, or organization.

Some would be surprised to know that the word “anthem” is also defined as “A body of sacred music, usually using the Scriptures”. In this sense “Anthem” both titles and best describes R-Swifts highly anticipated follow up to his sophomore release SoapBox.

In Anthem R-Swift expresses the Lord’s worldview in contrast to the world’s worldview. As a bible study teacher on a college campus, R-Swift often encounters those driven by the prospect of worldly achievement and materialistic accolades. In an environment where pressure to perform and stress about the uncertainties of the future can easily overwhelm, communicating the truth and sanctity of God’s word and worldview is imperative. God’s Word should dictate a believer’s view with regard to all of life’s concerns…family, poverty, crime, economy, and government to name a few; as well as expose sin where it may not be conspicuous, for instance where underlying pride, arrogance, hatred for God, selfishness are our hidden motivations.

R-Swift delivers these truths in an amazing assortment of Christian Hip-Hop bangers that will move and convict any crowd. Songs like Awesome God, an ode and tribute to the classic of the same title that boasts of the glory of God through the ages and compels the believer to acknowledge and treasure His beautiful attributes in worship. Shattered tells the timeless story of unrequited love from the viewpoint of an alcoholic woman, a narcissistic man, and an all knowing God who would lovingly sacrifice His only Son to redeem the world anyway. They Callin’ is a reminder of things in our past that seductively beckon to us, and an exhortation not to answer as a result of a renewed mind and newness of life in Christ.

R-Swift once again uniquely conveys a timely message in a way that will convict and challenge believers and non-believers alike to sing and to live His Anthem.

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