The 116 Life Ep. 56: The Work Behind the Grammy’s

Published on February 21, 2024

Hey family! We’ve got another great episode of Reach Records The 116 Life. And our hosts SVP of A&R Ace Harris and Meah Evans sit down with the contributors to the recent Grammy Award winning album, “Church Clothes 4” and single, “Your Power” from Lecrae. They talk about the moment they found out, what went into the creation of this music and ultimately the goodness and favor of God to honor this music in this way.

The Road to Victory

The episode was nothing short of inspiring as they discussed the album “Church Clothes 4” and the song “Your Power,” which stood out at the Grammys. Dre Hunter, a Grammy award-winning songwriter and producer, expressed his astonishment and joy over the win. Alex Dollar, also a Grammy award-winning talent from the A&R team, opened up about the intense stress and pressure that came before the triumph.

The Significance of “Church Clothes 4”

We explored the profound impact of the album’s success on the Christian music industry. The win wasn’t just a personal achievement for the team; it was a milestone for the genre as a whole.

A Moment of Elation with Jordan Dollar

Later, Jordan Dollar joined the conversation, adding her perspective on the anxiety and stress that preceded the Grammy announcement. The relief and gratitude she felt when “Your Power” was recognized were palpable. They all shared a moment of reflection on the win’s significance and the powerful songwriting that contributed to the album’s resonance.

The Unsung Heroes: Engineers and Mixers

In the discussion, Ace & Meah didn’t forget to acknowledge the critical role of engineers and mixers like Jacob “Biz” Morris and Connor Beck. Their expertise was instrumental in the album’s success, and their work behind the scenes was as crucial as any.

Living The 116 Life: Gratitude and Collaborative Spirit

The episode was filled with expressions of gratitude, particularly for the opportunity to work with legendary artists like Lecrae and Tasha Cobbs. They highlighted the collaborative nature of the recording and mixing process, emphasizing the problem-solving that went into creating such a remarkable project.

A Testament to Hard Work and Dedication

In closing, the conversation was a testament to the pride and appreciation they all felt for the hard work and dedication that led to this Grammy win. It was a celebration of the collective effort and the shared vision that brought “Church Clothes 4” and “Your Power” to life and to the Grammy spotlight.

This episode is a reminder of the power of music to transcend boundaries and the importance of recognizing the contributions of everyone involved in the creative process. Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey, and we will continue bringing you stories that edify and uplift.

Thank you for tuning in to Reach Records The 116 Life. Until next time, keep celebrating the wins, big and small, in your life and in your work.

The 116 Life Ep 56 alt pic 1 Alex and Jordan Dollar
Jordan and Alex Doller, Songwriters
The 116 Life Ep 56
Dre Hunter and Alex Dollar
The 116 Life Ep. 56 alt pic 3 Biz and Conner
Engineers Jacob “Biz” Morris and Conner Beck


Welcome to the 116 Life (00:00:00) Introduction and filling in for the lead host.

The Grammy Award Winning Episode (00:00:18) Discussion about the episode being jam-packed and the excitement about the Grammy award wins.

Feelings of Winning a Grammy (00:00:51) Celebration and excitement about becoming Grammy award-winning contributors.

The Announcement at the Grammys (00:01:41) Excitement and disbelief upon hearing their names announced as winners at the Grammy Awards.

Preparation for the Premiere Ceremony (00:02:31) Rushing and flustered moments before the Grammy Awards ceremony.

Realizing the Grammy Win (00:06:32) Excitement and disbelief upon receiving the news of winning a Grammy.

Involvement in the Creation of the Winning Album (00:07:42) The process and faith involved in creating the award-winning album “Church Clothes 4.”

Contributions to the Project (00:09:21) Pressure and confidence in contributing to the album “Church Clothes 4.”

Memorable Moments in the Creation (00:13:38) Memorable experiences and moments during the creation of the album “Church Clothes 4.”

Emotions Upon Winning the Grammy (00:18:01) Feelings of anxiety, stress, and disbelief before and during the Grammy Awards ceremony.

The anticipation (00:20:08) Speakers discuss their nervousness and anticipation before a significant event.

The stage moment (00:20:59) The speakers describe their emotions and reactions during the award ceremony.

Song creation genesis (00:22:42) The process and inspiration behind the creation of the song “Your Power.”

Songwriting journey (00:27:12) The speakers reflect on their long-term songwriting journey and the influence of their sister synergy.

Lyric inspiration (00:28:07) The inspiration behind the lyrics of “Your Power” and the personal experiences that influenced its creation.

Production process (00:29:20) The detailed production process of “Your Power” and the impact of the beat on the song’s development.

Confidence in the song (00:30:47) The speakers discuss their unwavering confidence in the success of “Your Power” and the encouragement they received.

Tasha Cobbs’ involvement (00:32:18) The excitement and gratitude for Tasha Cobbs’ involvement in recording “Your Power.”

Celebrating Grammy win (00:36:27) The emotional reaction and celebration of winning the Grammy award.

Engineering and mixing process (00:38:28) The challenges and considerations in the engineering and mixing process for “Church Clothes.”

Memorable recording session (00:40:04) A challenging recording session that required problem-solving and creativity.

Throwing Someone Under the Bus (00:40:12) Discussion about the challenges faced during the production and mixing of a particular song.

Key Decision in Good Lord (00:40:39) The importance of engineering decisions in shaping the sonic quality of a song and the impact of engineers on the creative process.

Emulating Vintage Sound (00:41:27) The use of vintage gear and mic choices to achieve a specific sonic quality for a song.

Vocal Sample Addition (00:43:13) The role of engineers in adding production elements and the impact of their contributions on a song.

Challenges in Mixing Good Lord (00:45:02) The extensive work involved in recording, mixing, and mastering a song, emphasizing the effort and dedication of the engineering team.

Balancing Hip Hop and Gospel in Your Power (00:46:33) The challenges of mixing a complex song with multiple vocal tracks and maintaining the integrity of both hip hop and gospel elements.

Teamwork and Recognition (00:49:24) The importance of teamwork and the collective effort of the engineering and A&R teams in achieving Grammy wins.

Appreciation for Engineering Team (00:49:34) Acknowledgment and appreciation for the expertise and contributions of the engineering team at Reach Records.

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