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Born in Jos, Nigeria, Royal came to the United States at the age of 4 years old, soon later parents divorced. Raised in a single parent household with a very protective mother, he was shielded from many harmful situations. Through many trails, and hardships that occured, primarily due adjusting to a new country, his mother from a tender age taught him the eternal meaning and value of the gospel. Though raised in a christian househould, the decision to fully commit himself to the Lord and actively pursue Jesus for himself, began shortly before he graduated high school in 2007…and the journey continues.

“The goal and focus of my music, is simple: To bring the Message of Reconciliation to the lost and to encourage those in the Body of Christ to stand firm, remain diligent, as we all run together towards the Cross. I just want folks to know Jesus and through my music and most importantly my lifestyle, the aim is to reflect, and bring glory to Him. This is applicable towards every opportunity He grants me ..whether that be music related or elsewhere..-Colossians 3:17”

Song Leak from Royal’s upcoming FREE mixtape entitled “C.R.E.A.M”. Scheduled to drop April 17 2012!. Enjoy,Share, And Rate!


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