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Dream_Big=200Underground urban Gospel sensation T Haddy , will deliver “ Dream Big” on December 16th 2009; the worlds 1st pre-mixtape. This collection of pre-mixes has a mission to re-fuel your hopes and dreams.

What exactly is a pre-mixtape? T Haddy defines it as a mixture of singles from future album releases. The Dream Big Mixtape will be all original and contain three songs from “Motivation Music 2.0”, two songs from “Urban Worship Volume 1” and one song from “Confessions of a Sinner Volume 1”. All of these full featured projects are set for release in 2010. There is also a bonus Christmas cut right in time for the holiday season.

It is T-Haddy’s dream that Urban Gospel should exist on the highest level of excellence. This brand of music is fairly young, and along with the current state of the music industry, there is little to no resources available for it. The same is true for everyday people. We run into situations where the small amount of tools available make the task at hand seem impossible. We have two choices; lower our standards, or Dream Big.

Unlike T Haddy’s past mixtape, this release will be available on itunes and digital download providers everywhere. Proceeds from this release will go toward a professional mix and master for all of the full-featured releases previewed in the mixtape. In other words, by buying “Dream Big” you’ll help T-Haddy’s Big Dreams come true.

If you never heard of T Haddy, his style come be summed up in these words. R.Kelly & T-Pain Caught the Holy Ghost and brought hood to the Gospel. Find out more about T Haddy, or Drop him a line via his ViP social network

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