Trap ministry and the power of love with Project Pat & 2Point0

My Story, 2Point0’s journey of discovery was inspired by a conversation with his ex-girlfriend who found Jesus.  With Project Pat spitting trap ministry lyrics, their musical testimony recently caught the attention of the Christian Hip Hop community.   So just how did this collab come about?

How did 2Point0 link up with Project Pat

2Point0 says someone tagged him on one of Pat’s posts where he expressed the desire to do a gospel song.  “And I reached out to him [Pat] and I asked him what made him want to do a gospel song and I’ll never forget; he said God been dealing with me.  And we talked about the faith.  Eventually, the music came up.” 

Wanting to remain true to both their musical roots, 2Point0 says, “I wanted it to sound powerful…It took me about three or four months to come up with my verse.  He [Pat] sent his verse back real quick!  But over prayer and trying to get the concept right, I wanted to make sure I said whatever needed to be said.  Can’t nobody tell your story better than you!  Your testimony on how you came into the faith and into the knowledge of Christ.  The song is cool, but the impact is going stick with people forever!”  If you haven’t heard the song this interview will paint a clear picture of both of their faith journeys. 

2Point0 says early on he had respect for God, but he had not fully submitted.  After a conversation with an ex-girlfriend, it left him wondering what didn’t he know.  They had plans to get together one weekend, but instead, she called the Atlanta producer and dropped a bombshell. 

“She called me on the phone that Sunday night and I’ll never forget it.  And she said, ‘I was able to let a whole lot of things go.  I met Christ.  And he told me I gotta let you go too!’ And I’m smiling, I’m cool.  Grandma took me to church.  I was like do what you gotta do to get closer to Jesus.  I’ll still be here when you get through with that.”

That night 2Point0 says, he asked God, “If there’s something wrong with me if there more to you than I already know then let me know!  And that night Christ came into my room and I have never been the same since.”  When you ask God to reveal himself to you, get ready because he definitely will.

Pat, who is a preacher’s kid, says he got saved around 9 years old.  “You can be saved because receiving Christ Jesus is a free gift.”  But the Memphis legend says, “I wasn’t getting my mind renewed.  I was young.  I grew up in the hood.  The Lord has always been protecting me and keeping me.  I always respected God; I just didn’t know him.  You can know of somebody but you have to get to know them.” 

As a result of the pandemic, Pat says, “In 2020 I got to know him way better.  I just was meditating.”  Through that, Pat had a revelation.  “I was one of those people caught up in the money.  I was praying and the Lord told me you never left the streets.  You’re still in it.”  When he asked God what did he mean.   It was revealed to him that he was covetous.  “That money.  Putting money before everything.  Putting the money before him [God] and anybody and anything else.  Mainly him [God] I was leaning more on the money when I should have been leaning on him [God].” 

Pat says he is so thankful that God opened his eyes, “Now I operate way different than what I was.  And it’s all because of him [God].” 

Trap ministry with Project Pat

The Three 6 rapper, who’s rededicated his life to God and now does prison ministry through his Go Foundation, wants people to know that perfection is not required to give you life to God and accept the salvation of Jesus. 

“You’re never gonna get yourself right.  That’s never gonna happen.  I don’t care how much knowledge you got in your brain.  You see God is love and love overrules everything.  When you accept the free gift and then you are transformed and born again.  Now you have to get your mind renewed.”  And that is a process. 

Both men agree that the church doesn’t emphasize the free gift of salvation enough, especially for the streets.  “Nobody is going to hell because of a crime.  You only go to hell because you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior.  Works can’t get you into heaven or hell,” Pat explains emphatically.  “ain’t nobody going to heaven if its works.”   

When asked about the difference between accountability and judgment, 2Point0 who does street ministry says “One is looking to connect and serve, the other is you just trying to get your spiritual rocks off.  It makes you feel like you’re a better person when you can tell somebody else how bad they are.  You’re not really connected to trying to help them get to where God wants them.  That ain’t it.”

Quoting scripture, Pat says we can’t be ignorant of Satans’ devices.  “Walk in the light as he is in the light and the blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse all your sins.  You gotta walk in the light.  And the light is what you know.  You can only walk in what you know.  God ain’t gonna judge you on what you don’t know.  He wouldn’t be righteous if he did that.  And he [God] is the righteous judge.”

Will Project Pat do a Christian Hip Hop album?  He says, “I know people like to put the titles on stuff.  I tell people, I just rap.  But I don’t make songs no more that’s glorifying evil.  I can talk about robbing; I can talk about the neighborhood.  But I can’t say it’s cool.  Or that’s the move.  No.  That part right there, you can’t.  God blessed you with the gift of influence and you can’t sit up here and influence people to do wrong.  Hitler had the gift of influence.  But he let the devil use his gift.  And I’ve been a victim of that.  But by God’s grace and mercy!”

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Trap mininstry and the power of love with Project Pat and 2Point0
My Story artwork 2Point0 and Project Pat
Trap ministry and the power of love with Project Pat and 2Point0
Trap ministry and the power of love with Project Pat and 2Point0