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Los Angeles, 9/12/10 – In an industry that’s overrun with dreams of fortune andfame, Christian Hip-Hop artist Troy has prayed about the best way possible torelease his new album, “Unite & Conquer”, without conforming to the standards ofthe industry and maintaining his stance as a Christian. In light of the rising popularityof illegal file sharing, Troy has thought of a way to make friends with this “enemy” ofthe music business: He is making his album available free, for download.

Troy states, “I’m always speaking about blessing others and not doing this [music]for my own personal gain, now I’m simply putting my money where my mouth is.”The release has already exceeded the hundreds in downloads, and that is withoutinitial media exposure. This is to be Troy’s first album release as a Christian artistsince giving his life to God five years ago. In regards to his opposition, Troy has thisto say, “I’m excited about what God is doing and although others may criticize mydecision to give my music away, I tell them that my rewards aren’t here on earth, butstored away at my Father’s house for the day that I come home!”
The album, “Unite & Conquer”, has 10 songs with features from Tha GIM, ReynaDay, and Russell Scarlett. Production credits include Sammy Sayso, Troy, O, WHProductions, E2B Productions and Nay Dee. The first single, “Traffick”, deals withthe injustices of human trafficking and, along with the video, has made quite animpact. “Traffick”, has also been chosen to be featured in a full-length feature filmtitled “Pure”. Keep in mind that due to a limited budget, Troy has not only written,arranged, and performed his songs, he also recorded and mixed his entire albumat his home studio in Fresno, CA. Troy spends a great deal of his time ministeringand performing at various functions throughout the United States, aiding in theadvancement of God’s Kingdom.
Troy is now available for interviews, performances and is also available as a guestspeaker. For booking and/or any other inquiries, please send a detailed message or call 213-290-4251.

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