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This incredible documentary journey began with me spending 3 years traveling to numerous countries, studying global creativity, passion, and movements that influence culture for a personal book and film project. Out of the blue, my life’s direction and perspective was changed during a chance meeting I had with a producer friend I’d known since college.

My friend who had been successful in the main stream music industry was now producing Christian hip-hop music.  What was even more intriguing to me was that one of the main artists he was  working with was Lecrae Moore.  I introduced Lecrae to him years ago when we were in college. I was blown away by how the music genre and ministry had grown since I was involved with it as a fan growing up.  Christian hip-hop has had a special place in my heart since the mid 1980’s.

After reconnecting w/Lecrae and talking to Ben Washer, the co-owner of Reach, I was excited by the fact that they were living out a clear application of the principles I’d been studying.  They were creating music passionately infused with their faith that was sparking a global movement of unashamed believers.

This was all too much of a coincidence for me to ignore.  My research was clearly, without any effort of my own, lining up with the current Christian hip-hop movement.  In an act of faith, I (awkwardly) asked for Lecrae’s permission to begin the journey that has become the “Unashamed” Project.

18 months and several cities later, I’ve realized two things:

  1. It’s going to take a considerable amount of money to give this project justice.
  2. The life changing potential of this project is much larger than myself and the artists involved. “I and Me” must transition to “Us and We”!

I really understand what the artists mean now when night after night from the stage I’ve heard them communicate to the audience, “We are not the movement, YOU are the movement!”

In the spirit of this project having the opportunity to spark new dialogues about faith, culture and hip-hop within Christian and Non-Christian circles worldwide, it is now clear that your moral and financial support is greatly needed.

That is why we are reaching out to you so that we can become one of the first hip-hop films created by the fans for the fans. Together we can make history and influence culture through a balanced presentation of our faith.

The Impact

Our team is uniquely equipped through personal experience to explore why hip-hop is the voice of the voiceless around the world. More importantly, this film will explore what the implications are of the gospel being communicated in the language of those disenfranchised on a global level.

Due to the broad platform of the artists within our film we believe that this is a unique opportunity for us to spread the gospel worldwide in a way that has not been done before.  An added feature of this film is that we will also give the viewer tools and information on how to engage and influence culture. Literally, the objective of this film is to influence the world for the greater good.

If we do not meet our minimum campaign requirements, our film will not have a chance to have the effect that it could possibly have on the world at large. There are those who would not hear the gospel from this unique perspective and influencers who would not be exposed to the tools and concepts that could spark an idea that could create positive change in our world.

What We Need What You Get

Currently we are 70% finished with production.  We need approximately $50,000.00 to finish the production, post production and to begin first preparations for our marketing efforts.  If we do not raise the total amount we are asking for, it will greatly scale down the production quality and tremendously hurt our opportunity to spread our message to the world at large.

When you support this movement, you will receive unique perks such as autographed posters, t-shirts, movie credits, answering machine recordings, Red Carpet appearances, and even have the opportunity to become an extra in the film’s re-enactments.

Can we exceed our goal?

Yes, that would be an amazing problem to have! Indiegogo will allow us to raise as much money as we can before our campaign expires on January 8! If we raise more than our goal, all of the funds will be leveraged into our marketing efforts.  The more funds we have to market our project, the more opportunity there will be for our message to take root in the culture. The average Hollywood film spends millions of dollars just on marketing alone. (This would explain why Hollywood’s influence is so far reaching around the world.)

Other Ways You Can Help

There are many other ways that you can help as well.

  1. Use the share buttons underneath the campaign video to share the campaign with your friends on facebook, twitter and through email.
  2. Help us get the word out by following us on twitter @unashamedmovie
  3. Join our facebook community at
  4. Join our mailing list for community updates and social action initiatives. (click the “Join Us”) link below.
  5. Stay engaged with our updates because there will be more opportunities for you to get involved with the film as we wrap up production!

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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