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Video: JUMA – Till the DJ’s Gone

Song Name: Till the DJ’s Gone
Produced by: Juma Music

CD Name: Fall of The Giants
CD Release Date: TBA
Record Label: Inniss Entertainment Group LLC

Follow Me: @jumamusic

Why is Lady Gaga (arguably) more popular among young Americans than Ben Bernanke?

How is that the Kardashians are in the news more than the legislative debate over Net Neutrality?

Till the DJ’s Gone encourages you to question your media with the story of a man who becomes aware of a secret system of control at work in his world – by way of cryptic, nefarious messages hidden in plain view of unseeing masses – and takes action against it. He builds a makeshift communication device to hack into the media “master signal” and awaken unconscious minds with a message of liberation and hope.

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