The 116 Life Ep. 27 – “Pursuing Love with 350”, A Candid Conversation

DJ Mykael V sits down with Christian hip hop recording artist 350, also known as Three Five from the East Side to talk about how growing up in Texas as a pastor’s grandkid, how becoming a father himself has impacted his walk with God, the pursuit of love and his new single “LOWKEY!” from the Summer 23 Playlist presented by Reach Records with DJ Mykael V, Not Klyde and Scootie Wop releasing 8/2.

A Surprise Collaboration: The Making of “Heaven on Earth”

Our conversation kicked off with a light-hearted discussion about our recent collaboration on the song “Heaven on Earth.” I must admit, I kept the project a secret from 350 initially, but we both laughed it off. We even joked about a birthday party where everyone was talking about a group chat that 350 wasn’t a part of, implying that our friendship and collaboration were just for show.

Representing the Latino Community in Christian Rap

350, hailing from McAllen, Texas, specifically the Piaget area of San Juan, expressed his pride in representing his hometown and the Rio Grande Valley. He acknowledged the artists who have come before him, such as Christ Up and Beautiful Monsters, who have paved the way for Christian rap in the Valley. He also revealed his friendly competition with Sam, another artist from the same area, to be recognized on the town’s water tower.

Navigating the Music Industry as a Latino Artist

Our conversation took a deeper turn as we discussed the toxic aspects of Christian faith and how it has affected 350’s music and journey as a Latino artist. He expressed frustration with the toxic Christian culture that promotes blind faith while ignoring the realities of life. He emphasized the need for genuine discipleship and grace within the Christian community, despite the discouragement they have felt from the tearing down of others.

Breaking Expectations and Creating Authentic Music

350 shared the challenges he faced in not meeting the expectations of making Spanish music. He didn’t grow up speaking Spanish and was more exposed to English music, with artists like Flame, Lecrae, and Ambassador influencing his childhood. He expressed his desire to be genuine and authentic in his music, rather than just making music that is expected of him. He talked about creating his own lane and sound, combining his Latino background with his English rap style.

The Impact of Fatherhood on Creativity & the Power of Love

Becoming a father has had a profound impact on 350’s perspective and creativity. He shared how this new role has helped him understand the depth of God’s love and grace, inspiring him to let go of bitterness and embrace growth. His son has also inspired him to create a new album that explores his own bitterness and asks God to break down the walls he has built.

The Summer 23 Playlist Journey

We also discussed our involvement in the Summer 23 playlist. 350 recalled the excitement he felt when he was first approached to be a part of the playlist, and the disappointment he experienced when he didn’t make it the first time. However, he used that setback as motivation to come back stronger the following year, and ultimately made it onto the playlist.

The Power of Authenticity and Creativity

As we wrapped up our conversation, we emphasized the importance of authenticity in our music and in life. We expressed our love and support for each other, disregarding any negative opinions or rumors. We reflected on the power of creativity, particularly in movies, to convey meaningful messages.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have these candid conversations with artists like 350. Stay tuned for more insightful episodes as we continue to explore the world of Christian hip-hop. Pre-save Heaven on Earth today.

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The 116 Life Ep. 27 - “Pursuing Love with 350”


The journey from McAllen to Atlanta [00:02:30] 350 talks about his upbringing in McAllen, Texas, and his dreams of working with artists like Lecrae and Reach Records.

Representing the Rio Grande Valley [00:03:18] 350 discusses the pride and sense of community in being from the Rio Grande Valley and representing his hometown in the music industry.

The influence of a sheltered upbringing [00:05:41] 350 reflects on how growing up as a pastor’s grandkid and being sheltered from secular music has shaped his understanding and perspective, and how he aims to open people’s eyes to different cultures and experiences through his music.

Toxic Christian Faith [00:08:15] Discussion on toxic aspects of Christian faith, including ignoring personal experiences and relying solely on God’s power.

Mixing Faith and Dreams [00:09:09] Exploring the challenges of blending personal faith with pursuing dreams and how it has affected the artist’s music.

Latino Toxic Church Culture [00:10:09] Examining the negative impact of toxic church culture in the Latino community, including the influence of tradition over biblical teachings.

The struggle of expectations [00:16:15] Discussion on the difficulties of not meeting the expectation to make Spanish music and the importance of being genuine and authentic.

Creating his own lane [00:18:00] Discussion about creating your own sound and be an artist without having many examples to look up to.

Chasing the feeling of good art [00:19:51] Conversation around the desire to give people the feeling of when good art resonates with them and how it drives him as an artist.

The journey of fatherhood [00:24:10] Exploring the transformative power of becoming a parent and the realization of God’s love for both the speaker’s child and those who have wronged him.

Creatively inspired by fatherhood [00:26:08] How having a son has influenced the 350’s creative process and led to the creation of a new album centered around bitterness and breaking down walls.

Making it onto the summer playlist [00:28:57] 350’s journey of wanting to be on the summer playlist, the initial disappointment of not making it, and the satisfaction of finally being included in the playlist.

The journey of creating the joint [00:32:10] Discussion how the joint came to be, starting from receiving the Indie Tribe pack to collaborating with different artists.

The decision to release the song [00:34:17] The decision to release the song despite it being different from their current sound and the importance of not letting it go to waste.

The significance of unity in the movement [00:38:32] The importance of unity within the movement and how it contributes to the growth and success of the community.

Authenticity and Neglecting Fronts [00:39:31] Discussion about being true to oneself, not caring about others’ opinions, and the importance of authenticity in music and life.

Being Who God Called You to Be [00:40:20] Encouragement to embrace one’s true identity and purpose, referencing a quote from Thor’s mom in the movie “Endgame.”

Wrapping Up and Appreciation [00:41:08] Expressing gratitude to the guest, 350, for being on the show and mentioning plans for dinner, followed by closing remarks and farewell.

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