Navigating Life’s Complexities through Music with Armond Wakeup

Welcome to another episode of the Be Positive Music Show Family. Special guest, Armond Wakeup, a phenomenal artist and communicator, is talking music, mentorship, and the messages that drive his creative process. Here’s a glimpse into our conversation and the profound insights shared.

Armond Wakeup: The Artist and His Journey

Armond Wakeup’s background is as diverse as his music. With roots in Saint Louis and a military upbringing, he has traveled extensively across the United States, which has shaped his perspective on empathy and the ability to navigate diverse spaces. As a husband and father, Armond reflects on the challenges and joys of balancing family life with his creative pursuits.

The Significance of “10,000 Hours Back with Circles”

The recent release of Armond’s collection of songs, “10,000 Hours Back with Circles,” produced in collaboration with his podcast partner, Doc, is a testament to his dedication to his craft. The A-side and B-side concept pays homage to the tradition of cassette and vinyl singles, and the music itself is a source of wisdom and reflection, paralleling the impact of biblical wisdom literature.

B Plus played a snippet of the song “10,000 Hours,” which encapsulates the concept of mastering a craft through dedication and perseverance. Armond’s journey of self-affirmation and overcoming fears resonates with the message of embracing the growth process. His music invites listeners to engage in personal introspection and empowerment.

Embracing Life’s Dualities and Accountability

During their discussion, Armond emphasized the importance of embracing both the positive and negative aspects of life, as highlighted in his song “Sometimes.” He advocates for personal accountability and the need for genuine discipleship in the church, particularly within the black community. The song addresses the necessity of mentorship and guidance in the journey of faith, rather than passive consumption of sermons or church services.

Be Plus shared his frustration with the prevalence of victim culture and the lack of accountability in both the church and broader culture. Reflecting on his own experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic, B Plus recognized the importance of community and the dangers of isolation, which can lead to a victim mentality.

The Power of Community and Discipleship

Armond Wakeup eloquently spoke about the significance of vertical relationships—those in which we receive guidance and in turn, provide mentorship to others. He also stressed the importance of horizontal relationships with peers, as they help us realize that our experiences are not unique but rather universal. This understanding can alleviate the feeling of being alone in our struggles and allows us to receive accountability from our mentors more openly.

Celebrating Ohio’s Christian Hip-Hop Scene

As they wrapped up the episode, the gentlemen had some fun discussing Ohio’s Christian Hip Hop scene. B Plus says proud to come from a state that has produced some of the most talented artists in CHH. He and Armond shared their top five Christian rap artists from Ohio, celebrating the rich musical heritage and the impact these artists have had on the culture.

The Impact of Music

B Plus’s interview with Armond Wakeup is a reminder of the incredible impact that music and genuine connections can have on our lives, our faith, and our communities. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and until next time, stay positive and stay blessed.

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The introduction (00:00:00) Introduction to the show and the special interview with Armond Wakeup.

Armond’s background and influences (00:02:18) Armond shares his background, experiences, and influences, including his military brat upbringing and travels.

Impact of travel on worldview (00:06:06) Discussion about the impact of traveling and experiencing different cultures on shaping one’s worldview.

Neverland and its impact (00:08:12) B Plus shares the impact of Armond’s song “Neverland” on his personal and professional life.

Commercial Break (00:11:08) Transition to a commercial break.

Discussion of “10,000 Hours Back with Circles” (00:11:29) B Plus and Armond discuss Armond’s recent release of a collection of songs titled “10,000 Hours Back with Circles” and its background.

Armond’s song “10,000 Hours” (00:15:28) Armond explains the meaning and inspiration behind his song “10,000 Hours.”

Conclusion of music discussion (00:16:54) Reflection on the significance of taking the scenic route and acknowledging one’s expertise and growth in a craft.

House DJ at the Skating Rink (00:17:23) Discussion about B Plus’s experience as a house DJ at a gospel skate night in Cincinnati.

Appreciation for Taylor’s Music (00:18:05) Acknowledgment of Taylor’s music and its impact on the host and the guest.

Collaboration with Taylor (00:18:58) Armond and Taylor’s collaborative work and the dynamic they bring out in each other.

Room 506 and Its Creation (00:21:51) The inspiration behind the song “Room 506” and the process of creating it with Taylor.

Being True to Oneself (00:23:20) The importance of being authentic and confident in one’s approach, as highlighted in the song “Room 506.”

Understanding and Embracing Personal Growth (00:25:05) Armond’s journey of self-discovery and embracing personal growth, as reflected in his music.

Discussion on Church Culture (00:27:15) Exploration of the impact of church culture and the need for genuine discipleship.

Exploring Nuance and Victimhood (00:29:08) The significance of embracing life’s nuances and avoiding a victim mentality, as depicted in the song “Sometimes.”

Discipleship and Accountability (00:33:23) The importance of discipleship and accountability in personal and spiritual growth.

Vertical and Horizontal Relationships (00:35:11) Armond discusses the importance of discipleship and community relationships, emphasizing the universal nature of experiences.

Challenges During Covid (00:36:18) B Plus and Armond share their personal experiences during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact on their perspectives.

Top Christian Rap Artists from Ohio (00:38:41) B Plus and Armond discuss their top five Christian rap artists from Ohio, sharing personal connections and experiences with each artist.

Armond’s Community and Projects (00:49:02) Armond shares details about his Patreon communities, podcast, and various projects, emphasizing the importance of safe spaces for exploration and creativity.