Exploring the Inspirational Journey Behind Swoope’s “Sunshine” Album

Hello, positive people! We are thrilled to share with you an in-depth look at a recent episode of the Be Positive Music Show. It’s an extraordinary journey through the mind of a hip-hop maestro. Join DJ B Plus as he takes you behind the scenes of a profound conversation with a man whose work has resonated with him on multiple levels, rapper, producer, and lyrical genius Swoope.

The Unsung Legend: Mr. Swoope

Swoope, is no ordinary artist. With a career spanning 15 years, he’s a Grammy-nominated talent who has played keys for the likes of KB and Lecrae. As a member of We Live As Kings and High Society Collective, he’s left an indelible mark on the genre. But beyond his musical prowess, he’s a devoted child of God, a loving husband, and a father. His authenticity shines through his work, and it’s this genuine spirit that captivates his audience.

The Creative Process: A Labor of Love

In their conversation, Swoope shared the meticulous care he takes in crafting his music. Unlike some artists who churn out albums with the changing seasons, Swoope is patient, sometimes waiting up to three years to release new work. This patience is a testament to his dedication to quality and depth, ensuring that each album is a true reflection of his journey and growth.

The Recap Countdown: A Unique Approach to Album Review

In B-Plus’s unique format, he dissects albums by highlighting his five favorite bars, four favorite beats, three favorite tracks, two favorite features, and one final recap. This structure allows the DJ to delve into the intricacies of an album, giving each element the attention it deserves. And when it comes to Swoope’s latest album, every detail is worth exploring.

Five Bars That Resonate

Swoope’s bars are not just words strung together; they’re stories, experiences, and reflections on life. One particular bar that struck a chord with DJ B-Plus was his reference to Kirk Franklin’s “What You’re Looking For.” It’s a powerful nod to his gospel roots and a reminder of the personal and collective grief we all navigate.

Four Beats That Define Minimalism

Swoope’s approach to production is intentional and minimalist. He shared insights into the making of tracks like “Life of Your Dreams,” where a simple sample laid the foundation for a profound musical experience. His ability to say more with less is a skill that sets him apart in the industry.

Three Tracks That Tell a Story

The album’s tracks, such as “Coffee Skin,” “Sunshine,” and “Miracle,” are more than just songs; they’re narratives that touch on themes of racial trauma, personal growth, and the search for strength in adversity. Swoope’s storytelling is both personal and universal, inviting listeners to find their own meaning within his words.

Two Features That Elevate the Album

Collaborations can make or break an album, and Swoope’s choices are impeccable. He highlighted the contributions of artists like Taylor Gray and Natalie, whose talents not only complement but elevate the music. Their verses and hooks add layers of emotion and complexity to an already rich album.

One Final Recap: The Essence of Swoope’s Artistry

Reflecting on the album as a whole, it’s clear that Swoope’s artistry is a blend of raw talent, thoughtful reflection, and an unwavering commitment to his craft. His work is a reminder that music can be both a mirror and a window, offering us a glimpse into the artist’s soul while reflecting our own experiences back at us.

The Emotional Depth of Hip-Hop

The discussion also touched on the therapeutic nature of music. Swoope’s tracks serve as a balm for the soul, helping listeners navigate their own grief and find solace in shared experiences. It’s this emotional depth that makes his music not just entertaining but healing.

The Takeaway: A Testament to Authenticity

As the episode wraps, we’re reminded of the power of authenticity in music. Mr. Swoope’s work is a testament to the beauty that emerges when an artist stays true to themselves and their roots. His album is not just a collection of tracks but a mosaic of life’s complexities, crafted with care and delivered with honesty.

Thank you for joining us on this journey through Mr. Swoope’s latest masterpiece. It’s been an honor to share this space with an artist of such caliber, and I hope this deep dive has given you a new appreciation for the craft of hip-hop and the stories it tells. Keep tuning in, keep listening, and most importantly, keep finding the truth in the music.

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Swoope with Jawn-O in Nigeria


The album review (00:00:00) Introduction of the guest and the context of the episode.

Five favorite bars (00:02:54) Discussion of the five favorite bars from the album with Mr. Swoope.

Bar 1: Kirk Franklin’s song (00:04:32) The significance of a bar referencing a Kirk Franklin song and the personal connection to the lyrics.

Bar 2: Grieving process (00:07:16) The interpretation of a bar related to the album cover and the discussion about the grieving process.

Bar 3: Uneducated about grief (00:09:15) The exploration of the topic of grief and the lack of education on how to deal with it.

Bar 4: Netflix analogy (00:12:30) The comparison of grief to the concept of fast-forwarding through life using the analogy of Netflix and seasons.

Bar 5: Embracing emotions (00:15:22) The acceptance and embracing of emotions, particularly related to grief, and the personal experience with processing emotions.

Hip-hop album with gospel roots (00:17:30) Discussion about the strength found in emotions and the cultural perception of emotions in hip-hop.

Favorite beats (00:19:53) Transition to playing favorite beats from the album.

Life of Your Dreams (00:21:17) Discussion of the production and the patient build-up of the beat. Swoope’s approach to minimalism and the use of a sample.

We Go On (00:24:19) The process of creating the beat, including the use of a sample, collaboration with a singer, and the backstory of the scratching.

Hold On (00:26:53) The beat’s evolution, the intentionality behind the beat changes, and the decision to bring the energy down.

Work Real Hard (00:32:28) The intentional flow of the album and the connection between tracks, the use of a vocal sample, and the inspiration for the drums.

Coffee Skin (00:36:03) The song’s development, the intentional shift from racial trauma to strength, and the unintentional connection to the coffee metaphors.

Racial Awakening (00:40:13) The speaker reflects on his naive perspective, racial experiences, and grief.

Believing the Best (00:42:16) Discussion on choosing to believe the best, acknowledging the worst, and addressing racial truths in America.

Collaboration with Scooby (00:45:49) The guest and speaker discuss Scooby’s talent and the collaborative process for the song “Life of Your Dreams.”

Accountability and Collaboration (00:46:31) The guest shares a respectful collaboration experience and the importance of honesty and humility in music production.

Song “Hold On” (00:49:10) The guest explains the creation process and the time taken to refine the song “Hold On.”

Patience in Music Production (00:53:07) Discussion on the value of taking time with music production and the impact of patient songwriting.

Featuring Jackie Hill Perry and Lecrae (00:55:19) The guest discusses the collaboration with Jackie Hill Perry and the impact of her effortless rapping.

Collaboration with Taylor Gray (00:59:14) The guest reflects on the heavy subject matter and the meaningful collaboration with Taylor Gray on “I Missed My Moms.”

Taylor Gray (00:59:54) Swoope praises Taylor Gray’s lyrical prowess and discusses their collaboration on “Find a Way to Smile Again.”

Natalie’s Tears (01:02:42) The hosts discuss Natalie’s talent and the emotional backstory behind the song “These Tears.”

Live Performance and Grief (01:07:10) Swoope talks about incorporating live audio from a Houston show and how it relates to grief in his album.

Future Albums and Plans (01:13:13) Swoope reveals plans for upcoming albums and production work, sharing his aspirations for the future.

Prayer for Protection (01:14:46) Swoope requests prayers for protection for himself and his family amid personal challenges.