Gratitude and Hope: Jered Sanders’ Inspiring Music Journey

Hey family! We’ve got a special episode of the Be Positive Music Show for you. DJ B Plus is sitting down with the critically acclaimed Christian hip-hop artist Jered Sanders, also known as Mr. Hope Is Dope. Their conversation traversed the landscape of his latest album “Talk to Me Nice,” personal experiences, and the profound messages embedded in his music.

Setting the Tone with “Talk to Me Nice”

The intro track of Jered’s album is more than just a song; it’s a statement, a tone-setter for the entire project. After a four-year hiatus, Jered returned to the music scene with a fresh perspective, akin to a basketball player who has observed the game from the bench and comes back with a deeper understanding. This break allowed Jered to embrace vulnerability, which is vividly reflected in the growth and maturity of his lyrics.

Lyrical Depth and Personal Reflection

The conversation took a turn towards the analysis of specific bars from the album. Jered’s lyrics are a mirror to his personal experiences and beliefs. He shared the importance of finding contentment beyond material wealth and the evolution of his marriage. The spiritual aspect of Jered’s music was also a focal point, as he and B Plus discussed the intimate exchange that takes place during prayer.

The Playful Side of Music

Amidst the depth, the gentlemen shared a lighthearted moment discussing basketball references in Jered’s lyrics. The playful comparison between legends Kobe Bryant and LeBron James showcased Jered’s ability to weave cultural icons into his music while maintaining thoughtfulness and personal insight.

Timeless Bars and Pop Culture

The relevance of historical events versus current events in music was another topic we delved into. Jared explained his approach to crafting bars that stand the test of time, ensuring that his music remains impactful regardless of the changing tides of pop culture. He even shared his favorite bar from the album, which mentions Jay-Z, reflecting on his past experiences through his art.

Behind the Scenes of Production

Praising the quality of the production, B Plus expressed his admiration for the instrumental versions of certain tracks. Jered opened up about the production process and the role of adlibs in enhancing the songs. And they both shared their favorite tracks, “Dear Hip Hop” and “You Owe Me Nothing,” highlighting the authenticity of Jered’s lyrics in addressing common hip-hop themes.

Inspiration and Collaboration

The themes and inspiration behind some of the tracks on “Talk to Me Nice” were a significant part of the discussion. Jered’s disillusionment with certain aspects of hip-hop culture led to a breakup song that resonates with many. They also touched on the track “Back Up” featuring Selah the Corner and Will Cata, hinting at a potential collaborative project, and “Blessings” featuring Mission, which has seen unexpected success.

The Creative Process and Future Aspirations

The album’s structure, the use of tape deck sounds, and the pacing of the songs all contribute to a nostalgic and resonant experience for listeners. Jered’s excitement for the release of “Talk to Me Nice” was palpable as he shared his vision for future projects. He emphasized the importance of creating music that allows listeners to sit with and appreciate the depth of the content, likening it to the satisfaction of a slow-cooked meal.

Conclusion: A Hopeful Look Ahead

Our conversation concluded with Jared expressing gratitude for the opportunity to share his work and a hopeful outlook for the future. “Talk to Me Nice” is available for streaming and purchase, and it’s clear that Jered Sanders has much more to offer in his musical journey.

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The Intro Track (00:01:06) The importance of an album’s intro track and its role in setting the tone for the journey.

Reflection on Career Break (00:02:55) Jered’s four-year break from music, the impact of technology, and personal growth during the hiatus.

Favorite Bars Analysis (00:04:15) Discussion and analysis of Jered Sanders’ top five bars from the album, including insights into their meaning and inspirations.

Wealth and Motivation (00:05:58) Jered’s perspective on the motivation behind seeking wealth and the importance of heart posture in serving the community.

Kobe’s Back (00:08:15) The significance of the track “Kobe’s Back” as one of the first songs written on the album, and its connection to Jared’s return to music.

Marriage and Growth (00:11:46) Personal experiences in marriage, the challenges, and the growth that occurs, emphasizing the value of finding a good thing.

Prayer and Conversation with God (00:14:47) The depth of prayer as a conversation and exchange with God, its introspective nature, and the revelation of God’s will.

Underachieving (00:19:05) Humorous references to LeBron James and Jay-Z, reflecting on their achievements and relating it to personal growth and aspirations.

Basketball References (00:19:14) Jered discusses the relevance of basketball references in his lyrics and the importance of historical context in bars.

Favorite Bar (00:22:03) Jered shares an homage to Jay-Z’s bar and explains its significance in his album, “Talk to Me Nice.”

Album Production (00:23:29) B Plus and Jered discuss the production of the album, highlighting specific tracks and their production process.

Adlibs as Production (00:33:25) The conversation delves into the role of adlibs in the production of the album, adding depth to the listening experience.

Top Three Tracks (00:37:12) B Plus and Jered discuss three of Jered’s favorite tracks from the album, “Talk to Me Nice,” and their significance in the hip-hop genre.

The breakup (00:39:04) Jered discusses his disillusionment with hip-hop and the different sides of the genre.

Descent and falling off (00:42:55) Jered talks about the themes of contentment and satisfaction in hip-hop and the transition to his next album.

Dear Christian rapper (00:46:32) Jered addresses issues in Christian rap and the purpose behind his song “Dear Christian Rapper.”

Features portion (00:51:55) Discussion about the features on the album, including Step Brothers and Mission, and the backstory behind the Step Brothers project.

Blessings (00:55:24) The success and production details of the track “Blessings” and its collaboration with Mission.

R&B album potential (00:57:26) The conversation about Jered’s singing abilities and the potential for an R&B album in the future.

A Conversation about Influential Artists (00:58:22) Discussion influential Christian hip-hop artists and their impact on the genre.

The Evolution of Sports (00:59:28) The conversation shifts to the evolution of sports, focusing on changes in the game and offensive strategies.

Album Structure and Themes (01:00:12) The discussion centers around the structure and themes of Jered Sanders’ album “Talk to Me Nice,” including references to other artists.

Future Plans and Projects (01:01:36) Jered Sanders highlights the significance of his current project and hints at future plans and projects.

The Importance of Time and Patience in Music (01:03:36) Emphasizing the value of taking time between music projects for deeper reflection and appreciation.

Appreciating Quality Over Quantity (01:04:13) The conversation touches on the satisfaction derived from patiently crafted music compared to frequent releases.

Promotion of Jared Sander’s Album (01:04:56) B Plus promotes Jered Sanders’ album “Talk to Me Nice” and encourages listeners to check it out.

Closing Remarks and Positive Outlook (01:05:29) The interview concludes with positive remarks about Jered Sanders’ future and a message of appreciation to the listeners.