Maximizing Time for God’s Purpose with ATTAM

Welcome to another installment of Kingdom Building Conversations family! I’m thrilled to share with you a kingdom-building conversation that I recently had on with my guest, ATTAM, the powerhouse behind ATTAM Group. This isn’t just any chat; it’s a deep dive into the mind of a man who’s not only an artist but also an entrepreneur and visionary. So, let’s get into the heart of our discussion and uncover the insights from a man committed to God’s purpose for his life and creating a legacy through music and beyond.

The Unexpected Vulnerability of Success

One of the most striking moments of our conversation came early on when I asked ATTAM to share something about himself that even those closest to him might not know. His answer was disarmingly honest: he spends a lot of time doubting himself. Despite carrying himself with confidence, ATTAM admitted to walking around with a level of trepidation. He attributes this to a healthy fear of the Lord but acknowledges that it can sometimes spiral into self-doubt.

This revelation was particularly poignant given that we’re in the midst of Mental Health Month, followed by Men’s Mental Health Month. It’s a reminder that even the most successful among us can struggle with imposter syndrome and mental blocks that prevent us from taking action. It’s about coming out of the “laboratory of your mind” and daring to give your ideas a try.

A Journey from the Court to the Course

ATTAM’s journey is fascinating, transitioning from a life dominated by basketball to a passion for golf. He shared how the game of golf has become a significant part of his life, not just as a hobby but as a means of forging business relationships. ATTAM has caddied for professionals and high-level amateurs, witnessing firsthand how the golf course can reveal the true character of a person.

We discussed how golf, much like music, requires time and dedication to master. ATTAM’s commitment to his craft is evident in his goal of creating 100 songs in two years, a feat he has proudly accomplished. This dedication to his art form has given him a deeper understanding of what makes a good song and how to resonate with today’s listeners.

The Art of Capturing Attention in Music

In our fast-paced world, capturing a listener’s attention within the first seven to ten seconds is crucial. ATTAM emphasized the importance of starting a song with a beat, a sample, or a powerful vocal to hook the audience immediately. He also touched on the changing landscape of music consumption, where shorter songs are becoming the norm due to the limited attention spans of listeners.

Lightning Round Revelations

Our conversation took a lighter turn as we engaged in a lightning round of questions. ATTAM’s responses were quick and candid, offering a glimpse into his personality and interests. From hypothetical scenarios involving winning $10 million to being invisible for a day, ATTAM’s sense of humor and humility shone through.

The Vision of ATTAM Group

ATTAM then shared his vision for ATTAM Group, a corporation he started to expand his creative endeavors beyond music. He spoke about managing other artists, launching podcasts, and A&R projects. ATTAM’s experience hosting events like “Kingdom Rising” and “The Vision” has fueled his plans to expand these events to different locations, emphasizing his commitment to excellence and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Finding God’s Purpose Your Life: A Heartfelt Conclusion

This conversation with ATTAM was more than just an interview; it was a masterclass in perseverance, creativity, the pursuit of excellence and finding your God given purpose. His journey from sports to music, his vulnerability about mental health, and his entrepreneurial spirit are lessons we can all learn from. I hope you’ve been as inspired by ATTAM’s story as I have been. Until next time, keep building the kingdom and pushing the limits of your creativity.

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ATTAM’s self-doubt (00:00:35) ATTAM shares his self-doubt, despite projecting confidence, and its impact on his life.

ATTAM’s passion for golf (00:02:37) ATTAM discusses his love for golf, the transition from basketball, and the humbling nature of the game.

The correlation between golf and music (00:05:42) James and ATTAM discuss the similarities between golf and music, emphasizing the satisfaction of a good shot or a hit song.

ATTAM’s commitment to creating 100 songs (00:06:52) ATTAM explains his commitment to producing 100 songs in two years and the dedication required for both music and golf.

The launch of ATTAM Group (00:14:12) Attam introduces Attam Group and explains the origin of the name, derived from a biblical passage, and his approach to managing various endeavors.

Lightning Round (00:16:15) Quick-fire questions and answers about personal preferences and dreams.

ATTAM Group (00:20:32) ATTAM discusses his corporation, the ATTAM Group, and its goals to manage artists and launch various projects.

Kingdom Rising Events (00:21:23) ATTAM talks about hosting events like Kingdom Rising and The Vision, and his plans to expand them globally.

Staying in Contact (00:22:21) ATTAM shares his social media handles and upcoming website for fans to stay updated on his music and events.