The 116 Life Ep. 57: Influence Culture. Don’t let it Influence You.

Welcome to The 116 Life with Reach Records SVP of A&R Ace Harris and Meah Evans. On this episode our hosts breakdown this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, the representation of Atlanta culture, and the complexities of living out our Christian faith in the midst of it all.

Usher’s Halftime Show: A Tribute to Atlanta’s Essence

The Super Bowl is an event that captures the attention of millions, and this year’s halftime show was no different. Usher’s performance was a topic that Ace and Meah couldn’t wait to unpack. As an Atlanta native, Meah felt a deep sense of pride watching Usher take the stage. His performance was not just a display of his incredible talent but also a celebration of Atlanta’s culture.

From the moment Usher laced up his skates, Meah knew the audience was about to witness something special. Skating is a huge part of Atlanta’s identity and seeing it on such a grand stage was a nod to the city’s spirit. The inclusion of hip hop icons like Lil Jon and Ludacris only amplified the Atlanta vibe, making it a performance that truly resonated with me.

Both hosts agree that Usher’s showmanship was a testament to his artistry. Despite some critics saying he may have done “too much,” they felt that the Super Bowl halftime was the perfect occasion to go all out. It’s about creating memorable moments, and Usher did just that.

The Intersection of Faith and Culture in Atlanta

The conversation naturally flowed into the deeper waters of what it means to be a Christian in Atlanta. The city is a melting pot of creativity, entertainment, and cultural influences, which can sometimes create tension for those who are trying to live out their faith.

Our hosts discussed the prevalence of scammer culture, dating norms, and the societal pressures that can lead to conformity. As Christians, we’re called to be set apart, yet actively engaged in the world around us. This balance is something Ace and Meah navigate daily, whether in the creative spaces they occupy or in their personal lives.

For Meah, the pressure to conform is most evident in the dating scene. It’s challenging to maintain integrity and intentionality in a culture that often promotes casual relationships. Ace shared his observations on the importance of carrying our light into the entertainment industry, citing examples like Lecrae, who’ve managed to represent their faith authentically.

Stewarding Influence for God’s Glory

Our hosts, Grammy weekend experiences brought another layer to their discussion on influence. Being Grammy-nominated is an honor that comes with great responsibility. Ace and Meah reflected on the importance of using their platforms to boast in the Lord rather than in themselves. It’s about glorifying God through successes and considering how material achievements can benefit His kingdom.

Influence isn’t just about the grand stages; it’s also about the quiet, everyday moments. Our hosts talked about being vessels for God to use in our industries and how even small interactions can be opportunities for Him to work through us.

Discernment in Media Consumption

As our hosts wrapped up our conversation, they touched on the importance of being discerning about the media and culture we consume. Being in the world but not of it requires awareness and intentionality in how we steward our influence, no matter the size of our platform.

We’re excited to continue these conversations and explore topics that resonate with our audience. Your thoughts and feedback are invaluable to us as we navigate these discussions.

Signing Off with Gratitude

Thank you for joining us on this journey through the latest episode. We here at Holy Culture Radio along with The 116 Life are committed to shining a light on the intersection of faith and culture, and we hope these conversations inspire you to reflect on how you can influence the world around you for God’s glory.

Remember, whether you’re on a grand stage or in the quiet corners of your life, your influence matters. Let’s continue to be intentional, discerning, and faithful stewards of the platforms we’ve been given.

If this has blessed or inspired you and you want to support our work, you can make a donation or shop or online store. Much love and God bless.

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Usher’s Halftime Performance (00:00:48) Meah and Ace discuss Usher’s performance at the Super Bowl halftime show, praising his talent and energy.

Representation of Atlanta Culture (00:03:34) The discussion focuses on whether Atlanta was fully represented in the halftime show, including the presence of poles and the portrayal of Atlanta’s music and artistry.

Value of Super Bowl Platform (00:05:56) Ace reflects on the value of the Super Bowl platform for artists and shares thoughts on memorable performances and their impact.

Complexities of Atlanta Culture (00:10:36) Meah and Ace delve into the complexities of Atlanta culture, discussing the celebration of women empowerment and the tension of being a black Christian in Atlanta.

Atlanta as a Modern-Day Corinth (00:12:45) The conversation touches on the dynamics of culture, faith, and influence in Atlanta, drawing parallels to the city as a modern-day Corinth.

Scammer culture in Atlanta (00:16:49) Discussion about the tension between celebrating Atlanta culture and rejecting aspects like scammer culture.

Integrity in Atlanta (00:18:32) Conversation about the struggle to maintain integrity in a city where integrity is not popular, especially in relation to financial practices.

Influence of Atlanta culture (00:20:20) Exploration of the challenges of being a Christian in Atlanta and resisting the allure of cultural influences.

Dating culture in Atlanta (00:20:43) Reflection on the challenges of maintaining values and integrity while navigating the dating culture in Atlanta.

Being set apart in culture (00:28:43) Discussion about the struggle of being in the world but not of the world, and the need to reflect God’s light and maintain integrity in cultural spaces.

Maintaining integrity in creative spaces (00:32:13) Examples of individuals, like Lecrae, who have maintained integrity and reflected God’s goodness in creative spaces in Atlanta.

Giving God the glory (00:33:55) Reflection on the importance of giving God the glory in influencing culture and the consequences of not doing so.

Influence and Material Success (00:35:08) Discussion on the weight of Grammy nominations and the responsibility to steward influence for God’s glory.

Being a Christian Artist (00:37:26) Exploring the challenges and responsibilities of being a Christian in the artistic and creative space.

Trusting the Light Within (00:39:43) Encouragement to trust and let the light of faith shine through in various professional and personal spaces.

Influence Without Grandiosity (00:42:22) Emphasizing the impact of small, quiet moments in influencing culture and reflecting God’s goodness.

Purpose and Influence (00:44:47) Reflection on the intentional stewardship of influence and purpose for God’s glory.

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