The 116 Life Ep. 71: A Real Life Laid Down with Queen Lee

Hey family, welcome to The 116 Life. In this episode co-host Meah Evans is flying solo and sits down with the incredibly talented Queen Lee, a woman whose story of faith, missionary work, and personal growth is nothing short of inspiring.

A Missionary’s Heart: Queen Lee’s Journey of Trust and Surrender

Queen Lee’s experiences with missionary work are a testament to her deep faith and commitment to serving others. She shared her involvement with Circuit Riders and Black Voices, organizations that are instrumental in her discipleship training. Her missionary journey took her to various college campuses, where she touched lives by sharing her testimony and helping others find freedom.

One of the most profound aspects of her missionary work is the emphasis on forgiveness. Queen Lee spoke candidly about the need to forgive quickly, a lesson she learned while on tour. This practice not only impacted those she ministered to but also played a crucial role in her own spiritual growth.

A Creative Proposal and the Power of Letting Go

Discussing her personal life, Queen Lee opened up about her recent engagement. She described how she had a sense that her partner was going to propose but was still taken aback by the creativity and sincerity of the moment—delivered through a heartfelt rap. This milestone in her life highlighted the importance of relinquishing control, especially in the realm of hyper-independence and finances, and trusting in the Lord’s plan.

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From Hot-Headedness to Humility: A Transformation Story

Reflecting on her past, Queen Lee acknowledged her journey from being hot-headed and selfish to someone who has learned the value of humility and selflessness. Her relationship with God has been the cornerstone of this transformation, altering her perspective and enabling her to embrace a path of empowerment and trust.

The HLY Girl Movement and “Dear Husband Journal”

Queen Lee’s passion for music and her involvement in the HLY Girl movement showcase her dedication to empowering women. She expressed gratitude for the opportunities that have come her way and discussed her book, “Dear Husband Journal,” which chronicles the lessons she learned while waiting for marriage. Through her writing, she emphasizes the significance of valuing the single season and the challenges of navigating advice from those already married.

“As I Wait”: The Significance of Patience and Contentment

In her book “As I Wait,” Queen Lee delves into the importance of identifying non-negotiables and desired characteristics in a partner. She shared her personal prayers and the struggles she endured during her season of waiting. The concept of healthy distractions and finding contentment in God’s timing were central themes, highlighting the power of patience and the impact it can have on one’s life.

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The Weight of Influence and the Call to Transparency

During the conversation, Queen Lee reflected on the unexpected journey of influence and the responsibility that comes with being recognized. She stressed the importance of transparency about personal challenges while maintaining a walk with the Lord. Her honesty serves as a reminder that even those who lead and inspire others face their own battles.

The Great Commission: A Call to Action

As the discussion wrapped, Queen Lee encouraged listeners to engage with the Great Commission actively. She urged people to seek a deeper understanding of this biblical mandate and to live out their calling to spread the message of Christ.

For those who want to connect with Queen Lee and learn more about her story, we invite you to follow her on social media and check out her book “As I Wait” available on Amazon.

Remember, the journey of faith is one of continuous growth and learning. Queen Lee’s story is a powerful reminder that through trust, surrender, and embracing our individual paths, we can find true freedom and purpose.

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Trust and Missionary Work (00:01:15) Queen Lee discusses her experiences with missionary work and the challenges of trusting the Lord in different seasons of life.

Challenges of Dying to Self (00:02:05) The discussion delves into the challenges of dying to self and the continuous process of surrendering different aspects of life to the Lord.

Relinquishing Control (00:03:18) Queen Lee shares her struggle with relinquishing control, particularly in the area of finances, and the importance of trusting in the Lord’s provision.

Hyper-Independence and Dependence on God (00:05:08) The conversation explores the contrast between hyper-independence and dependence on God, highlighting the need to trust in God’s provision and guidance.

Engagement Proposal (00:06:19) Queen Lee describes her engagement proposal, including her initial suspicions and the surprise proposal through a rap song in a studio.

Journey to Missionary Work (00:10:10) Queen Lee discusses the motivations and divine guidance that led her to join a missionary program and the miraculous provision of funds for her tuition.

Impact of Sharing Testimony (00:16:46) The impact of sharing her testimony and helping other women find freedom is highlighted, emphasizing the importance of being free from shame and guilt in sharing personal experiences.

Forgiveness and Unity on Tour Team (00:18:58) The challenges of forgiveness and maintaining unity while traveling on a tour team are discussed, emphasizing the need to overcome differences and maintain harmony.

Repentance and Forgiveness (00:19:54) Discussion on the importance of quick forgiveness and repentance within a team, emphasizing the need for a lifestyle of forgiveness.

Breaking Free from Offense (00:21:26) Emphasizing the need to break free from offense and not allow it to hinder relationships and opportunities.

Transformation from Hot-Headedness (00:27:18) Queen Lee reflects on her past as a hot-headed, selfish individual and her transformation after encountering God.

Heart Posture Check (00:31:50) Queen Lee shares a pivotal moment during a ten-day school in Dallas, Texas, where she realized the significance of her heart posture in relation to God and Satan.

Being Part of the Holy Girl Movement (00:33:57) Queen Lee expresses gratitude for being part of a movement that uplifts women in Christian hip-hop and emphasizes the importance of women’s representation in the music industry.

Dear Husband Journal and Waiting for Marriage (00:35:40) Queen Lee discusses the inspiration behind her book, “Dear Husband Journal,” and the lessons learned during her single season, including breaking up with lust and accepting the waiting season.

Writing “As I Wait” (00:38:27) Queen Lee discusses the content and purpose of her book “As I Wait,” sharing insights and experiences related to her writing process.

Unhealthy Desire for Marriage (00:40:57) Queen Lee talks about her unhealthy obsession with marriage, her year-long commitment to God, and the impact of healthy distractions.

Adjusting to Influence (00:43:14) Queen Lee reflects on the adjustment to realizing her level of influence, the recognition she receives, and the challenges of living in a glass house.

The Great Commission (00:45:44) Queen Lee emphasizes the importance of the Great Commission, urging listeners to seek a full revelation of its significance and their role in fulfilling it.

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