[watch.] Osaze Murray “Midnight Album”

The Midnight album recounts that many have seen some dark days this past week, past few months, and year for that matter. Many many losses. Many unnecessary tragedies and many dark hearts have been exposed. When asked for a name for the upcoming album Osaze prayed and walked away from that prayer time with the title Midnight. This title was given to him in Nairobi Kenya little did he know that a follow-up conversation in the US would help him to see its significance. Midnight is a very dark time in the night BUT it’s also the beginning of a new day. That’s a fact. Your eyes see the darkness but the reality is a new day is beginning.

Fast forward to how many times Osaze wanted to release the album and how for different reasons the timing wasn’t right or the art or the sound wasn’t just right etc. all of this to finally have a Friday release date and it’s Sept. 11th ( another very dark time in years past). All one can say is this album has been prayed over, worked, and reworked into.